Building Facade Design: Metal Perforated Panels to Build “Breathing Walls”

Locate in Hanoi, Vietnam, the project is a group of approximately 40,000 square meters of office and factory buildings. The project was design to be consistent with the client’s requirements and site surroundings. exploring a vernacular and unobtrusive palette of materials and building facade design.

Building Facade Design idea

The group of buildings is adjacent to a school and is plann in an inward-looking spatial layout. a series of courtyard spaces intertwine with work areas. People can enjoy the fresh air while looking through offices. The delightful water features of the courtyard, rather than the enclose cubicles and decorations of the interior.

STUDIO VDGA Building Facade Design

The floor plan of the office building can be divide into two rows, the front half of which is adjacent to the factory floor, separate by a long brick wall. The distinctive brick backdrop behind the wooden reception desk also highlights the entire reception area near the entrance.

The courtyard spaces scattere throughout the floor plan are bath in sunlight. shadows cast by the brick wall, creating a rich contrast of light and dark and brick wall textures. As one passes through the corridor, one passes through a continuous series of courtyard spaces where all cubicles and work areas are partition by transparent glass, allowing these spaces to permeate and interweave with each other, sharing a beautiful view of the courtyard.

The entire building block is compose of a simple concrete shell. it can colorful perforate metal panels as façade decoration, echoing the surrounding landscape. Here, the classic courtyard is sculpte through a grid division as the strength and essence of the project’s design.

STUDIO VDGA Building Facade Design idea

As Hanoi is locate in a warm and humid subtropical climate zone. The winters are dull and wet, despite the abundant rainfall throughout the year. Therefore, we tried to create an atmosphere that would provide a comfortable indoor office environment in both summer and winter. By having eight courtyard spaces scattere throughout the interior. enough natural light can be brought in to keep the office areas bright and comfortable, even when the sky is dark.

In addition, the exterior of the front facade is decorated with long perforated metal panels (call “breathing walls”), which not only block glare in summer and eliminate the need for blinds or curtains on the front facade but also enrich the effect of the different color panels by standing out against the otherwise monotonous concrete façade. façade effect.

Star Engineers Office Vietnam Building Facade Design
Star Engineers Office Vietnam Building Facade Design idea

In response to the need for understate interiors in Vietnam’s tropical temperate climate zone. The designers took full advantage of the characteristics of the clay materials and greatly enhance the saturation of the palette materials with the help of intense light. Whether it is vacuum dehydrate flooring, brick walls, or raw metal, light reflects through them all.

STUDIO VDGA Building Facade exterior  Design

Here, brick, as the main element of office space interior design. becomes a unique element of the interior space through various forms and color variations. For example, the background of the reception area with twisted brick walls mention above is inspire by the local brick kilns in Hanoi.

Rice University Building Facade Design

In addition, the intense red brick wall contrasts with the mold concrete shell in the exterior envelope. A floating mild steel staircase brings a light texture to the entire traffic area. Stretch metal ropes replacing the stair railings, providing a degree of transparency.

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