Best Magnetic Screen Doors To Keep Insects Out!

Summer is almost here! Which means we can finally enjoy our outdoors and late-night backyard parties. Because of the warm weather, we always go many times outside, to the deck or patio, and come inside every hour or so. As the temperature rises, pests and insects also get active. There are high chances that bugs, pests, or any kind of insects can easily get inside of your house. So it is important you should contact security screens supplier to install screen doors.

They can land on your food, the buzz in your face, or can bite, sting; in short, they can ruin your day. So what you’ll do in this condition? Here’s where the best magnetic screen door comes in handy!

Now you might be thinking, why only a magnetic screen door? Because, like winters, you can’t keep all your windows and doors closed in the summer season. A magnetic screen door will allow you to keep the doors wide open. Now, you can enjoy the fresh air and views while keeping the pests out. Isn’t that amazing?

Those who don’t know what a magnetic screen door is: It is a type of mesh door installed on your front, back, or any door. They’re made of premium quality mesh curtain that allows fresh air to get in but keep all sorts of bugs, mosquitoes, and flies out of your home.

Unlike other screen doors, magnetic ones close automatically, and it does not allow insects or pests to come inside through any gaps. That’s why it is ideal for the main and back door of a house which are the main entrances for bugs. They’ll close quickly before any bug can follow behind you.

Do you own any pets? If yes, then a magnetic screen door will be best for you. Now your pets can go in and out of the home comfortably because these doors can easily open with light force & close automatically.

These magnetic mesh screen doors are a brilliant and smart substitute for curtains on doorways, as they serve the purposes of both doors and curtains. Additionally, they effectively keep out dust and dirt while allowing only fresh air and sunlight.

Do you want all these things? Are you ready to make your home insect-free and protected? Below is the list of best and ranked temporary screen doors. We’ve included the top ones from amazon and tried to provide you an honest, in-depth review of each product.

4 Trendy & Stylish Magnetic Door Screen

Here’s the list of seven magnetic screen doors that you can easily install & uninstall within minutes.

1. Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

A woman is holding a tray of drinks
with a magnetic screen door

Key Features:

  • Easy installation
  • It comes with 26 magnetic strips
  • Durable and has a heavy mesh
  • Effortless craftsmanship
  • For a 38”x32” inch door.
  • user and pet-friendly

Do you want a permanent solution to keep the insects or flies out? Bring home the Flux Phenom Reinforced insect net door. This will keep bugs out, let fresh air in, and will keep your pet happy. Because they can now easily go in and out whenever they want.

It comes with 26 magnetic strips and cubes, which provide hands-free access and automatic closure. This door is frameless, detachable, and retractable, which simply means that you can install or remove it in minutes. The whole kit comes with thumbtacks, hook and loop adhesive strips for a quick installation process.

2. MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door

 MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door

Key Features:

  • High-density magnet screen door
  • Unique hook & loop hasp design
  • closes seamlessly and instantly
  • Durable fiberglass heavy duty screen mesh
  • Installation is a no-brainer

Are you getting tired of opening and closing doors for your pet? Yes, sometimes it becomes a tiresome thing to do, but no worry. Leave everything to MAGZO Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door. It has strong magnets present at the screen edge, so your pets can easily push it and get in or out.

Apart from this, the door has many other benefits, such as it is fireproof, corrosion-resistant, and made from heavy-duty fiberglass mesh. Extra push pins are provided to help secure the adhesive strips that can be used for installation.

3. Homitt [Upgraded Version] Magnetic Screen Door

A woman standing in front of a white . Homitt [Upgraded Version] Magnetic Screen Door

Key features:

  • Hands-free and wind protection
  • Durable and detachable
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to close & open
  • Compatible with the general door sizes
  • For 39”x83” doors.

This Homitt Magnetic Screen Door is actually an upgraded version of the previous one. The new one comes with a durable and premium quality fiberglass mesh curtain and full-frame hook & loop fits. This door performs outstandingly in keeping away bugs, pests, and insects without affecting the door’s weight.

The best thing about this door is that you don’t need any special tools to install it. The kit comes with a roll of hook and loop and a pack of push pins. And anyone can install it in under ten minutes.

4. IGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

A white dog is running through a IGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

Key features:

  • High built quality
  • Made for long-lasting use
  • Made for the door sizes up to 34″x82″.
  • Affordable & reasonable price.
  • Works great for dog & cat.
  • Easy to install
  • Stays in place

Made from Super-Duty, Reinforced hook & loop seal, IGotTech Magnetic Screen Door is the perfect solution to keep bugs and insects away. Comes with 26 magnetic bits for automatic closure, this screen will cover the door of 34 x 82 inches.

Buying Guide: What to Consider When Buying a Screen Door? 

We all want to buy the best magnetic screen door, but not all of them available in the market are good. Some of them are built with cheap & low-quality materials making them less durable. That’s why selecting the right one is a tough task so that you’ll not end up wasting your money.

Below are some important key factors that you should always look for before buying any type of screen door:


The first thing is the precise measurements. Take all the measurements of the width and the length of the doorway carefully. If you don’t do this, you may order the wrong size mesh door that will either be too big or too small for your door.


The next thing that you should check is the materials. Typically, fiberglass and polyester are used to create the mesh on magnetic screen doors. But nowadays, ABS plastic is also used for specially-made magnetic screen doors for pets. So, select the material according to your requirement.


Every magnetic door comes with many types of fasteners, such as magnets, tacks, and wind-resistant straps. They help to hold the door closed and to keep the door installed in its location. So look for that door that includes all of these things.

Single or Double Door 

These doors come in two options: a single-door opening or a double-door opening. The Single-door magnetic screens measure between 30 to 40 inches wide, whereas the double-door magnetic screen doors range in width from 60 to 80 inches.

Installation and Maintenance

Another important thing that you should keep in mind is their installation and maintenance. When you clean and maintain them properly, their life will automatically extend. About the installation, go with the one that comes with a velcro system that you can attach the doorframe to the magnetic screen door edge using adhesive.

Keep Bugs Out Lets Fresh Air In

Whenever you’re buying any removable screen door, you must keep in mind the size, durability, and mesh strength. Because they’re the most necessary elements. Also, look for that material, which is good enough to block the insects and pests, but not the airflow.

So this is all about the best magnetic screen door in 2022. I hope this blog helps you purchase the best screen door for your home. So, enjoy the fresh, healthy breeze in your house, leaving the doors open without worrying about any insects.

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