Dimensions on Queen Size Bed Comparison Guide 2024

After a long day at work, we all want two things – Delicious Food & Good Sleep!

Eating a healthy and delicious meal is under our control, but getting good sleep, it’s not! Sometimes even after buying the most expensive bed, we don’t feel comfortable in it! 

One of the major reasons is the mattress!

Yes, a good mattress gives your body support that helps relieve pain, aches, and stress. You will feel the huge difference after waking up on a good-quality mattress! Getting a high-quality, ergonomically built mattress in the right size, like the dimensions on queen size bed, is extremely important. 

So, the thing is simple, if you want to have a good sleep, get a good mattress! 

However, there are many different types of mattresses in various sizes, so finding one can be challenging. No worries, here we are to help you!

A survey conducted by the Better Sleep Council shows “47% of consumers confirmed they sleep on queen mattresses.”

Now you can guess why queen size bed dimensions are America’s favorite mattress size. Yes, the dimensions on queen size bed and the comfort people feel are the main reasons behind its popularity.  

How big is a queen size bed?

Today in this guide, we will explain everything about queen size bed dimensions. We’ll be covering the following topics:

  • Mattress sizes
  • Queen size bed dimensions
  • Type of queen size mattress
  • Queen vs. King size beds
  • Pros and cons of queen size bed 
  • Things to look for while buying a queen size Mattress 
  • Benefits of buying nectar queen size bed 
  • Difference between regular nectar and nectar lush queen size mattress 
  • FAQs and more. 

So, if you’re looking for a brand-new queen size bed or mattress, keep reading till the end. This guide will help you to learn the basics you’ll need to know before buying the queen size bed. 

Let’s begin. 

Mattress Sizes

dimensions on queen size bed

Mattresses are available in six different sizes in the market. The sizes are categorized according to length and width. However, slight changes can be seen across manufacturers around the globe. 

Another important thing is that any mattress’s height is independent of this sizing framework. Apart from this, some companies also produce mattresses in different sizes than regular ones based on different materials. 

Here is the mattress size chart in inches: 

Mattress sizesDimensions (Width x Length)
Twin38″ x 75″
Twin XL38″ x 80″
Full54″ x 75″
Queen60″ x 80″
King76″ x 80″
California King72″ x 84″

Queen Size Mattress Dimensions

dimensions on queen size bed

After reading here, you might have a few questions in your mind, such as:

  • What are the dimensions of a queen size bed? 
  • How wide is a queen size bed?
  • How long is a queen size bed?

Here’s the answer: 

A queen size mattress size is 60 inches x 80 inches (width x length).

And queen size bed dimensions in feet are 5 feet by 6 feet (width x length).

Queen size mattress brings comfort that brings ultimate happiness to life. This is why this mattress size is the go-to choice for most bedrooms in the United States.

A survey by Sleep Products Association (albeit dated) shows the results of the purchase of different bed sizes in the U.S. mattress market:

  • Queen beds: 32%
  • Twin beds: 30%
  • Full beds: 21%
  • King beds: 7%

A queen-size mattress is perfect for single sleepers who like to sleep more comfortably in a little more space. Also, for couples living in a small apartment who want a cozy good night’s sleep, these queen size bed measurements are great! 

Types Of Queen Size Mattresses

dimensions on queen size bed

Apart from the size, the queen size mattress is also available in various types. And for a good sleep, you cannot overlook this factor.

Here are three types of queen size bed dimensions

Olympic Queen 

Olympic queen, also known as expanded queen mattresses, are available in sizes 66″ x 80″ (167.6 cm x 203 cm). This means queen size mattress dimensions in inches have the same length but are six inches wider than the standard queen mattresses. 

Olympic queen size bed dimensions are a bit larger, and that’s why they are popular in RVs and camper trailers. So, Olympic beds are easily available in the market, but their mattress is a bit difficult to find. 

California Queen

California dimensions on queen size beds are 4 inches (10 cm) longer than a regular queen bed size mattress. So, the California queen size bed measurements are 60 inches wide by 84 inches long.

The extra inches will allow you to relax more comfortably at the edge of the bed so that you don’t hang over at the bed end. Despite their extra wide sizes, these mattresses are mostly obsolete. 

Split Queen

Split queen mattresses are nothing different. These have similar measurements as the standard queen size bed but are split down the middle. 

As its name suggests, these mattresses can be folded in the middle for various requirements. So, each half part of the split queen size bed dimensions is about 30″ by 80″ (76 cm x 203 cm).   

Here are the three most common styles of queen bed dimensions chart:

Queen Bed SizesQueen-Size Bed Dimensions (in)Queen-Size Bed Dimensions (cm)
Standard Queen-Size Bed60″ X 80″152.5 cm X 203.5 cm
California Queen-Size Bed60″ X 84″152.5 cm X 189 cm
Olympic Queen-Size Bed66″ X 80″167.6 cm X 203.5 cm

You can also select the queen size mattress apart from the dimensions on queen size bed based on material. 

