What Height/Length of Masts are Good for TV Aerial Satellite

Masts or Poles are the necessary objects for the installation of the tv aerials. Choosing the right pole or mast is not so easy. There are lots of masts available in the market with different qualities and lengths. In this article, we will discuss the length and heights of the masts. This will help you in choosing the right mast for the tv aerial installation. In the mast or pole, we usually see the shape, wall thickness, diameter, and height of the pole in order to install the ideal tv aerial set up. 

TV Aerial Masts Height and Length

tv aerial installation

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The main difference between the poles of the aerials is the height or length. Remember every aerial or antenna installation has a different length or height. It will depend on your requirements whether your tv aerial installation will be in a lower or higher area. The higher size of the pole means you are expecting the good but sometimes the higher poles can be your headache. It can be a problem for you in the storm or the heavy rain. There is a famous sentence: there is a higher chance of falling off the higher body. So try to get the pole which is enough in height to complete your signal requirements. 

Usually, we need large height masts where there are lots of trees and buildings around your house and you are getting disturbance in catching good signals. But if you are living in an unurban or wide area there you don’t need the large height poles or masts you can even adjust with the small masts. 

While you are installing the masts for the TV aerials then follow the 1:5 ratio. This is actually bracket size and it should be less than the total height of the mast.

Famous Aerial Mast Heights

tv aerial installation

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In the market, you can find the mast of the following heights 3, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, and 20 (feet). If you are the tv aerial installer and you have a huge budget then you can get the stock of the all heights mast, but if you don’t have a budget then it would be not a good idea to get stock of all these. Usually, the professional tv aerial installer stocks the mast of 6 feet height, because usually 90% of the installation can be done with this. If the installation is a bit high then the mast of 10 feet or 12 feet can be used for the installation.

Seriously it is very rare I have seen the use of the 16 feet mast in the installation. Plus the 16 feet mast is not available in the UK easily because there is a rare use of this. If you want to use it for the installation then you need to get on the custom order.

Different Diameter TV Aerial Mast / Poles

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Above we have read about the heights of the poles or masts. Do you know the masts or poles are available in different diameters? Of course, they are available in different diameters for different installations. The masts or poles are available in different diameters which are mentioned below.

  • For a mast with height of 2 feet to 4 feet the 1” diameter mast is available.
  • For a mast with height of 6 feet the 1.25” diameter mast is available.
  • For a mast with height of max 10 feet the 1.5” diameter mast is available.
  • For a mast with height of max 16 feet the 2” diameter mast is available.

I think after reading the above diameters you will get to know which one will be better for your tv aerial installation. So during choosing the mast for the tv aerial installation make sure the diameter or height you will choose according to the parameters mentioned above. 

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Different TV Aerial Mast Thickness

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After the diameter, I think the next thing you need to see is the thickness of the mast. This is also known as the mast gauge. Again for considering the good mast for the tv aerial installation you need to look for the correct thickness as well. The following thickness is available for the masts.

  • 14G mast mean 1.8 mm
  • 16G mast mean 1.6 mm
  • 18G mast mean 1.2 mm

·  20G mast mean 0.9 mm