Bed Guide: How to Choose The Right Bed

Time to buy a new bed? There is a lot to think about when choosing a mattress, bed and pillow. Here are the tips for choosing the bed and the best mattress for neck pain.The right bed is important to get a good night’s sleep. Which, in turn, is important for you to feel good and energetic with everyday life. There is a lot to think about when you go out on bed hunting, read our guide here. 

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Which Mattress is Best?

what should I think about when choosing a bed?

– Go to a retailer that has many brands and well-trained staff, the store also has the opportunity to meet an expert such as a chiropractor who knows ergonomics around beds is even better. If you try several different beds, you can easily feel the difference between bed and bed and find out which feeling you like best. When you feel that it is nice and the staff sees that you are ergonomically correct, it will usually be good. 

How often should I buy a new pillow and mattress?

– When it comes to beds, it depends on what you have bought, some will change quite quickly, while others can last incredibly long. Given that your body is changing and you may be gaining a few pounds, it may be time to buy new after 15-20 years, even if the bed you bought retains its properties. Here, price usually plays a factor, if you have bought a bed for a small fee, you may not expect it to last as long. The bed mattress is usually needed every five years, for both comfort and hygiene reasons. You should change a pillow every two years, also depending on materials and use. 

What kind of mattress should I have if I have back pain?

– You should have a mattress or bed that is quite ergonomic if you have back pain. A bed mattress generally does not help ergonomically but it is the bed itself that does the job regardless of whether the bed consists of a spring package or a pressure-relieving material such as Tempur. 

Who fits a mattress that is very soft?

– Usually, the one that is lighter, but in modern beds, we should not talk about soft and hard, but that the bed should give a low pressure to protruding parts such as. a shoulder or hip, provide good support and be comfortable. What is nice is subjective and therefore it is good to try different types of beds to make a difference.  

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What kind of mattress do you recommend to prevent back injuries?

– The bed should again be ergonomically good, that is to fit you precisely and help the back joints, muscles and discs to be in a neutral position while the pressure on the body should be low. If we can lie down we will get the best relief and probably recover better. Thinking about how you live and move is always the best way to prevent injury. 

How important is the pillow?

– The pillow is important for the neck to be in the same fine position as the rest of the back. Choose a pillow that you think is comfortable but take the help of someone who is educated and try it in the bed you plan to buy or in a similar bed that you already have. A place with trained staff can also help you here.

Three Best Tips for Choosing a Bed

  • Choose a bed that fits your body

Choose a bed that suits you and your body. It needs to be adapted to your needs regarding firmness to provide the right support and relief.

  • The right material

The choice of material also matters when choosing a bed. For example, latex is a material that breathes well and gets cooler while memory foam provides very good pressure relief.

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  • Try out the bed with the help of a bed specialist 

Try out the bed with a bed specialist, and feel free to try for a long time in the sleeping position you normally sleep in. 

Bedding’s Three Best Tips for Choosing a Bed

Try it out!

Bedding’s most important tip is to try your hand at your favourite. Take the help of one of our bed experts for guidance through our bed models, and try to find the right bed.

How do you sleep?

Do you sleep on the side, on the back or on the stomach? Your sleeping position plays a role in your choice of bed. You who lie on the side need a bed where the shoulder and hip can descend, for the spine to rest as straight as possible. If you usually sleep on your back, it is important that the bed gives you good support in the back.

Be sure to choose zoning that is right for you and your sleeping position. Those who sleep on the stomach, we usually urge to test a new sleeping position. It is very difficult for the body to lie completely relaxed on the stomach. If this is not possible, we will try to find a bed that provides good support under the hip and a pillow that works with the bed for best results.

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Which bed type should you choose?

Cot:  Suitable for those who want a stable bed with good sleeping comfort, at a good price. The bed can be placed directly on the floor with legs or simply placed in a bed frame.

Adjustable bed:  Offers much more than just comfortable sleeping comfort. They can be raised and lowered in both head and foot ends, as needed. If you spend a lot of time in bed, you will benefit greatly from the adjustable bed features. In addition, snoring can be dampened by raising the head end during the night.

Continental bed: The bed for those who want to invest in extra good sleeping comfort. A continental bed has double mattress layers and therefore extra good flexibility. Thanks to its depth, the bed gives a nice feeling and reduces the pressure on the body. In addition, it is really stylish bedroom furniture.


Sweet dreams guaranteed! Follow these tips to find your perfect bed – the one that cradles your body, soothes your aches, and lulls you into restful slumber. Remember, trying is believing – visit a store, test different options, and find your happily ever after in bed

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