Queen size mattresses are available in two different materials, such as:

Memory Foam

These queen-size mattresses have soft and supportive memory foam, which helps you get a comfy sleep. The Memory foam queen mattress gives cooling for hot sleepers. It also offers motion isolation which is great for couples sharing the bed. 

Hybrid Queen Mattresses

If you’re looking for a queen size mattress that gives you pressure relief, a hybrid queen mattress is a great option. This one has an inner support layer constructed with foam-encased coils. This is why it has more bounce and gives more support to the body. 

Queen vs. King Size Beds: Comparison

dimensions on queen size bed

At first glance, you might get confused between a king-size bed or a queen size bed and thinks both are the same. They might seem similar and have the same length, but there is a difference in width. Therefore, it’s vital to check the measurements of a queen size bed, like queen bed size in feet or inches. 

A king size bed mattress is 16 inches more width than the dimensions on a queen size bed.

Compared to the queen size bed dimension, the king size bed has more space. So, it is perfect for heavier-set sleepers or people who like to have extra space on the bed while sleeping. You can go with California king mattresses about 84 inches long and 72 inches wide.

However, one thing you should keep in mind while purchasing any mattress is the room size. So if you want a king size bed, you must consider your room size apart from king size bed dimensions. Your bedroom should be at least 12 by 12 feet so that your mattress can comfortably fit in. Another thing to consider is the price because, as compared to queen size beds, king size beds are more expensive.

Here is the complete comparison table of king double vs queen size bed: 

King Size BedQueen Bed
Width76 inches (193 cm)60 inches (152 cm)
Length80 inches (203 cm)80 inches (203 cm)
Width per person38 inches (96.5 cm) per person30 inches (76 cm) per person
CostMore expensive More costly than twin or full size bed, but less expensive than king beds.
UsageBest for master bedrooms.More suitable for guest rooms and smaller master bedrooms.
FrameA bed frame is required.A bed frame is required.
Popularity7% of all mattress purchases in the US. 32% of all mattress purchases in the US. 
Suitable ForCouples, and people who are bigger in size.Couples or for somebody who is tall.

Pros And Cons Of Queen Size Bed 

dimensions on queen size bed

Source: shopify.com

Now let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of queen size beds: 


  • Queen size bed requires less space compared to king size bed. So it can easily fit into a small room. 
  • It can comfortably accommodate two adults and growing children.
  • Spending money on a queen size mattress is a one-time investment
  • This mattress can fit into every frame dimensions on queen size bed. 
  • This mattress size is perfect for growing kids. 
  • From toddlers to adult-sized teenagers, children can peacefully sleep on this bed. So, you don’t have to invest money in bed again and again. So, it also saves you money.   
  • Queen size mattress is the most popular mattress size in America. This is why it is easily available in stores and online. 
  • Various sizes and style options are available in the queen size bed dimensions. 
  • On average, the queen size mattress is available at a range of $600 – $1500, which is lower than a conventional king-size mattress.  
  • Queen size bed dimension is perfect and great for adults and kids. It gives enough space and comfort for a good night’s sleep.
  • Unlike other bed mattresses, the queen size mattress is not heavy. You can easily carry and move it. 


  • A queen-sized mattress is a good option for couples, but if someone is taller than the average population in America, this mattress size would not be enough for them. 
  • Queen size bed doesn’t look great in big, huge rooms. 
Pros Cons
  • Less space requirement
  • Not Suitable for a tall couple.
  • Offers ample space
  • Look awkward in a too big room.
  • Affordable
  • Long term investment
  • Easily available
  • Lightweight 
  • Great mobility

What to Look for While Buying a Queen Size Bed?

Buying a queen size bed is easy, fast, and convenient. However, you must keep a few things in mind, such as buying a high-quality queen-size bed instead of a cheap queen size mattress. 

Here are some of the important factors that you should look out for: 

Room Size

Whether you’re buying a queen size bed for a master bedroom or guest room, it is extremely crucial to know the exact room size. This is because after placing the bed and mattress, at least 2 feet of space should be available on the three sides for movement. 

According to the dimensions on queen size bed, the room should be 10 x 10 feet to 10 x 14 feet.   

Number of People Using the Bed

Queen size mattress is available in various sizes and styles. You can select the one according to the number of family members using it. For example, for couples, the standard queen sized bed is sufficient. However, a California queen mattress will be a perfect choice for a small family with an infant. 

Sleeping Patterns

The dimensions of a queen size bed are perfect for restless sleepers or who sleep with a partner. This mattress size is quite comfortable for co-sleeping. And if you want more space, go with an Olympic or California queen size mattress. 


