2024 Wine Rack Plans: 21+ Creative Ways to Store Your Wine Collection!

Just grab a glass of wine, and everything will be fine!!Check out best wine rack plans.

Whether it be a celebration or breakup, wine is a must, right? These days storing wines is pretty common. You can see beautiful wine holders and bars everywhere. So are you planning to buy one? Wait… why spend time and money on buying when you can make yourself one for you. 

Why DIY a wine rack when you can just buy it? This is a pretty common question that people often have in their minds. There are many benefits to it, such as you can easily customize it according to your space, and most importantly, they’ll be inexpensive. So why spend a fortune on buying these expensive wine racks. Just DIY it, right! 

Building a wine rack is a super easy project that you can be completed in a day or two. (depending on how large you want to be a rack). This is the only place where you’ll come back to over and over again to grab a drink. Today, we have made a list of some creative and unusual shaped wine rack ideas to get you started. All the projects we’ve compiled here are as stylish as they are functional and practical.

So, whether you drink super-fancy $100 wine or just $5 one, these wonderful racks will keep all your wine bottles in order (and at the ready). So check them out. 

21+ Brilliant Wine Rack Design Ideas

All the racks in the below list have different shapes and styles, so be sure to check every wine rack idea. There are vertical, horizontal, wall-mountable; some can hold 6-bottles of wine, whereas some of them can hold dozens.so just take a look and pick the one that suited best for your style and your space.

1. DIY Simple Wine Rack Plan 

DIY Simple Wine Rack Plan 

Simple but edgy, this wine rack plan is perfect for those who have less number of wine bottles, but still, they want to show them. The finished rack can hold four bottles of wine, and it will just take you only an hour to build it. Whether your home decor is modern and traditional, it’ll look good with both styles. 

2. Fixer Upper Style Wine Rack Designs

Fixer Upper Style Wine Rack Designs

This wall-mounted wine bar has Magnolia vibes all over it, and it also features hanging storage underneath for wine glasses. If you love to entertain, but don’t want to spend a lot on wine racks, this setup is perfect for you. 

3. Ladder Rack For Wine Storage

Ladder Rack For Wine Storage

What do you think about this wine storage? For those who want to show their wine collection! Check out wall wine rack ideas, so it is quite strong and sturdy and looks absolutely gorgeous. 

4. DIY Circular Wine Rack

DIY Circular Wine Rack

This wine rack is stylish and functional at the same time. When your guests see this rack with circular inserts for bottles of wine, they will definitely get surprised!

5. Wall Mount DIY Wine Rack

Wall Mount DIY Wine Rack

Not storing the wine properly: This is the most common wine mistake that people make. This nine-bottle rack, which can be mounted directly and conveniently onto your wall, fixes this problem. How? It will store bottles horizontally, which will keep the cork moist, so your wine stays fresher for a longer period.

6. Wine Bottles + Glasses Rack 

Wine Bottles + Glasses Rack 

Placing the wine bottles and glass at different places might be a little inconvenient for you and your guests. So, build something like this; it will gracefully hold all your bottles and glasses simultaneously.

7. DIY Chest Wine Rack

DIY Chest Wine Rack

Looking for a chest wine storage? Take a look at this cute and glamorous blue three drawer chest. You can also simply create it from any old drawer that you already have. 

8. Luxurious Wine Bar

wine rack plans

If you’re lucky enough to have an additional kitchen or extra space in your home, convert it into classy wine storage. This Luxurious wet bar features impressive, glass-enclosed liquor and wine storage. 

Here the placement of wine holders on the left really catches my eyes. The homeowners cleverly created a minimal-style grid that gives the impression that bottles are floating.

9. Minimalist Vertical Bottle Holder

Minimalist Vertical Bottle Holder

Short on space but want wine storage? Grab this idea, where there is a vertical holder that beautifully stores all the bottles without taking much space. This idea will work for even the tiniest kitchen. 

