20 Best Suburban House Ideas with Different Styles

Before we begin, you must know that a suburban house is a residential home located in a peripheral city. You need to travel to the city for work and return home to the suburbs. Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the city, you will live in a much quieter place in the suburbs.

So, if you are planning to build or purchase a house for yourself in the suburbs, then this article is for you. Read along to get a complete idea of what a suburban house looks like. 

Top 7 Benefits of Modern Suburban House Living

 Modern Suburban House Living

1. Not So Costly

The land cost is variable considering the area you are living in. While the average cost of a detached home is $245,552 in America, the cost of a suburban house is 10% less than that of the former. 

2. Enough Space For Construction

You will get enough space around the country’s territory to build your home. This space ensures that your rooms are big and airy.

3. Your Property

The ownership rate in the countryside is 81.1%, while in the metropolitan area, it is 59.8%. Hence, it’s easier for you to own your suburban house.

4. Design As Per Your Choice

Suburban houses come with a custom design, so you can always design them as per your choice. 

5. Reciprocate Your Feelings

Being surrounded by fields and open spaces, your house can breathe and create a positive vibe. 

6. Inheritance 

Suburban mansions are famous for being multigenerational houses. You can always pass your home on to your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, or anyone else you want. 

7. Low Limitations On Management

Apart from drafting requirements, restrictions, and licenses, there are no major management requirements for your suburban house.

Top 20 Suburban House Ideas For Your Comfort

1. Victorian Suburban House Ideas 

Victorian Suburban House Ideas 

The Victorian Suburban Mansion has trim and intricate lines, with bright colors. It is a combination of rustic, classic, and royal vibe. They are spacious and equipped with almost all sorts of modern facilities, required for a cozy and comfortable life. 

There are 2-3 luxuriously big and elegant homes, a huge kitchen, and a spacious living room. A grand entrance and a big balcony flaunt the house. Enormous doors and windows add natural ventilation and light to the house.

2. Cape Cod Suburban House Ideas 

Cape Cod Suburban House Ideas 

Cape Cod is among the famous styles of suburban houses. They look clean, exquisite, and modern. The lush green lawn and comfortable and shaded sitting area are a cherry on top. 

You will get a luxurious lifestyle and a vast playground for your children. Gable and pitched roof suits well with the climate and enhances the beauty of the house as well.

3. Farmhouse Suburban House Ideas

Farmhouse Suburban House Ideas

By blending traditional and contemporary, you will get a farmhouse-style suburban house. The vast farm enables you to grow your veggies, grains, and fruits. Its spacious and functional layout lets you live comfortably, peacefully, and happily. 

The verandah provides a resting place and a place to enjoy the beauty of your farm. This house also has provisions for window gardening.

4. Cottage Suburban House Ideas

Cottage Suburban House Ideas

To get the vibe of traditional and vacation homes, go for a cottage-style suburban house. They are best suited for people with transferable jobs, as it is quick to set up and pack up here. Try this house for an active and stress-free life after your job. 

The roof is steep and pitched, with a big garden area in the house, and the rooms are well-lit and ventilated.  

5. Spanish Surban House Ideas

Spanish Surban House Ideas

To keep yourself cool, choose a Spanish suburban house that suits you well in warm weather. They have large windows, a grand entrance, a beautiful garden with outdoor sitting, and a chimney at the back. The house blends with its surroundings and weather. 

6. Ranch Suburban House Ideas

Ranch Suburban House Ideas

Ranch style homes have become famous in the past few decades in suburban areas. They are built in a contemporary style with class and utmost comfort. You can design this house matching with your personality. They are spacious and serene to live in.

7. Colonial Suburban House Ideas

Colonial Suburban House Ideas

You can never out-date the Colonial suburban house. All you need to do is choose the right site to build your colonial house in the suburbs. They have traditional space forms and large rooms with functional amenities. You can find large windows on the facade and dormer windows on the roof of this house.

8. Craftsman Suburban House Ideas

Craftsman Suburban House Ideas

The Craftsman suburban house is gaining popularity these days. They are a good example of a modern suburban house. Show your creativity to customize this house as per your requirements. 

9. Modern Suburban House Ideas

Modern Suburban House Ideas

The modern suburban house provides you with open nurseries and farmland. They have serenity and liberty of space utility. You can find the use of modern technologies and materials to build this house. The house has clean lines and the builders used glass almost everywhere. 

