8 Important Things to Check Before Booking a Removalist

Looking for a removalist is not as simple as it sounds. You will spend serious money on it so you should dedicate time and effort to choosing the right one. This article was written to help you do that. When booking a removalist, you just need to ensure that you check the following factors: 

1. Reviews and Recommendations

Reviews and Recommendations

This is something that is very easy and very important to do. This should be done before coming up with an actual list of choices. You should dedicate at least an hour to doing online searches for reviews and recommendations on removalists around your area. Australians are pretty transparent and honest when it comes to giving reviews so you can be sure that you’d come up with a good list of choices in just a few clicks.

Apart from online searches, you should also reach out to family and friends. Ask them if they could recommend a good removalist for your current moving needs. Your family and friends will only recommend ones that they have worked with and they fully trust so you can be sure that you’d be in good hands. 

2. Professional Accreditation

Professional Accreditation for Booking a Removalist

You should only work with a removalist that has professional accreditations. A removalist in Australia must duly be registered with the government. Such removalists should come with the proper permits, registration documents, and licenses. Licensing is tricky because bigger trucks need to be separately licensed in Australia. If you’d be needing a big truck for your move, you need to ensure that your removalist of choice only uses licensed trucks.

A good removalist in Australia should also be a good member in standing at the Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA). AFRA plays a big role in the regulation of the removals industry in Australia. The Australian government consults with AFRA before they proceed with new policies and protocols for the industry. 

3. Estimates

A good removalist should be able to give you transparent and honest estimates. You should be proactive in asking for estimates. Asking for estimates is best done when you already have a final list of your removalist options. Aim for at least five companies to choose from. Email each ask for a transparent estimate. Compare each and look for one that is most transparent.

You should make it clear that you will demand all hidden and possible charges to be included in the estimate. Consider it a red flag if a removal company will not be transparent with other possible costs.

4. Insurance

Insurance of Booking a Removalist

A removals company must be fully insured across all endpoints. This is to ensure your safety and protection in case of accidents and the occurrence of any damages during the moving process. Your removalist of choice should be able to easily enlist all their covered liabilities.

You should request a complete list to ensure that you’d be free from any stress or headache should anything unwanted and unbecoming come up. Don’t work with a removalist company that can’t easily disclose their insurance policies.

5. Storage and Packing

Booking a Removalist Storage and Packing

To make things easier for you, you should work with a removalist company that also offers services when it comes to storage and packing. Packing services will make your move all the easier because you will have skilled and experienced people to do all the packing and unpacking for you.

This kind of service is offered prior to moving and after the actual move itself. A removalist that offers storage services is also highly ideal as you’d have the luxury to move your stuff in advance. Opting for a storage facility is good if you’re working around a very tight schedule. 

6. Policies on Special and Fragile Items

A good removalist company is keen when it comes to special and fragile items. One should have extensive protocols and policies to ensure that all items that are to be moved are protected and secured at all times. You should only work with a removalist that knows how to carefully handle all kinds of items. Your removalist of choice should come with a fully-experienced staff and a complete set of equipment that will allow for the easy transport of tricky items like pianos, antiques, and glassware. 

7. Experience

Experience for Booking a Removalist

You should inquire about the experience of your prospective removalist company of choice. Work with one that at least has five years of experience in the industry. A removalist company that is at least five years old will have enough experience to solve any kind of moving concern and problem.

You should work with one that knows your area like the back of their hands. As you are not an expert at all when it comes to moving, your removalist company of choice should be experienced enough and ever able to answer all of your moving questions and concerns. 

8. Capacity

A good removalist company will not have you contact third-party service providers for your other moving needs. It should already come with all the equipment and vehicle that you’d ever need. A removalist company should not make things harder for you. They should be, ideally, a one-stop shop for all of your moving concerns. They should come with all the right number of:

  • skilled staff
  • skilled movers
  • skilled machine operators
  • skilled drivers
  • licensed and registered vehicles

Look for one that can easily answer and find solutions to all of your moving needs and concerns. 

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