How to Save Money Renovating Your Home

Renovating a home is an exciting time. Chances are you have just moved into your dream home and you are ready to begin, but before you start swinging that hammer be sure to do your research first.

Renovating a home can add value to a home and it can also make your house into a home, but with that said it can also be expensive and sometimes if you spend too much renovating your home you may not see that money return when you sell your home.

In this article, we will give you tips on some of the ways you can save money when renovating your home.

Decide On a Budget

renovating your home


When renovating your home you will need to decide on a budget and stick to it. Renovating a home is exciting and sometimes excitement can get in the way of logic, this ultimately means you spend more than you were willing to and can leave you to paying bills long after the work has been carried out.

A great way to budget is to shop around and then start adding items you like into a spreadsheet. You don’t have to make it complicated just have a column for the room, the items, the cost, tax, and even labor costs.  

When you have this spreadsheet working you can then add these costs up to see if your item choices are realistic to keep within your budget. If you run over the budget you can then tweak your choices to see if you can get it within budget.

Take It Slow

Getting your home into prime shape is something we all want and most people want this done right away but rushing your renovation can lead to lackluster results and can also mean you spend more money than you need to.

Rushing your choices could make you miss out on special sales, or getting your items for cheaper elsewhere. Take it slow, research products, and keep your eye out for special sales. There will be sales all around the year so if you have missed out on one don’t panic another one is always around the corner.

Do It Yourself

If you have any DIY skills try to do as much as possible yourself as this will cut down on your renovation costs. If you don’t have any DIY skills you can still save on money by offering to help any contractors you hire with the cleaning up work. Many are willing to give a discount if they know they don’t have to clean up after the job is complete.

Simple tasks can be learned online too, and if you fancy yourself as a keen DIYer you can look up tutorials on Youtube and follow along with them.

Put Your Items into Storage

When you move home or move into one that needs renovation you could ask family and friends to keep some of your items safe until the renovation is over but sometimes it can feel like you have overstayed your welcome and the next best thing is to hire a storage container to keep your household items safe and secure until your home is complete.

There’s nothing worse than having a new bed or settee and covering it in dust or paint from renovating your home. I’ve done this and learned the hard way. Self-storage containers are cheap and most come with flexible plans.

Use Reclaimed Items

Reclaimed woods, metals, and any other reclaimed goods not only give your home character but they can also be much cheaper than buying brand new too.

Reclaimed items often look “lived in” and the dents or scuff marks some of these items may have will make your home look more authentic and stylish. Most towns will have businesses that offer reclaimed items but if not be sure to keep your eyes open for yard sales as you will be surprised what people sell.

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Hire Experts

renovating your home


It may seem like bad advice to hire experts when you are trying to save money but when you hire someone bad at their job you usually have to take time to fix it or hire someone else. In this instance, you should just hire experts like the best roofing company in Cincinnati to get the most complex jobs complete. Not only will your home look better for it but it could also save you mone

Keep Your Home’s Footprint the Same

When renovating your home you should compromise where possible. A new bathtub at the other end of the bathroom could look good but moving all of the fixtures and fittings to accommodate your new interior design vision is expensive. You can save money by keeping the footprint of your home the same.

renovating your home



Renovating your home can be expensive but with the tips above you can keep your project on budget while still having the home of your dreams.  

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