9 Useful Tips For Maintaining Gutters Like a Pro

Tips For Maintaining Gutters

A gutter system plays a crucial role in water management for your home. Its main function is to collect rainwater and discard it away from the house. Otherwise, stagnant water can seep into the foundation of your house and compromise its integrity. 

The absence of a robust gutter system can lead to several issues and even the need for expensive home repairs. Typically, a gutter system can last for 20-30 years. But the key to making it last is routine gutter repair and maintenance. 

We’re sharing some useful gutter maintenance tips to extend the longevity of your Copper European Gutter system. Take a look.

1. Regular Gutter Cleaning

You should get your gutters professionally cleaned at least twice a year, once in spring and other in fall. If many trees surround your house, you may require to clean the gutter more than twice a year. 

A dirty, clogged up gutter can also attract rodents and other pests. Cleaning a gutter is a physically demanding job. If you’re uncomfortable climbing a ladder, it would be best to hire a professional gutter cleaning company.

2. Repair Leaks & Cracks

A small leak may seem harmless now, but it can expand and lead to bigger problems. Regularly inspect your gutters for crack and fractures. If you find any minor cracks, immediately seal them with silicone caulk. However, this usually works for small leaks. You should consult a professional for major gutter repairs.

3. Remove Any Debris

Leaves, trigs, debris, and all kinds

of things enter the pipes and block them. This will cause the water to overflow and make your gutter system ineffective. When cleaning out gutters, make sure all the debris is completely extracted. 

4. Install Gutter Guards

In addition to removing debris, it’s also necessary to prevent debris from entering the pipes in the first place. That can be achieved by installing gutter guards. Rather than cleaning out the insides of the gutters,  keep most of the debris out with these roof gutter guards. 

5. Look for Signs of Mould

Are there any black or green patches around the gutter system? Any signs of mold, mildew, and fungus could be pointing towards leaks. Inspect any signs of mold to discover the source of the leak. Catching it early on will allow you to fix it before a serious problem occurs.

Maintaining Gutters

6. Replace Broken Fasteners

Gutters are exposed to harsh natural elements like storms, hail, heavy rain, snow, and so on. Fasteners make sure the gutters are able to bear these extra stresses and continue working properly. If you’ve noticed any broken fasteners, replace them straight away. A couple of broken fasteners isn’t alarming, but you should get your gutters professionally inspected if the problem persists. 

7. Inspect Rust or Rotting

Rusting is inevitable since gutters are constantly exposed to moisture. If there are small patches of rust, you can easily scrub them away. But if a major section has been damaged, it would be best to replace the entire section. 

8. Fix Sagging Gutters

Clogged up debris can weigh down your gutters and make them sag. In some cases, it can easily be fixed with extra fasteners and gutter screws. 

9. Clean Downspouts

When you’re cleaning the gutter, make sure you clean out the downspouts as well. Also, consider installing a downspout extension to ensure the water is released far away from your home’s foundation.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re fixing up your existing house or constructing one from the ground up, you cannot overlook installing and maintaining a durable gutter system. While it doesn’t add much to your home’s visual aspect, it does an indispensable job of keeping your home safe from water stagnation and subsequent irreversible damage.

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