10. Countertop Wine Rack Plan

Countertop Wine Rack Plan

This wine rack plan is easy to build and looks like a piece of art. Place on your countertop and enjoy hosting the coming festive parties. The best thing about this is that it can be finished in just a few hours for less than $20. 

11. Classy Copper Pipe Wine Rack

Classy Copper Pipe Wine Rack

Do you believe that you can build this in just a few dollars? Yes, you can buy these types of copper pipes from any nearby hardware store for very low prices. 

12. Metal Wine Rack Under The Stairsmage

Metal Wine Rack Under The Stairsmage

Another great space-efficient wine rack is this one. Made from iron bars and that too under stairs, it will save a lot of space. Quite modern looking, this contemporary wine rack will surely be the point of attraction in your home

13. Modernized Heirloom

 Modernized Heirloom

We all want to treasure our family furniture, right? But the right way to do this by reusing them instead of placing them in the storeroom. If you also have a big antique buffet or chest of drawers like this, turn it into a wine bottle cubbies.

14. Industrial Wine Rack Plan

Industrial Wine Rack Plan

Isn’t this looks super unique and unusual? To build this wine rack plan, all you need is reclaimed lumber and wooden dowels. 

15. Secret Wine Storage

Secret Wine Storage

Make this Halloween party a little more fun by hiding your wines. Here the homeowner created a secret area in their media room built-in just for wine. Cool, right! Your guests never are able to find this hidden wine storage until you tell them! 

16. Vertical Wine Storage

Vertical Wine Storage

This is another true DIY easy 6-bottle wine rack plan that you can build it in no time. 

17. DIY Dowel Wine Rack

DIY Dowel Wine Rack

Sometimes your wine collection requires a 4-foot-long DIY wine rack. To build something like this one for you! 

18. DIY Vintage Wine Rack Plan 

DIY Vintage Wine Rack Plan 

For our next DIY, you have to do some recycling. If something like this already is in your garage, then bring it out and reuse it. You can even paint it your desired color, and this old movie reel will become your wine storage rack. 

19. DIY A-Frame Wine Rack Plan

DIY A-Frame Wine Rack Plan

This A-frame wine rack that holds 6-bottles can be made in under 20 minutes. All you need is two plywood pieces and some metal brackets. First, make six holes in them and then join them securely with metal brackets or screws. 

20. Picket Fence Wine Rack Plan

Picket Fence Wine Rack Plan

This picket fence wine rack is a perfect addition to your home decor. Put this “happily ever after”rack to your outdoor parties. 

21. Chic Wine Cart

Chic Wine Cart

Transform an ordinary table with pallet wood or any other aged wood into a lovely mini wine bar cart. 

22. Industrial Tabletop Wine display

Industrial Tabletop Wine display

This edgy looking industrial pipe wine bar will be perfect for your table. You buy these pipes from any hardware shop and create this fine wine display.

A bunch of wine bottles that are on a wall
A wine rack with several bottles of wine on it
A wooden wine rack holding two bottles of wine
A metal wine rack holding several bottles of wine
A wall mounted wine rack holding several bottles of wine
A wooden wine rack with two wine bottles on it
A wall mounted wine rack with three bottles of wine
A wall mounted wine rack with three bottles of wine
A couple of shelves that have wine glasses on them
A wine rack with a bunch of wine glasses
A wooden wine rack with wine glasses on it
A shelf with wine glasses and bottles on it
A wine rack with two bottles of wine
A close up of a wine rack on a wall
A wine rack with several bottles of wine
A wooden wine rack holding wine glasses and bottles

The Bottom Line

So which wine rack plans is your favorite? I know it’s hard to pick one from all these pretty ones. But my advice to you is that always select the one according to your wine collection and space. For example, if you only have a few wine bottles, there is no sense in building large rack ideas. Go with the six-bottle rack or tabletop ones, as they occupy less space and also look great. 

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