Goodbye To All Expensive Racks with These DIY Shoe Rack Ideas

Shoes are fascinating; whenever you go to the mart, shoes always attract the shopping basket. Don’t worry; we are blaming you as we are blaming wide varieties of canvas shoes, wedges heels, flip flops, loafers, calf boots, lace Up and the list goes on. Oh, God! Till when one can resist it? Now the problem is not with the purchase, but it’s with the lack of space to store them. Not to worry much, we bring you the best DIY Shoe Rack Ideas.

Paint Bucket
DIY Shoe Rack Ideas

You can make the best use of used paint buckets to store shoes. Place these tin paint buckets directly on the wall. Here you can use as many as cans you want on your wall. To add more fun factor, paint them with beautiful colors.

Shoes Hanger
DIY Shoe Rack Ideas

No need to purchase a shoe hanger as you can DIY at home. To do it, Use those extra metal hangers from your closets. With few cuts and twists, you can create highly useful storage for your flip flop, sandals, canvas, and whatnot. With screws on the wall, your shoe rack storage is Voila!

Repurposed Cardboard
DIY Shoe Rack Ideas

Why waste anything when we can make the best of it. Empty cardboard can solve the problem of shoe storage. You can create a triangular rack by cutting, folding and making it into the desired shape. Further, add more fun factor by coloring the edge of each triangle.

Wooden Crate Shoe Rack
DIY Shoe Rack Ideas

Time to turn the unused wooden crate into a DIY Shoe Rack. Paint your old crate and screwed it together for a perfect rack. To make it more useful, add caster wheels to move it from one place to another.

Hanging Rack Behind the Door
DIY Shoe Rack Ideas

When you are facing the space issue, then this DIY shoe rack is only meant for you. With the help of cardboard creates a hanging rack behind the storage room or closet door. This rack is totally nailing the space problem.

Ladder Shoe Rack is the New Love
DIY Shoe Rack Ideas

Make the best use of an old and unused ladder by converting it into an appealing ladder shoe rack. To add beauty to it, paint it. The ladder can store a large number of shoes without taking much place. Place it in your bedroom for storing several shoes.

Bench and Basket
DIY Shoe Rack Ideas

If you had just DIY the bench for the entryway, then place wicker baskets underneath to solve the shoe storage problem. Add the number of baskets as per the requirement. You can even cover the bench with beautiful upholstery. In place of the basket, you can use any other object to store shoes.

PVC-Pipe Shoe Rack
DIY Shoe Rack Ideas

Another interesting shoe rack storage DIY is PVC-Pipe Rack. Cut the PVC into equal size and attached it to the wall. To add a charm to the dull pipe by adding color to it. Place it in your bedroom or kids’ room. With an increasing number of shoes, keep adding a pipe to it.

Here are some Clever Storage Ideas for your home.

Do You Like It?
DIY Shoe Rack Ideas

What do you think about these shoe rack ideas? Share your own DIY shoe rack design in the comment section below. For all fantastic and affordable ideas, follow ArchitecturesIdeas.

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