40+ Pumpkin Decorating Ideas to Make Your Halloween Spooky

We are just 15 days away from Halloween! Though Halloween month has been starting, some people haven’t still prepared for Halloween. Halloween describes total spooky and quirky vibes through its decorations. The basic and foremost element of the Halloween decor is pumpkin, which can also be referred to as Jack-o’-Lantern. You may be ready with outfits and make-up ideas, but what about your place? You will have to make it ready too! Here in this article, we are providing some pumpkin decorating ideas that are super easy to prepare.

You are here means either you are late for the Halloween decor, or you want to add some more quirk to your spooky decor. Whatever the reason is, you are in the right place. The interesting thing is you can even create them with kids too. It would be a fun activity to do!

When you have less time to work on Halloween decor, pumpkin decor ideas come to rescue. From simplest to quirkiest, easy to a little bit complicate, spooky to funny, we have cover every type of pumpkin decor. You can color your orange staple geometrically or facial expressions, hollowed-pumpkin is the oldest decor form. Carve a haunted house on a pumpkin and place yellow lightings for the lively effect. You can use glitters, flowers (fresh ones!), decor items, etc. to create a creative pumpkin art.

If we talk about the placement, you can place them on the dining table, staircase, near windows, in the garden, at the door, etc. you will get the hint of placement when you take a look at the pictures below. We have collect some pictures that will give you really cool ideas for pumpkin decor at your place. For more Halloween decor ideas, visit Architecturesideas but before that check out our collection on pumpkin decoration.

pumpkin decorating ideas
ideas of pumpkin decorating
pumpkin decorating ideas
Pumpkin Painting
Pumpkin Carving
Pumpkin Decoupage
Pumpkin Mosaic
Pumpkin Glitter
Pumpkin Etching
Pumpkin Stenciling
Pumpkin Collage
Pumpkin Fabric Wrapping
Pumpkin Dyeing
Pumpkin Beading
Pumpkin Embroidery
Pumpkin Paper Cutting
Pumpkin Decals
Pumpkin Mod Podge
Pumpkin Ribbon Wrapping
Pumpkin Tissue Paper Art
Pumpkin Chalk Art
Pumpkin Glaze
pumpkin decorating ideas
Pumpkin String Art
Spooky pumpkin crafting ideas
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Contemporary pumpkin decor suggestions
Unique gourd ornamentation ideas
Pumpkin makeover inspirations
Carved pumpkin design ideas
Pumpkin artistry suggestions
DIY pumpkin decor concepts
Rustic pumpkin embellishment ideas
Whimsical gourd decoration suggestions
Halloween pumpkin crafting ideas
Creative pumpkin decor ideas
Festive squash ornamentation ideas
Decorative pumpkin crafting ideas
Seasonal gourd decoration ideas
Pumpkin embellishment suggestions
Harvest pumpkin design ideas
Autumnal squash adornment ideas
Jack-o'-lantern crafting ideas
Squash ornamentation ideas
Gourd embellishing concepts
Unique gourd ornamentation ideas
Fall-themed gourd decoration concepts
lighting pumpkin decorating ideas
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sparking pumpkin decorating ideas
pumpkin decorating ideas
Golden pumpkin decorating ideas
pumpkin decorating ideas
diya pumpkin decorating ideas

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