Can a Solar Powered Backup Generator Power a House?

Electricity is one of the basic needs that help us to power everyday appliances such as TV, fridge, smartphone, laptop, and other essential appliances. So, without it, we will naturally feel helpless, power cuts whether long or short duration can instantly make our life come to standstill. Solar powered backup generators were invented to fulfill this gap and put our lives back on track.

However, traditional solar powered backup generators run on petrol, diesel, gasoline, and other fuel types that are known to release harmful emissions into the environment and can damage our planet. With rising awareness among customers, they are seeking safe alternatives for everything, because as earthlings we need to save our planet.

Although solar powered backup generator is already avidly available in the market, what troubles customers is the question- “can a solar generator power the house?” To understand why the answer to this is yes, you need to know more. Hence, to help you to understand how it is possible keep on reading.

How Can a Solar Powered Backup Generators Power an Entire House?

How Can a Solar Powered Backup Generators Power an Entire House?

Today, most appliances that we use in our house are powered by electricity. Thus, a household requires an adequate amount of electrical energy to fulfill the requirement and power the appliances without causing voltage drops or fluctuations. Moreover, if you consider using a generator it must also be capable of providing AC (alternating current). This is because most traditional gadgets, fridges, computers, lighting units, fans, air conditioners, and more require AC to function.

To start with know the essential elements that solar-powered generator uses.

Essential Elements of a Solar Powered Generator

Essential Elements of a Solar Powered Generator
  • An adequate number of solar panels are used to absorb solar energy. However, different solar panel varies in this range, while one can produce 300 watts in one hour, another can produce more than 1000 watts per hour. Although, one major factor that you must not forget is the amount of sunshine that the area you reside in receives as that will determine the number of solar panels you need or the capacity of generator you require.
  • A solar-powered generator needs a battery that is charged when the solar power is converted into electrical energy and, stores the power so that it can be used at the night. Batteries are used in off-grid solar generators.
  • The conversion of the direct current aka  DC into the alternating current or AC power is done with the help of an inverter. This helps to run the household appliances in the house.
  • The complete generator unit is interconnected with the help of wiring and cabling to channel the energy in a usable form.

How do Solar Powered Generators Work?

How do Solar Powered Generators Work?

Before you use a solar-powered backup generator as an investor, you must know how this type of generator work.

Solar panels comprise photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electrical energy. These cells are placed between the semi-conducting materials for instance layers made of silicon. Every layer contains distinct types of electronic properties. When they are hit by photons from the sunlight, these properties energize and an electrical field is created, this phenomenon is known as the photoelectric effect. Moreover, it is this effect that creates the current required to produce electricity.

Solar panels create a direct current of electricity, which then passes via an inverter to convert into alternating current. Thereafter, this electricity can be fed into National Grid and becomes ready to be used by residential buildings, businesses, or wherever there is a solar panel attached.

Factors You Need to Consider Before Buying a Solar Powered Generator for House

Factors You Need to Consider Before Buying a Solar Powered Generator for House

Before purchasing a solar-powered generator you must consider a few factors. Since these variables will help you to determine the generator you are buying can offer the power output levels and the number of solar panels that your house needs to meet the energy requirement.

Consumer’s Requirement

The amount of electricity required differs from one house to the other. Thus, it is important for you as a consumer to understand the amount of energy that your house requires. One of the best ways to determine this is to analyze the monthly electricity bill and check the amount of electricity that your house required in a month. Further dividing the units consumed monthly by dividing it by the number of days in a month can help you to know the daily consumption.

The Capacity of the Solar Generator

An investor must take care of the factor that the solar power generator that he/she is buying must have the potential to offer the required amount of electricity. So, the buyer must check the output, capacity of the battery,  storage capacity, whether the generator can offer variable levels of power supply, adjust to surge, and is efficient in every way. Always know that the higher the wattage of the generator, the better is its performance.

Brand Reputation

It is of utmost importance that before buying solar-powered generators make sure to check the brand reputation of the company. Many companies claim to offer the best generator for household use, however, fail when it comes to performance, so make sure to buy a generator from a reputable brand. Also, since you are buying a solar-powered backup generator for your house, consider buying one that is designed solely for the purpose and meets the requirements.

Charging Ports and Electrical Socket Availability

Check whether the solar-powered generator is equipped with multiple ports and electrical sockets. When there is a power outage, you are interested in the first place to getting a generator so that you do not have to waste time and stay in the darkness for a long time. Thus, if the generator does not power multiple devices simultaneously, then what is its use? So, buy one that has adequate electrical sockets and ports.


Here we have put together all the necessary points about solar power generators that one needs to know before buying a solar generator. Hopefully, since you are aware of all the points that you need to know before making a proper decision, you can decide for yourself.

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