Window Designs: Interior and Exterior

The type of window designs you choose enhances the safety and security of your home. It also enhances the beauty of your home. . Scenic views framed by stylish custom curtainless your home with the come-hither looks. Other choices like roller shutters offer more security.

Modern homes have embraced roller shutters technology because of its enhanced safety. One can find shutters for any kind of window design, from NYC shutters to roller shutters Adelaide, companies have many options to choose from depending on the window design. So, without further ado, let’s see what designs are there right now.

Types of Windows

Types of Windows

Windows may be classified according to their placement, or how they open. Before you choose the type of windows for your next home, or when you are remodeling your home, it is good to consider the pros and cons of the window design. Some of the main types of windows, based on how they are opened, include;

  • Sliding windows
  • Casement
  • Awning windows
  • Picture window
  • Bow windows
  • Double or single hung windows

Types of windows depending on the placement;

  • Transom windows
  • Clerestories
  • Dormer
  • Skylight
  • Corner windows

How to Choose a Window Design

How to Choose a Window Design

1. Consider the Architectural Design

Different homes have different designs. One should choose the windows depending on their style. Some have wall-length windows while others may have smaller windows of different shapes.

2. Purpose of the Windows

The main purpose of a window is to let in the light. But windows may also be part of the home decor or can serve as doors to the patio especially if one opts for the glass sliding windows. Ventilation is also important. A window should enhance the ventilation of your home. Choosing the right window design will ensure that you achieve this.

3. Window Frames

Selecting the right window frames for your house will enhance its exterior outlook. You may also paint the frames. But ensure that the colors blend well with the entire house and theme of your home.

4. Interior of the House Design

You should choose a window design that complements the interior design of your house. The window design will also depend on the room. For some rooms, you may need to install big windows to let in light and also as a form of deco. In other rooms such as the washroom, the windows should provide light but also ensure privacy is maintained. Incorporate a variety of shapes and sizes of the windows to enhance the beauty of your house.

5. Maximize the Focal Point from the Interior

Through the windows, you can enjoy the outdoor scenery. If you have a beach house, you may opt to design windows such that you enjoy the beach and ocean view. The same case applies to beautiful vegetation or other sceneries outside your home.

6. Energy Efficiency

Modern technology provides you with options that can help in saving energy costs. If you are building your next house now, or you wish to remodel your house, consider replacing the windows with modern roller shutters or any other design of your choice.

7. Floor Plan

Remember, the house will be furnished. It is good to consider the floor layout as well, to make it easier to furnish your house. Choosing a good window design and size will ensure that the functioning of the room remains intact.

8. The sun Orientation

Your architect should help you design a house depending on the sun’s movement. For instance, too much light in your bedroom in the morning due to large windows, or the glare of sunshine in the living room in the evening can be prevented if the windows are installed at the right places.

How Window Designs Influence the Interiors

How Window Designs Influence the Interiors

Before you choose a window design, you should also consider how it will influence the interiors. A window also influences the lighting, ventilation, and house decor theme. Good window designs also enhance the curb appeal of your house. Depending on the type of room, a window design can enhance the privacy of a room too.

How Window Designs Influence the Exteriors

How Window Designs Influence the Exteriors

The main exterior of your windows has influenced the general appearance of your home. Depending on the design you choose for your house, it may bring out a unique view of your home. Some designs are perfect for lounging too.


Remember, different types of windows may be more expensive to install. Windows may also contribute to energy leaks or moisture leaks if not installed properly. Windows are also inlets to sun rays which could contribute to fabric damage and fading. Some windows are more difficult to clean than others. All these are some of the tips that can help you to choose a good window design. But above all, consider the security of your home when selecting a window design. That way, you will be able to decide on the type of window to install.

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