10. Stunning Suburban House Ideas from Japan

Stunning Suburban House Ideas from Japan

Located in the suburbs of North Kyoto, Japan, this house was designed for a couple with 3 children. With a grand entrance under the pergola, the house also has a beautiful interior design. The roof is a mix of flat and pitched roof and has glass windows all around.

11. Magnificent Suburban House

Magnificent Suburban House

Design by Chiasmus Partners, it is a stunning suburban house built in a modern architectural style. Its facade looks bold and rustic and has minimum openings. The void in between breaks the continuity and gives life to the aesthetics. 

12. Suburban House with Swimming Pool

Suburban House with Swimming Pool

Taller Estilo Arquitectura designs this big suburban house. It has a white finish with glass walls and windows. You will get an amazing outdoor area to sit and relax near the swimming pool. 

13. Suburban House with Rooftop Balcony

Suburban House with Rooftop Balcony

This small suburban home looks beautiful in its contemporary white look. It has a grand gated entry and an eye-catchy roof-top balcony. The house looks clean and elegant and is spacious and airy.

14. Suburban House Surrounded by Trees

Suburban House Surrounded by Trees

This suburban house is designed amidst trees. Connected with nature, it has large glass windows and a grand porch. The pitched roof also has provisions for the stack effect. There is a neat and clean driveway that runs along the lawn and garden, surrounded by trees.

15. Fenced Suburban House

Fenced Suburban House

A fence encircles the suburban house, which has a beautiful contemporary design. It showcases a grand entry, exquisite landscape design, and a solid white facade. The high fences ensure security on the premise.

16. Lighted Suburban House

Lighted Suburban House

This small suburban house has an astounding exterior with pleasant light all around. The tree fencing further enhances the aura of the space. Clean lines, minimum opening, and an exposed facade mark the features of this house.

17. Suburban House with Large Windows

Suburban House with Large Windows

Though small, this suburban house stands out in its surrounding with its bright white facade. The large windows allow natural ventilation and light into the house. Raised on a high plinth, the house also has big doors and a verandah.

18. Suburban House with Clean Lines

Suburban House with Clean Lines

This modern suburban house flaunts its clean and contemporary design. Large doors and windows ensure proper light and ventilation in the house. The big lawn and trees connect the house with nature as well.

19. Suburban Hose with Wide Lawn

Suburban Hose with Wide Lawn

This big suburban house is designed in a contemporary style. Big windows run all across the house. The grand balcony and the rooftop pergola enhance the charm of the house. Its wide lawn adds green features to it.

20. Contemporary Suburban House

Contemporary Suburban House

This modern suburban house is made of various materials, including concrete, wood, and glass. Trees and shrubs beautifully complement the house. Its roof is flat, the windows large, and the entrance is grand. 

It’s Your House: The Suburban House!

Being engulfed in the serenity of the countryside, suburban houses are among the best therapeutic houses to live in. You can design your house as per your requirements on the ample land available. After a long and tiring day, a suburban house is the best place to take refuge.

And after having read this article, you should have enough knowledge about the types and styles of suburban houses. So, now it’s your turn to choose a design for your suburban house and start planning for it.

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What Do You Mean by a Suburban House?

The houses built in the suburban area of the city are called suburban houses. And the suburban areas are the ones with low density, separated from the major city, and located on the periphery. 

Which Is the Most Famous Style of Suburban Houses?

One of the famous suburban house styles is the ranch-style house. There are different types of ranch houses, like split-level and California ranch houses.

Can I Find Suburban Houses in America?

Yes, you can find suburban houses in America because they are low cost compared to the parent city, have more space, and are calmer.

What Is Meant by an Urban House Style?

The blend of modern, contemporary, and industrial design elements creates a new style referred to as the urban house style, which is ideal for inner-city living.

What Are the Features of Cape Cod-Style Houses? 

Cape Cod homes are single-storey houses with a low but broad rectangular face. They have a central chimney, side-gabled, and a pitched roof.


Suburban houses come in all shapes and sizes, but they all share some common characteristics. They are typically located in quiet, family-friendly neighborhoods with good schools and access to parks and recreation. They often have large yards with plenty of space for kids to play and pets to run around. And they offer a sense of community and belonging that can be hard to find in more urban areas.

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