40+ Most Impressive Small Office Building Design Ideas

Whether it is a house, a big corporate office, or a small office building, every structure needs to design well. Its enough to maintain its durability, and though the strength matters. It does not mean that we need to sacrifice the look of the building. It takes creativity of an Expert Interior Design And Commercial Fitout Specialist to build sensible building that defines its purpose. The small office building design of the building architecture depends on what is the final outcome. Whether it is a house, a big corporation, or a small office.

Even for a small office or small commercial building designs would vary, and architects need to work individually on each project. So, here we gathered up thirteen modern office building design ideas to give you an overview of the corporate buildings. So here, while working for a small space office, the designers need to build a small office design layout in such a way that the corporations’ requirements are fulfilled. In today’s competitive business, world commercial building stands out as well. 

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Some of the brilliant work done by architects on small office building design concepts are listed below by Architecturesideas.

1. Architecture & Design Studio

small office building design

Source: adsttc.com

Architect: KSM architecture

Location: Chennai, India 

The KSM architecture company wanted a new office, so the designers and engineers of the company together came with this idea. They built Architecture & design Studio for themselves. The main motto before they started the construction was that the building should be environment-friendly and also bears the climate sensitivity of Chennai. This site was constructed on a 35-year-old temple. This five-storey studio has an extraordinary visual appeal to it.

2. Co-Op Kyosai Plaza

small office building design

Source: nikken.jp

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Area: 1556.8 sq. meters

Year: 2016

Co Op Kyosai Plaza building has a unique design concept, which makes it different from others. It has a design known as ‘Rain chains.’ The entire building is covered in these rain-drips from front to back, which are made up of metal and foliage-covering.

 In 2011, the disastrous earthquake occurred, in which many office buildings got destroyed. People who were stuck in the office were unable to open windows, which resulted in their death. An architecture firm Nikken Sekkei. “Co-op Kyosai Plaza integrates the latest in environmental building systems, making the most of the lessons learned after the earthquake.”

3. GLF Headquarters

small office building design

Source: adsttc.com

Architect: Oppenheim Architecture

Location: Miami, United States of America

Area: 20000 sq. ft.

Year: 2017

The GLF Construction Corporation had wisely chosen the location for its headquarters. This beautiful building is set on the banks of the Miami River. This four-storey building has all the elegant elements that you won’t find in any other modern structure. The beautiful pristine glass windows with steel accents in its exterior, which adds a feather to the cap. All the construction materials are meticulously selected to give powerful support to the building. 

4. GS1 Portugal

small office building design

Source: adsttc.com

Architect: Promontorio

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Area: 1750 sq. meters

Year: 2016

GS1 Portugal is one of the first building that was specifically designed for business innovation in Portugal. So, you can also consider it as a result of competition in the increasing number of influential office building architecture around the world. It utilized the pre-existing building, which was constructed in the 1980 and built the new futuristic outlook which completely changes its appearance.

5. Guilherme Torres Studio

small office building design

Source: twimg.com

Architect: Guilherme Torres Studio

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Guilherme Torres is a perfectionist,” says Arch Daily about the artist. The architect of this building is known for his crisp architecture with minium but effective details. 

6. Headquarters of Wrzesińskie of News

small office building design

Source: mdplugins.com

Architect: Marcin Kościuch, Tomasz Osięgłowski

Location: Września, Poland

Area: 406 sq. meters

Year: 2016

Wrzesinskie of News is a media company in Poland. The architects kept the role of the company in mind while designing this building. It’s exterior has a perforated style, which looks like newspaper columns. The interior of the building was kept lofty to provide open space. 

Another surprising fact, the construction of the building was done budget-friendly. Its known for its spectacular architecture and functionality. This public building has open ground floor with an inviting entrance area. 

7. Pollen Street Office

small office building design

Source: amazonaws.com

Architect: RTA studio

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Project: Pollen Street Office

Pollen street office was constructed as the final stage of shopping, beverages, and food. This two-storey building is designed in such a way that it looks like it is floating above the ground. It is lifted above the ground from one side and slightly dropped at the end of pollen street. And a parking lot is constructed to use the remaining space. Architects has cleverly designed the structure by involving the two streets.  

8. Port House Antwerp

small office building design

Source: adsttc.com

Architect: Zaha Hadid 

Location: Belgium

Area: 12800 m^2

Year: 2016

Port House Antwerp is a government building that serves as an Antwerp Port Authority. The world-famous architect Zaha Hadid designed this wonderful building. This building is located above a fire station, and the whole site is surrounded by water. 

Let’s talk about its architecture, it has a beautiful glass facade that reflects the light. It is around 100 meters in length, which kinda resembles the hull of a sailing ship. To join two buildings (i.e., fire station and the port house), a bridge was constructed, and it also provides a beautiful 360-degree view. The whole glass structure is supported by the concrete pillars and 900 tonnes of steel, which give it solid strength and power. 

According to the Antwerp Port Authority, “The building is meant to symbolize the dynamic, reliable, ambitious, and innovative nature.” 

9. Pull & Bear

small office building design

Source: batlleiroig.com

Location: Narón, Spain 

Pull & Bear is a Spain-based clothing company whose headquarters is located in Spain. It’s interior and exterior is remarkably designed. It has 180×85 (length x widths) dimensions, with two levels. This place is an open palafitte structure that includes an open four courtyards with open staircases and glazed elevators. 

10. Sanctuary Office

small office building design

Source: businessinsider.com

Architect: Sanctuary Architects

Location: Bangalore, India

We all know Sanctuary Architects are known for its unusual architecture designs, so it’s pretty obvious that their office design will be a statement structure in architecture history. Sanctuary office has spectacular features but in an elegant way, causes it’s ranking in the World Architects Festival 2017. The hint of nature and organic materials makes it more special and unique. 

Knotted Pine, Sheet metal, Grey Cement Concrete flooring along with white working surfaces and GI form the core earthy backdrop to the otherwise colorful work environment,” wrote Sanctuary Architects and Designers.

11. Sonnesgade 11 

small office building design

Source: adsttc.com

Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Sonnesgrade 11 building has one of the strange but unique architecture. The exterior building facade has a cracked design, which kinda resembles an ice cube. The cracked concrete with semi-transparent glass at one side makes it more than a workspace. 

“The new mixed building by SLETH is situated nearby Godsbanen and reflects the transformation from industry to the lively cultural urban district,” wrote architecture firm SLETH. 

12. S.Y. Construction Headquarters

small office building design

Source: highliteimages.com

Architect: H.K.W Architects 

Location: Taichung, Taiwan

 S.Y. Construction is a popular name in the construction industry, so it’s obvious that it’s headquartered is going to be exceptional in itself.

The design concept of this project is based on the situation,” says H.K.W Architects Associate regarding the building. “When every form and material is minimized to the essence, natural environment merges to the courtyard and interior space intrinsically.”

13. 490 Consulting Suites

small office building design

Source: amazonaws.com

Architect: Shane Thompson Architects. 

Location: Spring Hill, Australia 

490 consulting suites building is also known as the ‘Mini Tower,’ which is located on the north side of the city. It has a bold yet beautiful style. This well-designed building has 5 upper levels and 3 underground level car lift parking.

Whilst the scale of the development on a small site with an existing cottage is unprecedented, in this instance the design seeks to mediate between the original intimate scale of Spring Hill and the more recent bulky and major urban developments in this precinct,” wrote Shane Thompson Architects. 

After reading all these awesome small office building plans and designs, we hope you got the idea about the new office building plan. For more stunning architecture and designs, keep coming to Architecturesideas.