10+ Smart Laundry Room Layout Ideas For Eye-Catchy Wash Space

Proper layout of any room is necessary to utilize the space at its maximum point, be it kitchen or the laundry area. Laying out a utilitarian design for kitchen, bedroom, or even living room is easy but for a utility area, it’s a bit of tough work.

The laundry room is usually located behind or near the kitchen and garage. The arrangement is done in a way that you can approach the laundry area quickly and all the noise, smell, and messy ambiance don’t indulge with the entire house.

No matter where the utility room is, here in this blog we have mentioned a few laundry room layouts which will make the space, clean and organized. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough space in the utility room, we will help you make it.

Be it a small area or the large room assigned to do all the laundry work, we have covered layout and decor ideas for both. Let’s get to work.

Large Laundry Room Layout Ideas

Functional Laundry Area 

 laundry room layout

Go for the functional laundry area by installing a hanging rod, washbasin, ironing table, etc. For the aesthetic look, go for wooden floor, white-washed cupboards, and grey color.  

Open Shelving

laundry room layout

Open shelving is the best option to keep things organized and decluttered. Here in this laundry room, the designer has kept one functional open-shelved cupboard where the washing is placed on the platform, and machines are kept side by side with the middle partition where towels are kept.

Cabinet Corridor

 laundry room layout

If not open shelving, you can always go for cabinets. They are easy to maintain, make your room look more channelized. Here the designer has arranged cabinets on one side. This closet holds all the necessary laundry items, from washer and dryer to hanging rods.

Spacious Laundry Room Layout

laundry room layout

This one is a utility as well as a laundry area, the room is kept spacious to do all the chores. Here the owner hasn’t even kept an ironing table or hanging rod. The plain and sleek aesthetic will make you stay there for a longer time.

Add Pop Color

 laundry room layout

To make the room look more attractive you can always add color to it, bright colors tend to bring a happy mood. Here in this space, the designer has added a blue color with metallic black doorknobs. To complement the blue pop, a white aesthetic is added.

Small Laundry Room Ideas

Yup! There’s a separate section for the small laundry room space too. Why? As you will need to have a closer look at the items to arrange. Let’s start!

Small Farmhouse Laundry Room

laundry room layout

The farmhouse theme always gives warmth. Here in this small laundry area, the designer has kept washer and dryer above each other, making the transferring process more easy and reliable. Another closet beside it has a washbasin and cabinets, and the last one has a hanging area. That wood color and a bit of greenery are really complimenting the whole view.

Add Wallpaper to the Area

laundry room layout

A single quirky element can uplift the environment. You can add any kind of wallpaper you want, be it cartoon characters, geometrical lines, or floral print. Here the designer has kept it minimal with the geometrical structure of the leaf’s surface. 

Go for DIY

laundry room layout

This is the best example of a small and clean laundry area. If the owner hasn’t taken care properly it would look horrible. DIY to enhance the teeny-tiny areas. Place woven baskets, convert crates into cabinets & stands, and you are done.

Same Storage Units

laundry room layout

Lobby converted into a wash area! Get some carpentry work done in your balcony and place all the things necessary for doing laundry on the shelves above. Secure midsection for hanging clothes that need special treatment or ironing. Install focus light on the ceiling that will allow you perfect light even in the darker times.

Convert Closet into Laundry Area

laundry room layout

The best DIY that will save you time as well as space. Transform your closet into a laundry area, this won’t only save your area but will also create an amazing area. You can install focus lights and a few decoratives. Though for a closet cum laundry room you might have to do some woodwork, depending on your requirements.

Here are a few more inspirational images for laundry room layout ideas, be it small or spacious.

Laundry Room is Loads of Fun

We can’t take away a load of dirty clothes from the laundry room, why take away fun? So let’s make the process of wash, dry, fold, and iron more convenient and comfortable. There are times when you feel like running away from this job, but let’s sit and groove on music till the washer and dryer do its work.

The layout styles for the laundry room we have described here are mind-boggling and will make you love the laundry time and area as well.

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