Easy and Attractive DIY Patriotic Wreath Ideas For 4th Of July

The 4th of July is the independence day of the States. This day is going to be celebrated by having family unions along with barbeque setting and Fireworks in the sky or going on a picnic. Whatever you do but it’s time to say “Happy Birthday, America”. Maybe it will be done better with showing your love for the country by utilizing the hidden talent of yours. Yeah, Patriotic wreath is the answer. No, not readymade one. DIY one. Don’t think much just go for it. Make your 4th of July wreath on a patriotic theme. We have come up with really starry and classy Patriotic wreath DIY ideas. They are easy to make and get compliments too.

Basically, you will have to make a grapevine wreath or buy an artificial wreath made up grass or plastic materials. That is the foremost thing needed while making Wreath and some elements related to the design of the flag. And make sure whatever element you use to make wreath has red, blue and white color in it.

Burlap Ribbons

Patriotic Wreath DIY

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1) Wrap burlap ribbons around your wreath leaving space of some inches. Make it more American by styling Flag on to it.

2) You can also experience with red, blue and natural color burlap ribbons. Wrap it around wreath that will give its look a sense of American flag. And add white stars on the blue section and you are good to go.

3) Experiment burlap ribbon with pieces of waste denim by wrapping it around a wreath and decorate it with stars made up of cardstock or those sparkling stars from the stationery store.

Tulle Ribbons

Patriotic Wreath DIY

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Tulle ribbons are so soft and versatile it will make your wreath look oh-so-wow. And tying tulle ribbons around wreath one by one will give it a 3D look. Cut red and white ribbons into equal parts then start tying them alternatively on the 3/4th portion of the wreath and tie blue ribbons on the remaining part. Add striped ribbon to the wreath so that it can be hanged.


Patriotic Wreath DIY

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Collect all kinds of rags you have in the house. Sort red, blue and white colored rags out of it, doesn’t matter if they are plain or printed just collect them. Start tying knots of these rags around the wreath try to make it messy still it will turn out to be the cutest form of the wreath.

Just make sure there isn’t any space left on the wreath. It is okay if you have tied two three knots extra but it shouldn’t be less. Then add a ribbon to help it be hanged and a 3D large bow on the top of the wreath.


Patriotic Wreath DIY

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Don’t throw out your old used jeans, instead use them for making Patriotic wreaths. Wreaths made up using denim adds an American effect to the wreath. There is no other element that describes America than denim. Wrap pieces of denim around the wreath then using watercolors or sprays paint red and white stripes on the 3/4th portion and create polka dot look using buttons on the remaining part of the wreath.

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Patriotic Wreath DIY

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Use Bandanas of red, white and blue color to create an American flag look on the wreath. Wrap red and white bandanas alternatively and blue on the 1/4th portion of the wreath. And secure each wrap with pins. Add a red polka dot ribbon on to it and hang it on your door.


Patriotic Wreath DIY

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Poms-poms are the cutest thing in crafting materials. Get your hands on the red, white, and blue pom-poms from the departmental store. Stick it randomly on the wreath using double-sided tape. And tie a plain ribbon to hang it.

Paper Straws

Patriotic Wreath DIY

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Cut an outlined circle of 2-3 inches from cardboard and paint it white. Now use red-white striped paper straws and stick it in a circle around the cardboard. Fill up every space of the cardboard using uneven paper straws. After that cut a star shape out of blue cardstock and give it a 3D look by folding it from necessary parts then stick it on the straw wreath. And here is your patriotic wreath out of paper straws ready.

Paper Pinwheels

Patriotic Wreath DIY

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The easiest way to DIY a patriotic wreath is by using paper pinwheels. You can get a printed paper pinwheels from any departmental store. You just have to arrange them in an attractive way and stick it to the wreath with double-sided tape.

Wooden Clothespin

Patriotic Wreath DIY

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Oh no no, you don’t have to pin them on clothes. Pin them on the cut out of the outlined circle of 0.5 or 1 inches. But before that, paint half of them in blue color and remaining in red and white. Pin red and white clothespin alternatively on the circle and sparkle white glitter or silver on the blue pins to achieve a sense of American flag.

Soda Can

Patriotic Wreath DIY

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Save your soft drink soda cans for this beautiful wreath that will reflect the pride of America on your door beautifully. Cut them in a star shape and stick it on a wreath.

These were the ideas that you can use to make a beautiful patriotic wreath on your own in a limited time. For more such ideas, visit Architectures Ideas.