After checking the size and comfort level, don’t forget to check whether the warranty covers it. Investing in a good mattress is a big thing; it is a long time investment. So, ask the manufacturer or read the terms and conditions to see whether the bed or mattress comes under the warranty clause. 

Benefits of Buying Nectar Queen Size Bed

What is a nectar mattress?

Nectar mattress offers great support and relieves body pain. This pressure-relieving mattress is made from a thick layer of gel memory foam that gives a comfortable and good night’s sleep.  

So, why should you get a Nectar Queen Size Bed?

From great comfort and support to affordable prices, there are many reasons to buy this mattress. 

Here are some of the top advantages of a nectar queen size mattress: 

Comfy Five Layer Construction

The dimensions on queen size bed nectar mattress are made from 5 layers of foam construction. It evenly distributes your weight, supports your body, and lets your body slowly sink. It also well supports the body’s major pressure points, such as the shoulder, lower back, and others. 

Here are the five foam layers: 

  • Quilted Memory Foam Mattress Cover
  • Gel Memory Foam
  • Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam
  • Base Layer
  • Bottom Mattress Cover

High-Quality Construction Materials

The nectar queen sized bed is made from high-quality materials that have the following things:  

  • 5-Layer foam construction
  • Visco elastic memory foam
  • Tencel fabric queen size mattress cover. 
  • Hi core 9.2-grade transition foam
  • Base super core supportive foam
  • Breathable and removable cooling cover

Non-Stop Air Flow

Airflow is necessary for a comfy sleep. The nectar mattress has regular airflow, keeping the body cool and supporting pressure points. 

Minimal Motion Transfer

When you want to have a cozy and cuddly time with your partner, but the mattress has too much

motion, it can ruin everything. Get the nectar queen size mattress that comes with minimal motion transfer. 

Regular Nectar Vs. Nectar Lush Queen Size Mattress: What’s The Difference?

Here is the difference between the standard nectar mattress and the nectar lush queen size mattress: 

Nectar TypeStandard Nectar Queen SizeNectar Lush Queen Size
Foam DesignMade of 4 foam layers Made of 3 foam layers 
Thickness11 inches 12 inches
FeaturesNo Cooling FeatureComes with a cooling Feature
Ideal ForBack and Stomach SleepersSide Sleepers
PriceAffordable Expensive


1. What Is the Best Bedroom Size for a Queen Bed?

The queen size bed requires at least 9.6 X 10 square feet to 10 X 14 square feet of space in a room. Apart from this, there should also be more floor space around the bed to walk around.

2. What Is the Depth of a Queen Mattress?

The depth of the queen size mattress is around 8 inches deep to 18 inches deep. On average, most adults in America prefer to sleep on a queen sized mattress with a minimum of 10 inches of thickness.

3. What Is the Difference Between a Queen Bed and a Double Bed?

Queen sized bed dimensions in inches are 60 x 80 inches, and the full-size bed dimensions are 54 x 75 inches.

4. What Are the Queen Bed Frame Dimensions?

Usually, the queen size bed frames are about 60.5 to nearly 70 inches wide and 70 to 90 inches long. This also depends on the materials used and the storage capacity. The queen size bed frame with storage or queen size bed frame with headboard can be up to 90 feet long, and without these things, it can be as short as 70 to 71 inches. 

5. How Many People Can Sleep in a Queen Size Bed?

The most popular bed size in the United States is a Queen size bed. It can comfortably accommodate two adults and a small child. It can easily fit into any master bedroom or guest room.  

Enjoy a Goodnight Sleep on Queen Size Bed!

Whether you’re shopping for a bed or mattress, getting one that provides great support and comfortable sleep is vital. A good mattress can help your body in many ways, including relieving in body aches and pain, maintaining a better sleeping 

posture, and giving you a peaceful sleep. 

If you’re a single or couple, you can go with the regular queen size bed dimensions, or if you want more space, go with Olympic or California queen size beds. I hope this in-depth guide on the dimensions on queen size beds has helped you to understand everything about queen size mattresses. 

So, get off the couch and buy a queen size mattress!

A bedroom with a bed, nightstand and pictures on the wall
A bedroom with a four poster bed and a dresser
A bed with a white canopy over it on a wooden floor
A bedroom with a bed, nightstands, and two pictures on the wall
A bedroom with a bed, nightstands, and two pictures on the wall
A bed sitting in a bedroom next to a window
A bed sitting in a bedroom next to a window
A bed with a wooden headboard and white sheets
A bedroom with a bed and a chandelier
A bedroom with a bed and a plant in the corner
A bedroom with a bed, nightstands and a plant
A bedroom with a bed, nightstands and a plant

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