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Do you think a split king is just like the 60’s sitcoms where couples used to sleep in separate beds? If you’re saying yes, you need some clarifications because there are more compelling reasons why people have a Split King adjustable bed. These adjustable beds have unique and upgraded features for sleepers with different sleep habits.

If you ask about split king adjustable bed benefits, well, there are many. They offer personalized comfort, reduction of back pain, they’re portable, and whatnot. Also, there are special features like USB ports, under-bed lighting, etc.

However, this is just the surface-level talk. Keep scrolling to get a crystal clear idea about Split King adjustable beds and whether you should buy one. Ready to dive?

What Exactly a Split King Is?

Split King Adjustable Bed

Before you get to know the pros and cons of a Split King, let’s walk through a brief about what exactly a Split King is.

In the simplest words, when you place two Twin XL beds side-by-side, it’s a split king adjustable bed. So, here’s the general formula of a split king:

Split King Bed = Twin XL + Twin XL

      (76”x80”) =  (38”x80”) + (38”x80”)

It’s the best dimension of an adjustable bed for couples who have different sleeping preferences. A split king allows them not to compromise a bit when it’s about having a sound sleep.

About the base of an adjustable bed, it’s an electronically-powered bed frame that elevates the entire mattress. And, the power base has retainer bars that help the mattress stay in place. 

Whenever the sleeper elevates the bed, an adjustable bed stays in place and prevents it from shifting forward. You’ll find some models that come with adjustable legs that help alter the height.

However, there are both benefits and drawbacks of such beds. Scroll down to know the details.

What Are the Benefits of a Split King?

Split King Adjustable Bed

Maybe you can guess what advantages a split king offers. Let’s see the clear picture. 

Zero Gravity:

This feature elevates the head and legs to decrease pressure for the sleeper’s neck and back. Eventually, it helps get rid of back pain and upgrade local blood flow.

Personalized Comfort:

This product lets you and your partner sleep comfortably in spite of having differing preferences.

Anti-Snore Properties:

Since split king beds elevate your upper body, it keeps the airway open. It sounds more helpful if you are a back sleeper. Moreover, this bed prevents your soft tissue at the throat’s back from collapsing which results in reducing sleep apnea symptoms.

Motion Isolation:

Your tossing or turning at night will not bother your partner as split king beds let you have separate mattresses. 

Acid Reflux:

As a split king elevates your upper body, gravity doesn’t let stomach acid escape into the esophagus. This also helps improve breathing, boost heart health including reducing heartburn.

Improved Portability:

You can imagine how easy it would be to move two small beds than moving a large Standard King, can’t you? So, when you’ll have to shift from here and there, dealing with a split king wouldn’t be a big deal. 


A split king doesn’t require maintenance steps like pumping air, greasing, or changing water. Easy to upkeep, isn’t it?  

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Is There Any Drawback of a Split King?

Split King Adjustable Bed

Yes, despite having numerous advantages, split king adjustable beds have some potential drawbacks as well. Here you go with the details:


Compared to king-sized beds, split king ones are on the more expensive side.

Extra Space Requirements:

Split king beds are large as regular king models. So, they need quite a large space in the room. For this, it may not be the ideal option for small apartments.

The Gap in the Middle:

If you own the best Split King adjustable bed, still you can notice the uncomfortable feeling in the middle of the bed. It’s because there’s a gap between the two smaller mattresses. It may bother you when cuddling in bed.


The whole setup weighs more than 250 lbs which is heavy enough.


A bad news for tall couples is that this bed may not be suitable because there are limited size options for a Split King bed.   


Question: Is buying a Split King adjustable bed worthy of the price?

Answer: Since these beds provide unique and useful features for couples with different sleeping preferences, a Split King bed is surely worth the money and effort.

Question: How does a Split King Work?

Answer: Each side of a split king is equal to a twin XL mattress and the bed splits in half. Sleep partners with different comfort zones can share a bed without causing disturbances to one another.

Question: What sheets should I buy for Split King Beds?

Answer: Since Split King beds are a composition of two Twin XL mattresses, you have to buy two Twin XL sheets for a Split King bed.