Uplift The Ambiance Of Your Room By These Awesome Bed Frames!!

After a long hectic day, we all want a nice meal and good sleep. Right? These two things should be as per your desire so that you’ll feel refreshed when you wake up the next morning. For good sleep, you must have a good sleeping area. Your bed should be cozy enough to cuddle and sleep. If you have already selected your bed type or have an existing bed but are confused about the bed frame, don’t worry! We are here to help you by bringing 17 types of bed frames, select anyone you like. 

But before you decide to buy any bed frame, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. Don’t buy any frames either on the basis of design and style. Now you might think about how to buy the right snooze bed frame. What are the things that you should pay attention to?

Read this blog as we are providing all the details about how to choose one and the major factors that it depends on. Go through each category and whichever bed type you’ve in your home, on the basis of that, select the bed frame design. By category, we mean that we tried to gather every little detail that’ll help you in buying the right bed frame for your bed. From simple bed frames to modern ones, here you’ll find every type of bed frame. So, let’s start with the first category, 

Types of Bed Frames

Before you buy any kind of bed frame, first you should have a bed to place it on. Hahaha…Right? The first thing is to know what is the design of the bed or if you’re planning to buy one, first decide the shape, size, and design of the bed. This really helps you pick the right frame for your bed. 

bed frames

There are varieties of bed shapes and styles available in the market. To learn more about the bed frame below are some of the types of designs:

1. Platform Bed 

Platform Bed frame

Platform beds are those that come with a bed frame that can support any kind of mattress without the need for box spring. They are sleek, modern, and stylish looking beds. Isn’t it? 

  • Inexpensive
  • Provide additional storage space
  • Chances of mattress damage

2. Folding Bed Frame

 Folding Bed Frame

These kinds of beds are generally used by singles and for guests. As they take very less floor space, they’re suitable for compact spaces. They have a bed frame very different from regular beds. They have a hinged frame that is foldable. If you’ve limited space, then this will be a good option. 

  • Can be placed anywhere 
  • Takes Less Space
  • Only for a Single Person

If you want to know more about a foldable bed, read our blog on how to build a murphy bed

3. Panel Bed

Panel Bed

The panel bed has headboard and footboards that are entirely made from flat panels. Later they’re framed in wainscoting or old wood framing style. If you like this, surely go for a panel bed or bed frame. 

  • Has beautiful intricate detailings
  • Has under storage 
  • Expensive
  • Requires box paneling

4. Sleigh Bed Frame

Sleigh Bed Frame

Want a classy and elegant looking bed? Go for this type of bed. They have a slightly curved headboard and footboard, which adds real beauty in a Sleigh Bed. They come in multiple sizes, colors and materials, you can pick anyone as per your liking. 

  • Sold with matching furniture sets
  • Attractive looking
  • Can be a little expensive than the other beds
  • Take a lot of space

5. Trundle Bed

Trundle Bed

Have a family with two kids, and they both fight to have a separate sleeping place? The trundle bed is the solution!! Why? Because it comes in a pair. So, it also does not make space for another bed as the second bed is beneath the first bed. 

  • Space-saving
  • Additional Slide bed 
  • No under storage space

6. Adjustable Bed

Adjustable Bed

Do you like to watch movies on the devices & television on your bed? Buy this bed, as it comes with a special feature – you can adjust it at multiple levels and various sitting positions. So watch your Netflix series with your loved ones as it has an adjustable feature on both sides. 

  • Adjustable sitting positions 
  • Good for those who have back problems
  • Hard to install
  • Installation cost is high

7. Standard Bed Frame

bed frames

A normal bed frame that you can find at any home depot center or online is this type.

Whether you’re single or just want an extra sleeping space for guests, this bed frame is available everywhere.

  • Lightweight
  • Cheap 
  • Can’t bear heavy Loads

8. Santiago Bed

Santiago Bed

Look at the amazing headboard of this bed, this bed is known as Santiago Bed. It has a beautiful crown-shaped headboard. 

  • Decorative crown headboard
  • Comfortable
  • Heavy 

9. Daybed Bed

Daybed Bed

Living in an apartment that is already filled with random stuff, but you want an extra bed? If this is your situation, the perfect solution is Daybed. Yes, they’re used for sleeping, lounging, and sitting. Now, you have a bed and a couch together!!

  • Multi-functional
  • Foldable
  • You can’t be able to use both at the same time

10. Traditional Solid Wooden Bed Frame

 Traditional Solid Wooden Bed Frame

Wooden frames have been used for ages. There are also various types in it such as – four-poster and half tester. The best thing about wood is you can also customize it according to your mattress size. 

  • Sturdy
  • Long life
  • Little bit costly than the other bed frames
  • Difficult to move

11. Round Bed Frame

Round Bed Frame

Tired of sleeping on a rectangular bed? Try this one!! You can always go with ones that have different shapes like this one. It is a modern round bed, with a comfortable mattress.  

  • You can sleep in any position
  • Looks appealing
  • Hard to find this type of bedding
  • Difficult to place in smaller rooms

12. Wicker or Rattan Bed Frames

 Wicker or Rattan Bed Frames

Did you see these kinds of beds before? Don’t they look beautiful? You can also buy these kinds of bed frames online to give your space some natural vibes. 

