The Biggest Reason Your Air Conditioning Bill Is Too High

Having an air conditioner in your house is a crucial choice to make. When hot days come, and you can’t stand the heat, your air conditioner will give you cooler days. However, sometimes these air conditioners bring bills with massive amounts that leave you asking yourself how much energy you used.

You might try to work the problem out by minimizing the air conditioner usage. At the end of the month, you still receive extreme bills than usual. What could be the issue? High bills for air conditioning are regular, but when the bills are too high, you better think faster. The following are reasons why your air conditioning bills are too high.

1. Poor Maintenance

Poor Maintenance

Nothing lasts forever if it’s not given proper care. When was the last time you called a professional to check your air conditioning system? David; from Air Conditioners USA says that just like many machines, your air conditioner requires frequent maintenance to work correctly. Your air conditioner may be bringing extra bills because there is a part of it that is not functioning well. 

Also, you might have ignored a repair that needed to be done a long time ago. The part that is not functioning could be affecting the entire system resulting in high bills. 

If you skipped the repair ac part for the next time when you can afford to pay for it, the failing parts could be undermining the function ability of your unit. The significant amount you are spending on bills can replace the part for your unit to function well. 

2. The System Is Old

If your air conditioner is old, it won’t function properly. Because of a long time of operating, the system may need to be changed to be able to perform effectively. Additionally, the system may have stopped functioning correctly because of rusting. There is always a need to give your air conditioners proper care to notice any parts that may need repairs on time.

3. Clogged Air Filters

Clogged Air Filters

How often do you clean your air conditioner’s filters? Just like any other part of the system, filters play crucial roles during air conditioning. The filters trap dirt and dust from the house, keeping the air clean. However, if the filters are not removed and cleaned frequently, there will be a lot of dust debris on the filters resulting in poor performance. 

As you turn on your air conditioner, the filters will not be able to pass out the required air to keep the environment of your house cool. Your air conditioner will be consuming a double amount of electricity because the filters are not functioning well. 

4. Faulty Installation

Suppose your air conditioner was not installed properly, it can result in very high electricity bills. But how? Maybe the system is missing some essential parts, or the electrical connection was not handled correctly. Bad installations cause breakdowns which results in short cycles. 

The short cycles the air conditioner experiences will make the system turn on and off. When this happens, the air conditioner will consume a lot of electricity when it is starting up. 

5. Potential Duct Leaks

An inadequate functioning duct will also lead to high electricity bills. Your conditioning unit is not distributing air around your house correctly because the duct is not supporting what the system is producing. If the duct is not performing its duty, your conditioner system will struggle to operate. As the system uses more effort to release the air, more energy is consumed, resulting in electricity bills with significant figures.

6. Low Refrigerant

You are probably paying high bills because the refrigerant of the air conditioner is not functioning well. If the refrigerant is low, your system is not able to remove heat as required. Low refrigerant could be a result of leaks on coils that transfer the refrigerant. 

7. An Overworking Thermostat

What type of thermostat are you using? Manual thermostats can be tricky to deal with, and if you are using one, you might consider swapping it with a modern thermostat. If a manual thermoset is left to run for a long time, it draws a lot of energy. Modern thermostats are better because they are programmed with great features that allow them to turn off when the air conditioner is not in use.

Programmable thermostats work efficiently by regulating air around the house. Additionally, these modern thermostats allow you to control the amount of air you want the unit to regulate at different times. So, if your Conditioner is in good shape, but you are paying high electricity bills because you are using a manual thermostat, it’s time to get rid of your thermostat.

8. Your House Is Not Insulated

If your house is not insulated correctly, maybe it is the reason why you are paying big electricity bills despite having an excellent functioning air conditioning unit. When the air conditioner is on, most air get out of the house. The unit will have to work more hours to keep the house cool. And the more you leave on the unit, the more the energy is consumed, and thus enormous bills for electricity.

9. Your Air Conditioner Is Always On

Your Air Conditioner Is Always On

If you have an air conditioner unit in every room of your house, you need to turn them off if they are not in use. Maybe you forget to turn off your air conditioners and thus the big electricity bills. If you are lucky to have a well-sealed house with a good-functioning unit, the major problem could be the long hours your air conditioners are left to function. If you are also leaving doors and windows open when the unit is on, the air escaping outside is also going to waste during air conditioning.


Most of the problems leading to too high electricity bills are concerned with the failure to maintain air conditioners. To avoid all these problems, you need to ensure that you service your conditioning unit frequently. Maintenance helps because your technician will find out if there is any part that needs to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced.

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