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It is essential to keep your apartment cool and comfortable all year round, especially during summertime when the heat is challenging. Follow these simple tips to maintain your living space’s temperature and coziness.  

Check for Cracks and Small Openings.

Keep Your Apartment Cool and Comfortable

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The first step to keep your apartment cool and comfortable is to check for possible cracks, which is quick access for outdoor air to get inside your apartment. If this happens, the internal temperature will fluctuate, significantly affecting the apartment’s living environment. Your financial situation might also be affected if the inside air temperature fluctuates, occasionally causing your monthly energy bill to increase.   

In addition, your apartment may have humidity issues which may invite mold to form, putting the entire household at risk of respiratory illnesses.  

Thus, it is vital that you must seal any cracks and openings to prevent any cold or hot air from entering your apartment. Start checking and caulking areas near or around the windows and doors. You may also consider using draft stoppers or weather stripping your apartment to maintain the apartment’s ideal temperature.  

Optimize Air Conditioning Usage  

Keep Your Apartment Cool and Comfortable

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Sometimes you need to run your air conditioning, especially during summer. However, it would help if your air conditioning would not increase your monthly energy bills. Thus, it is vital that you must control your indoor air keeping it to around 74-77 degrees Fahrenheit or 23-25 degrees Celsius, depending on your ideal temperature, and set it for you to enjoy the optimum comfort in your apartment.   

It would help if you used a timer when running air conditioning as it can automatically turn the on and off the unit when not needed. With the help of advanced technology, you may also utilize the smart thermostat, which allows you to control your HVAC and hood ventilation system when you are away from home in case you might have forgotten to turn it off.     

Insulate Your Apartment  

Keep Your Apartment Cool and Comfortable

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Insulating your apartment is an excellent way to prevent heat loss and maintain a comfortable temperature by controlling the exterior air from entering the apartment. Heat can pass through your apartment’s walls and roofs without proper insulation, altering the inside temperature.   

With proper insulation, your air conditioning unit won’t have to work as hard to maintain a cool indoor temperature during summer, even if the outside temperature severely fluctuates due to different weather conditions. Winter months’ cold air will not affect your apartment’s temperature, as the insulation between the interior and exterior of the apartment building can efficiently prevent air leaks.   

There are various installation types that you can purchase at any construction supply store, such as fiberglass, cellulose, and spray foam. Depending on your apartment’s setup, energy efficiency goals, and budget, you may utilize and maximize each insulation type’s benefits.   

Proper insulation can guarantee an ideal living environment for your entire family. It can also help you lower your bill, as your cooling and heating systems will not work hard to keep the indoor temperature as is.  

Close the Blinds and Curtains   

Keep Your Apartment Cool and Comfortable

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Blinds and curtains are among the most underrated temperature controls you can maximize. It can block the sunlight that enters your apartment, which may cause an increase in the interior’s heat level. Or, it may keep the room warm during winter. Sometimes, you can open your apartment window and use the blinds to let the cold outside air flow directly into your place.   

Different blinds and curtains can help you maintain your apartment’s temperature. There are black-out curtains that are very efficient in blocking the sunlight and air, and those regular curtains are ideal during summer if you opt not to use the cooling system. An open window and a traditional curtain will let the fresh air inside and regulate the internal room temperature.   

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Create Shade  

Keep Your Apartment Cool and Comfortable

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Shades are ideal if your apartment has a balcony or an outdoor space. It can prevent both heat and hot air from entering your apartment. Outdoor umbrellas are the most common tool apartment owners use to create shade. Potted plants can also help protect your apartment from heat and prevent hot air from entering your place, keeping it cool and comfortable.   

Final Thought  

Your apartment’s temperature can affect your mental health as the discomfort from the fluctuating temperature. The mold growth from the moisture may also affect your physical health, causing severe allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses. The unregulated air inside and the air leaks may cause your HVAC system to work hard, causing an increase in your monthly energy bill.   

May the simple tips and tricks above help keep your apartment cool and comfortable for you and your family.