Choosing the Right Air Conditioning System for Your Perth Home

The right air conditioning system in your home is essential. Not only does it keep you comfortable during hot summers, but it can improve indoor air quality and be energy-efficient. 

In Perth, temperatures can get very high during summer, so it’s essential to choose an air conditioning system that can effectively cool your home and keep you comfortable. You might find yourself hot and sweaty without a proper air conditioning system.

There are two types of systems to choose from: split system air conditioning and ducted air conditioning. Both of these systems offer something different. Knowing which is right for your Perth home will depend on several factors. 

A ducted air conditioning system is centra-based and cools your entire house. In contrast, a split system air conditioning unit takes care of only one room or part of the house. Here’s a guide to help you make the right choice. 


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Unlike other places, Perth’s terrain and climate largely influence the cost of air conditioning systems. Its hot summers require homes to be kept cool, prompting many homeowners to invest in energy-efficient systems that can help reduce their electricity bills.

No matter how small or large your home is, cost plays a major role in choosing the right air conditioning system. Ducted air conditioning systems are usually more expensive than split system units due to their parts and installation process. Unlike the split system, the parts of a ducted system can be a bit pricey. 

It has a central unit that is connected to ducts and vents that are installed in the ceiling. This makes installing more challenging than split system air conditioning units, as they can be easily mounted on walls or windows.

On the other hand, split-system air conditioners are much cheaper than their ducted counterparts. It has a much simpler setup and installation process since it mainly comprises an indoor unit and an outdoor compressor. 


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The installation process of both systems is different. With a ducted air conditioning system, the parts can be more difficult and time-consuming to install since it needs to be connected to vents in the ceiling. 

Professional help is usually recommended when installing this system, as it requires technical skills and knowledge. In Perth, the hot summer climate and terrain can challenge choosing the right air conditioning system. But with some research and professional help, you can find the perfect home system. 

For split system air conditioners, the installation process is quite simple. The indoor unit and outdoor compressor can be easily mounted on walls or windows with minimal effort. It’s also less expensive to install since it requires no ductwork or professional help. 

However, regardless of which system you choose, choosing the right type and size that suits your home is essential. The wrong size or type can significantly affect the efficiency of the system. 

It’s best to consult an air conditioning expert like Stinson Air & Solar before deciding. That way, you can guarantee you’ll get the right system for your home. 


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In Perth, the hot summer climate and terrain can challenge choosing the right air conditioning system. But with some research and professional help, you can find the perfect home system. 

No matter how much care you give your air conditioning system, maintenance is still essential. Ducted systems require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them running correctly. The filters should be checked regularly and replaced when necessary. If the parts aren’t properly maintained, it can cause serious issues such as a decrease in efficiency or malfunctioning of the system. 

Split systems require less maintenance but still need to be taken care of. Like ducted systems, the filters should be regularly checked and replaced when necessary. It’s also essential to check for leaks or damages that may need repair. You can do this alone or contact a professional air conditioning expert to help. 

Energy Efficiency

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Perth is known for its Mediterranean climate, so choosing an energy-efficient air conditioning system is essential to keep you cool while keeping your electricity bills low. Getting an energy-efficient air conditioner is crucial to save your electricity costs. 

Your energy usage may be considerably impacted by the sort of system you select. Although split and ducted systems are made to be as energy-efficient as possible, the cost of operation can still be pretty high depending on the size and age of the system. 

Due to their concentrated design, ducted systems often use less energy than split system units. Better temperature control is achieved because its fan cools the entire house instead of just one room. On the other hand, split system units might not be as effective, but they are still preferable to having no air conditioning at all. 

Noise Levels

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Regarding noise levels, both ducted and split systems are generally relatively quiet. In Perth, most homes need to be cooled with air conditioners throughout the year, and living with a noisy system can prove to be quite disruptive. 

Ducted systems usually have a central unit in the ceiling that can be hard to access if something needs to be fixed or replaced. This is why some people opt for split-system air conditioners, which are easier to maintain and repair. 

The noise levels of split systems can vary depending on the brand and model. However, most split system units have been designed to be as quiet as possible so that you won’t be too bothered by any loud noises coming from them. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand the difference between ducted and split system air conditioners, it’s time to consider which one is best for your home. Each type has advantages and disadvantages, so weighing them before deciding is essential. From energy efficiency features, there are a lot of factors to consider. So research to ensure you’re getting the best system for your needs.

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