Best Roofing Materials For Your House

It is hardly necessary to explain, but just a reminder: the choice of material for the roof — it’s not just an aesthetic decision. The range of available materials is determined primarily by the nature of the building. How do we usually choose roofing materials? At what point should you pay attention when choosing?

The Choice — It’s Always a Compromise

There is no perfect roofing material: each has pros and cons, and absolutely all roofing materials can serve well. Only you can decide what and for what to sacrifice. Save money but make a different shape of a roof or even change the style of the house as a whole. In some cases, quiet is more important to someone (people have different levels of loyalty to noise). All of this will affect the choice of roofing material. A few universal tips that will be useful to you in choosing any material for the roof of your home.

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Walk Around Your Town

So, start by inspecting the roofs of houses in your city. Consider roofs that have served for 10 to 15 years. It is better to do that in the suburbs. Do not spare time — you will save money by figuring out already the appearance of the roof, which purchase of roofing materials will be a serious mistake, and what is worth paying attention to.

Study the Available Information

Study the varieties of roofing materials, and then choose. Roofing materials can be metal, ceramic, natural stone, bitumen, or asbestos. How to make a decision on which material to choose?

Calculate the Full Cost of the Roof

At first, it is worth considering that the price of the material itself will not be an objective indicator. Compare the cost of roofing in full. For example, for the price of asphalt shingles, you need to add the cost of OSB-plate, as well as a lining material. For metal, shingles should be considered at least 8-10% of the roof area on the overlap. For the slate need to keep at least 20% on the defect, and for natural clay tile – not less than 7%.

Ask for a price for the whole roofing kit together with all the components. Only that price will be correct. This will prevent a situation in which the dealer provides a low cost for the roofing material yet sells very expensive components. Do not forget to add the price of each roofing installation, because the cost of installation will be different for various materials. You need to consult professionals, and after that, make a comparison.

roofing materials

What Material to Choose If the Budget Is Limited?

Natural ceramic tiles or copper – expensive materials. Therefore, they are often used only in some parts of the roof or in the canopies over the windows. If the budget can not afford a significant expense, it is better to consider the soft tile, metal roof tiles, online, and other more money-saving options.

Metal is chosen not only for the cost but, for example, for rapid installation, but noise insulation is among the disadvantages. Metal is a good combination of price/quality, a large palette of colors RAL and RR, strength, and durability (10-50 years). High fire resistance (266 °F) compared with the online. Disadvantages of metal — it is noisy, the need for installation by nice specialists, and mandatory planning system of snow retention.

The Main Thing Is Choosing a Contractor

The golden rule of any renovation is relevant in the installation of the roof. Regardless of the material you choose, it is important to follow the rules of installation and carefully select a Local Roofing Company that will do it. People must understand what they are doing, and be able to work with a particular coating.

Final Advice

To check the durability of the roofing material, refer to the text of the warranty. Be sure to demand the original warranty, which will be given to you after the purchase. Do not be lazy to elementary read it carefully. Pay attention to phrases such as “warranty cannot be transferred to third parties” (since you are that particular third party), “warranty on through-corrosion”, “warranty on not to leak” and other such phrases.

Also, read carefully the additional terms of the warranty and the documents to submit a claim. If you don’t have any mandatory documents, that’s a reason to deny the warranty. After all, the supplier will act as it is written in the warranty. And who knows, in a few years the warranty may be very useful!

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