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It’s simple to get overwhelmed in the deep expanse of bed dimensions with the abundance of alternatives available. There are several different sizes available in the US, including king, queen, full, twin, and California king. However, how can you decide which is the best one? From determining the ideal fit for your room to comprehending how each size impacts your quality of sleep, we’ve made everything simple for you.

Explore each choice and choose the ideal bed size for you by continuing to read.

Bed Dimensions And Mattress Sizes

mattress sizes and dimensions chart

You may need to entirely renovate or reorganize your room in order to choose the right bed size. Getting the measurements just right for your space is important, whether you’re downsizing for a small city apartment or upgrading from a full bed to something roomier for your spouse. 

Measure your room first, then choose a bed that will fit comfortably within those parameters. The following metrics are important to remember:

Bed SizeDimensions
Twin Size Bed Dimension38 x 75 inches
Twin XL Size Bed Dimensions38 x 80 inches
Full Size Bed Dimensions54 x 75 inches
queen size bed dimensions60 x 80 inches
King Size Bed Dimensions76 x 80 inches
California King Size Bed Dimensions72 x 84 inches

Single, Twin, and Extra-Long Twin Beds

Twin vs Twin XL bed size comparison

The dimensions of twin beds, sometimes referred to as single beds, are 38 inches wide by 75 inches long (or 80 inches long for XL twin beds). When it comes to multipurpose guest bedrooms or children’s rooms, they’re a popular choice.

These beds work nicely in tiny bedrooms since they are thin. For sleepovers or additional visitors, many twin beds frame include a “trundle” below. Additionally, bunk beds are typically used for them.

Twin Bed Dimensions

Complete Dimensions: 38 inches in width x 75 inches in length
Width: 38 inches
Pros: Its tiny size makes it ideal for bedrooms with limited space. Twin mattresses and sheets are available in a range of designs and are often the most economical option. A twin bed is easy to make.
Cons: For many people, the usual length could be too short.

XL Twin Dimensions

Twin Extra Long beds are 38 inches wide and 80 inches in length, which is 5 inches longer than a standard twin bed. Usually used in college dorm rooms, they accommodate taller teenagers.

Complete Dimensions: 38 inches in width x 80 inches in length
Width: 38 inches
Pros: Taller teenagers and adults will benefit greatly from the added length. It’s narrow, so making the bed is simple. Two extra-long twins are a wise choice for guest rooms that need flexibility. You may make a king-size bed out of them by pushing them together or using them independently.
Cons: On the downside, not all patterns are readily accessible, and finding bedding may be a real challenge.

“The term “standard” can mean different things to different manufacturers. Make sure you are aware of your bed’s precise specifications before you go shopping for bedding. If not, several standard-sized sheets may not fit correctly.”

Full/Double Beds and Queen Beds

Twin vs Full vs Queen bed size

A typical room can accommodate any of these sizes, but many couples feel that a full or double bed—which are essentially the same—is inadequate for a lot more than a night’s rest. Each individual has a little bit of extra room with a queen size bed without taking up too much floor space.

Double/Full Bed Dimensions

Full or double beds are 15 inches broader than twin beds, measuring 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. But when two individuals share a bed, each individual only gets 27 inches of personal space, which is a lot less than what a twin receives!

Up until the 1960s, double beds, also known as full beds, were the most popular option for accommodating two people for sleeping. A full-size bed’s 75-inch length may be insufficient for taller people.

Complete Dimensions: 54 inches in width x 75 inches in length
Full Size Bed Dimensions In Feet: 4.5 x 6.25 feet
Width: 27 inches per person
Pros: Pieces well in cramped spaces. Ideal for a single person under five feet five inches. When compared to queen or king sizes, sheets can be less expensive.
Cons: The dimensions of a full size bed is sometimes considered too small and narrow for two people.

Queen Bed Dimensions

The dimensions of a queen bed are 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length, queen-size beds are larger than twin beds by 21 inches and longer than double beds by 6 inches.

Compared to sleeping individually on twin beds, each adult has 9 inches less breadth, even though this extra room may greatly increase your quality of sleep.

A queen bed is a terrific choice for smaller principal bedrooms and guest rooms. The dimensions of a queen size bed are perfect for couples who want to cuddle up on the bed.

Complete Dimensions: 60 inches in width x 80 inches in length
Queen Size Bed Dimensions In Feet: 5 x 6.66 feet
Width: 30 inches per person
Pros: It gives two people more room than a double bed. Most people can comfortably rest with the extra five inches of length. More affordable than king-sized bedding, blankets, and sheets are easily available.
Cons: A queen bed may be too small for a couple to use for daily sleeping since it only offers 30 inches of personal space for each person—just 3 inches more than a double bed. Certain bedding has a “full/queen” label even if it doesn’t quite suit either size. To guarantee a good fit, be sure to verify the bedding measurements. Queen-size pillows or standard-size pillows work well.

“An “Olympic Queen” is a slightly bigger queen-size bed that you may stumble upon. When buying bedding, exercise caution since conventional queen sizes may not fit adequately, and you may need to cut down king-size bedding, which will increase the cost of your purchase significantly.”

King and California King-Size Beds

King vs California King bed size

There are two popular varieties of king-size beds: the standard king, sometimes called an Eastern king, and the California king, also called a Western king. Compared to a California king, the dimensions of a king size bed (standard) is shorter but around 4 inches broader.