  • Eco- friendly
  • Versatile and Hardy
  • Loosens over time
  • Requires care and maintenance

13. Pallet Bed Frames

Pallet Bed Frames

Another type of bed frame is the wooden pallet bed frame. It is very trendy these days. The best thing about them is that you can also DIY them, so they’re budget-friendly. 

  • You can DIY this
  • Budget-friendly
  • Susceptible to Termites

14. Bookcase Bed Frame

 Bookcase Bed Frame

Who doesn’t love to have some extra storage space? We always tried to buy those things which consume less space but also have some additional storage area. Right? What about a bed frame with storage, where you can store your books. If you love to read before going to sleep, then this is the bed for you. 

  • Have a lot of additional space
  • Heavy and Difficult to move

15. Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed

You might have seen these kinds of beds in hotels and resorts. Canopy beds are gaining popularity in recent years. It immediately makes any room cozy with its enveloping design. You can also shut down the curtains to get some privacy. 

  • Stylish
  • Required high maintenance
  • Comes in limited sizes

16. Bunk Bed

 Bunk Bed

This type of bed frame has two or more beds stacked upon each other. You can place this in your kids’ room. They also have an attached ladder with them. If you’re looking for space and budget-saving options, these are great choices. 

  • Separate place for multiple kids for sleep
  • Space- efficient
  • High bunk beds nay cause injuries from falling from them

17. Convertible Ottoman Bed

Convertible Ottoman Bed

You might have already seen an ottoman or some of you also have one in your house but have you ever seen an ottoman bed? Yes, this is a bed inside an ottoman. Quite amazing, right? There are some long ottoman benches available in the market which can be easily convertible into beds. 

  • Multifunctional 
  • Requires less space
  • Only for one person

Size of the Bed Frame

After you know the exact shape and style, the next step is to measure your old bed the size or determine the size of your new bed. This is very important because just looking at the frame designs, you’ll not know whether it’ll fit in your bed or not, right? 

Here are the various range of beds sizes they come in: 

  • Single
  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • King
  • King XL
  • Queen
  • Queen XL 

Material of the Bed Frame

The material through which any bed is built is an important thing to take consideration. Here are types of materials that a bed can be built: 

1. Metal

Metal bed frames are light weighted and also strong. They’re modern but they’ll not give you the warmth that a traditional one gives. If you’re looking for movable furniture pieces, you can definitely buy a metal bed frame.  

2. Wood

Wood is the most common and oldest material that we use in furniture building. From the ultra-modern beds to the heavy traditional beds with a lot of intricate designs, you’ll find or customize your bed frame in this material, which is not possible with the other materials.  

Bed Styles

So, after you confidently know about what kind of bed you want, the accurate size, and the material in which you want your bed. Now you can select the bed frame from the below bed frame styles. 

There are two ways to do it – select on either on the basis of the material or the style or theme. 

The style actually defines the overall theme and look of the bed. You can easily match it up with the rest of the house decor. Yes, other than the size and type, these things also matter while choosing the best bed frame. 

1. Contemporary

Contemporary material for bed

Contemporary is the latest style that people are going for! They’re simple, sleek and classic looking so if you’re a minimalist, then surely you’ll love these kinds of bed frames. 

2. Traditional

Traditional material for bed

Living in a colonial house and loving the old style of it? Then definitely go for this type. They’re classic and evergreen looking. 

3. Modern

Modern bed frames

Modern furniture is all about luxury and comfort. Love both? Then buy a modern bed frame in the desired size and place the mattress on it and your relaxing place is ready.  

4. Mission

Mission bed frames

This style consists of standard horizontal and vertical lines that look absolutely amazing. The frame is made out of light color wood and has flat panels. 

5. Cottage

Cottage material bed

These types of beds generally have large headboards. So, the bedframe should be strong enough to take the weight of it.  They’re simply looking but with little detailings which make them different from the rest. 

6. Country

Country bed

They are pretty heavy as they are made out of solid wood. Country style is basically a mixture of traditional shapes and designs. It is a quite popular choice between all Americans. 

7. Vintage

Vintage bed frames

Vintage is very unique in its own way. You might have already seen these types of beds in your grandparent’s house.  It is quiet, cozy and versatile. You can definitely select this type of bed frame for your bed. 

8. Industrial

Industrial bed frames

Industrial vibes are more raw and rough looking. They’re mainly made from materials like iron and metal. 

9. Rustic

 Rustic bed frames

Bed made from wood doesn’t mean that it will be a boring one. Rustic style beds also have pretty intricate detailings which look really amazing. Select the bed frame in rustic brown color with the horizontal lined pattern. 

10. Scandinavian

Scandinavian bedroom

Scandinavian furniture is mostly built from Oak, mahogany, pine, and teak woods. They have slightly rough finishing but you can polish or stain them easily.  You’ll find a variety of shapes in the market. Select the one according to your room size.

11. Mid-century

. Mid-century types of bed frames

After the modern style, mid-century is the most prevalent choice. Mid-century beds have streamlined headboards with tapered legs. 

After reading this much, you know what kind of bed you want, what design and style are best for you. Right? Always measure your room before you go to any bed shopping. Always buys the one which has size proportional to your room, so that you’ll not end up with a bed that is not even passing your door!!? (too big to fit). So to avoid this, keep in mind those things which we told you before. 

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