5 Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Solar Panels in Shreveport LA

Solar panels are on the rise in terms of their popularity as many homeowners in Shreveport are discovering their many wonderful benefits such as when solar systems of any size are eligible for a federal tax credit, which is available to Shreveport businesses and homeowners alike. Choosing the perfect solar power installation in Shreveport, LA can be intimidating but you can follow the tips below to make the right choice. Shreveport, LA is one of the most suitable places to install solar panels because it has good weather, enough to catch up solar energy from the Sun.

However, if you have already had solar panels installed on your house or company, or if this is your first time considering going solar, here are 5 tips to get the most out of your solar panels in Shreveport LA.

Solar Power: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Solar Panels benifits

The sun’s rays and heat are harnessed to provide renewable or green energy. Solar panels in Shreveport, also known as photovoltaic cells, are the most popular means of collecting solar energy. For large-scale solar power plants, the panels are stacked practically edge-to-edge.

Most people want to lower their monthly electric bills, and one easy method to do it is by harnessing the power of the sun. In addition to saving money, solar electricity may help you make more money. Federal tax credits and state incentives may apply to certain types of solar energy installations.

What happens to the electricity generated by your solar energy system? Electricity differs from water and gas in that it cannot remain in the pipelines indefinitely. Instead, it must be put to use or relocated. Solar electricity can only be stored in a battery bank until it is time to utilize it.

How to Choose the Right Solar Company for Your Needs in Shreveport?

right Solar Panels choose

1. Invest in a Local Company in Shreveport, LA

For solar panel installation, homeowners have the option of working with a local or national firm. As a general rule, local installers are always better than national ones, even if these architecture firms are bigger.

Additionally, you won’t have to go through a lot to get in touch with a local installation. In addition to providing a more customized experience, working with a local business helps the local economy. There are excellent solar energy companies in Shreveport that you can rely on, one example is Solar Alternatives where you can trust them as they are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the solar industry.

2. Do Your Research

Look at the websites of different companies to see how long they’ve been around. If any of the solar panel installers boast about how many they’ve placed, look into the sorts of roofs they’ve had success with in the past.

3. Read Past Customer Reviews

There’s no use in having any credentials or years of expertise if you’re not treating your clients properly. Going solar is a rigorous process that includes everything from obtaining the proper licenses to deciding on the size of your solar array to filing for federal and state tax incentives.

You’re looking for a firm that’s personable and able to assist you in your task. Check out Yelp or Google reviews for consumer feedback.

4. Compare Different Companies Financing Options

Financing solar panels may be accomplished in a number of methods, including upfront payment, loan, leasing, or power purchase agreement (PPA). Keeping track of what each firm on your list has to offer is essential.

Unless you already know how you’re going to pay for your solar panels, be sure any firm you’re considering has that option available.

5. Choose a Provider Known for Their After-Care Service

The general public has the misconception that all solar panel providers also offer PV panel maintenance. In many cases, there is no follow-up maintenance provided by the solar installers. When it comes time to service your system in the years to come, you’ll be on your own.

Seek a solar installation that can also handle routine solar maintenance to prevent this from happening. For your rooftop solar panel system, this team will be your best bet. They’ll take care of the system from start to finish.

5 Tips for Reducing Your Energy Consumption in Shreveport

 Tips for Reducing Your Energy Consumption in Shreveport

People in Louisiana have a lot of problems with their heating and cooling systems. Cooling and heating a house may account for up to half of your total energy consumption. So, the more you and others in your home reduce their use, the more money you will save on your power costs in the long run. Here are 5 tips to reduce your energy consumption in Shreveport.

1. Select the Ideal Light Source

In terms of energy efficiency, LED lights are the best. When compared to incandescent lights, they save 75% of the power while also lasting 25 times as long.

2. Run Your Washing Machine with a Full Load

Using just cold water saves you $18 a year in laundry expenditures, even if you currently do one load a week.

3. Remove Any Electrical Devices from Their Sockets

There is always a small amount of standby power being used even when the devices are turned off.

4. Remove the Charger

When left plugged in, certain chargers continue to use a tiny amount of power. It’s wasting electricity if it’s heated even when it’s not charging a gadget.

5. Thermostat Control

Reduce your thermostat by two degrees if you have electric heat to save 5% on your heating expense. One degree less might result in a ten percent reduction in costs.


The right solar panel installation firm in Shreveport, LA is within your reach if you’ve done your research and followed the tips above. You should have a good idea of what sort of solar firm you want to work with, how much it will cost, and how to filter down your options before you begin your search. The decision to go solar should never be a hard decision if you know that you will be in the right hands.

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