In a king-size bed, the total amount of personal sleeping space for each individual is equal to that of a double bed. It’s interesting to note that two extra-long twin beds put together would almost equal the size of a conventional king bed.

Tip: Make sure you have the right size of sheets when making your purchase. Fitted sheets are specially made for one kind of king bed, but flat sheets may suit both. To ensure that you choose linens that will fit your bed exactly, measure your bed precisely before you go shopping.

Eastern or Standard King Bed Dimensions

Eastern King or Standard King Beds are roughly 16 inches broader and the same length as queen beds, measuring 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. It is simpler to move about when a king-size bed has two box springs or frames and a single mattress.

Complete Dimensions: 76 inches in width x 80 inches in length
King Size Bed Dimensions In Feet: 6.33 x 6.66 feet
Width: 38 inches per person
Pros: For two people, the most comfortable option is the conventional king bed, which is the broadest option available in shops. For most individuals, a length of eighty inches is sufficient. The “king-size” marking on the sheets indicates that they suit a typical king bed.
Cons: For those who move often, transporting a king bed can be difficult due to its size. It’s challenging to transport them upstairs via cramped, twisting halls and into tiny spaces. For those who are exceedingly tall, a king bed may not be long enough. King-sized beds often have more expensive bedding, and the broad bed needs at least three standard or two queen or king-sized pillows, which raises the total cost.

“You may use two extra-long twin beds individually for single visitors or push them together to make a king bed for couples to provide flexibility in a guest room.”

California King/Western King Bed Dimensions

Beds that are 72 inches broad and 84 inches in length, or California King or Western King Beds, are 12 inches wider and 4 inches longer than queen beds. For those who are really tall, this is the longest bed that you will usually see in shops.

A California king bed set, like an Eastern king, has two half-width box springs for more mobility in addition to one mattress. This large bed allows very tall people to sleep comfortably from corner to corner.

Complete Dimensions: 72 inches in width x 84 inches in length
King Size Bed Dimensions In Feet: 6 x 7 feet
Width: 36 inches per person
Pros: A California king-size mattress is the longest bed you’ll often find and can fit two people rather comfortably. It is ideal for tall people because of its extra length.
Cons: It may be difficult to move this enormous mattress upstairs, across confined spaces, or through corridors.

Custom Size Bed

Custom Size Mattress

Custom-cut beds that are bigger or smaller than typical sizes are available from some manufacturers but proceed with caution when choosing these alternatives. Tailored to your precise needs may seem enticing, but it may be challenging to locate bedding that fits well.

Deciding on the Perfect Bed Size for You

If you’re considering purchasing a new mattress, you may be unsure about the size that would work best for you. There are several factors to consider, such as the person(s) who will be using the bed, the amount of space required, the size of your bedroom, and any particular health or sleep concerns you may have.

It’s crucial to take your particular demands into account when selecting a new mattress since there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Make sure you’re comfy by looking for a mattress with a free trial period if you have a history of back discomfort or sleep issues.

Other considerations that are crucial to make while choosing a perfect bed size are as follows:

Room Size

Although it may not always be possible, the 1:3 ratio of bed to bedroom size is a useful rule of thumb to keep in mind. If the bed is centered, however, make sure there is a minimum of 24 to 30 inches of clearance between the bed frame and walls on each side to enable comfortable movement around it.

Number Of People Sleeping

A twin bed is appropriate for a youngster or student, but single people must go for choose at least a double bed for a comfortable night’s sleep. Larger beds, such as queen-sized ones, are the best option for couples.

Your Height

People of common height often fit into bed sizes. However, larger people may find it difficult to purchase mattresses. The greatest option for a mattress if you’re taller than six feet is a queen, king, twin XL, or California king size.

Your Sleep Position

Think about how much space you’ll need to move around comfortably while you sleep. Do you toss and turn a lot, or do you tend to stay in one position? If you move around a lot, you might want to consider a wider mattress.


Because specialty bed sizes like Twin XL and California King also need certain attachments, they are often more costly. Select common sizes like twin, queen, full, or regular king if you’re on a tight budget.

Remember that a mattress’s cost may also be influenced by other elements, such as the materials it is constructed of, full-size bed mattress dimensions, and the store where you purchase it. While latex and hybrid beds may be more expensive, they provide more durability and support. Innerspring and all-foam mattresses are often more affordable. You may save money by shopping online since these shops often have less overhead than physical locations.


How do you read bed dimensions?

Always measure in length first, then breadth, and lastly height. It is a bed, for instance, if it is 75 inches long, 31 inches broad, and 17 inches high. On the other hand, it’s a wardrobe if it measures 75 inches high, 31 inches wide, and 17 inches deep. Standard bed sizes include queen, twin, single, and king, in addition to a few additional interesting configurations.

Which is best bed size?

Choose a queen, twin, or king-size mattress if you want to share the bed with kids or pets. You could pick a Twin, Twin XL, or Full size for children, teenagers, or single sleepers. However, it’s recommended to go for a queen-size bed or bigger if it’s for a couple.

Which bed size is preferred by couples?

The queen-sized bed is often the one that couples choose. That being said, some families would rather have a king-sized mattress if they have kids or dogs who like to sneak into the bedroom at night.

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