8 Screened In Porch Ideas That Rock

Whenever you walk by a street, the house which catches your eyes and radiates warmth is the one with the coziest porch. The veranda is where the whole family gathers on a breezy summer evening to spend time and bond over some board games. While trends for elevated decks and open patios have come and gone, screened entrances have never run out of style. Additionally, these home fronts bring along a sense of nostalgia and allure. Screened decks are prevalent because they are highly multipurpose and exceptionally practical spaces. Settling upon a style for your veranda can be very overwhelming because of the piles of options available out there. Here are some of the best screened in porch ideas which will enhance the look of your home and make it more inviting.

Dress It Up 

screen porch ideas

The personal touch is the key to an attractive and welcoming home front. Dressing up your porch will give it an immensely enticing mein which will add character to your space. 

Curtains are the perfect source to give your porch a jaw-dropping makeover. A colorful splash of fabric will make the area look more vibrant. You can choose the color, pattern, and type of material according to your tastes and preferences. This drapery is not only pretty, but it is also practical, you can use it to block the day star on a sunny day or to gain privacy from pedestrians. 

Incorporate Fire

screen porch ideas

There are some people who love to be in friendly and comfortable places in their home. The porch is one of them; people spend their summer evenings enjoying the warm breeze brush their hair on their porch. Too bad it all comes to an end when the chilly nights of winter come along. 

Incorporating a fire pit will allow you to relish these balconies all year long. A vintage hearth will give your screened space and warm and rustic look. Make the fireplace a focal point of the area and plan your furniture settings around it. In winters this will make peaceful space to roast marshmallows or have a steaming mug of hot chocolate. 

Rock Yourself to Sleep 

screen porch ideas

A hammock can be your best investment for your front porch, with these you can knock back a cold beverage and relax on a hot summer day. It is very tiny but will leave a significant imprint in your mind; it can be hung off separately away from the sitting area for a private bay. 

The hammock is very functional and incredibly comfortable; you can spend the lazy hours of your weekend lying in there. It gives you a deeper sleep, and its rocking motion makes you feel like you are a baby in a cradle. 

Bring in Nature’s Neutrals 

screen porch ideas

Bring the calming shades of the earth in your home, arrange the show plants all around your porch. Make your porch the perfect space to appreciate the beauty of nature by showcasing the stones, crystals, and rocks you have collected over the years. 

Let your passion for botany resurface and suspend little potted plants from the ceiling at different heights. You can also use flowers or decorative plants to make the area look more vibrant and lively. Incorporate a color palette of nature’s neutral tones and decorate your entrance around it. 

Game Day Cheers 

screen porch ideas

Dedicating the space to games and turning it into an excellent hangout place is one of the best screen porch ideas. If you are a massive fan of Knicks or Rangers, install a big wide flat screen to enjoy the game betting and joking with your friends and family. 

Add some comfy couches to the area and throw in some bean bags to make it look fun and cheerful. It is a perfect setting for family game nights you can play board games and Pictionary while enjoying the classic coke and pizza. 

Swing into Leisure 

screen porch ideas

A two-seater swing is the traditional decor of an outdoor porch but bringing it into a screened home front is plain brilliance. Swing is the timeless staple of home entrances, and it makes your home look more enticing and alluring. Every other veranda has these swings, that is why you have to go out of your way to make your decor stand out from others. 

If you find an antique swing from any shops, you can buy that, but if you don’t, you need not fret. You can hire someone to customize the swing for you, or you can put your skills to use if you are good with wood. After installing your lounger, you inject personality to it using decorative and comfy cushions. This is just the place to sip your morning coffee with newspaper, or you can also curl up in this canopy and enjoy an engaging novel in the evening. 

Add a Pinch of Sparks 

screen porch ideas

The sparks of dim light on your entrance will make your guests feel more welcomed and comfortable in your home. Suspend a beautiful glow from the ceiling to highlight the decor and furnishings of your screened home front. 

Integrate trendy fairy lights around the place to have a soft glow brightening up the whole space. Place scented candles on the table to add your personal touch to your screened room. This place with radiant sparks of light can be perfect for a movie night or a romantic date night on your porch. 

Delightful Dining Digs 

screen porch ideas

Break your bread with the fantastic view of outside in your screened veranda. This space can be a perfectly functional dining room for you and your family. Decorate the whole place around the theme, have a long table placed in the middle of the room and set antique chairs that complement the furniture. 

Some beautiful lights will make your dining space look elegant and graceful. Whenever you have guests over you decorate the table and light some candles to have a peaceful dinner. You can also use this place to savor your breakfast while watching the eye-catching scenery of changing hues early in the morning. 

screen porch ideas

The secret to Making Your Porch Homey 

Go with the idea which appeals to you the best, use a strategic color palette to inject personality to space. Add a personal touch to all the decor you incorporate with your screened porch. These ideas will help you acquire a picture-perfect porch that will have warmth oozing out of it. 

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