30 Colors That Go with Green You’ll Love to Try

The most common color in nature is green. Green generally has a pleasant impact on one’s mood, but to use it effectively in a room, it is crucial to comprehend its psychology. While the biophilic design has continued to be a major trend over the past few years, green is becoming an increasingly fashionable color for interiors. 

This style of design and construction is all about embracing the yearning we all have to feel connected to nature. And bringing it inside via the use of an organic color scheme, careful building, and, of course, incorporating plant life. A beautiful thing about this style is how adaptable and harmonious the color green is in all its different shades.

The following article will help you understand everything you need to know about green and the colors that go with green!

First Understand The Psychology of Green

First Understand The Psychology of Green

Given that it is the most prevalent color in nature, green is usually referred to as being calming and uplifting. Green is relaxing and stress-relieving because it causes the body’s muscles to relax when it is present.

Green is known to relieve tension and is also proven to be energizing and reviving. It has been shown to improve reading comprehension and creativity. Although green rarely has unfavorable psychological consequences when used in interior design, it is associated with jealousy and avarice, which can have unfavorable implications in other spheres of life.

The 5 Best Ways You Can Use Green For Your Home Decor

 Best Ways You Can Use Green For Your Home Decor
  1. The proven capacity of dark green to improve reading skills makes it an excellent choice for wall paint in libraries and academic institutions.
  2. Bring the calming elements of nature inside by accessorizing with green houseplants to give any space balance.
  3. The use of greens with grey undertones as a neutral may provide warmth and depth to space by blending nicely with black, white, and grey.
  4. For a pop of color to make any space more cheerful, add bright green accents like cushions and throw blankets.
  5. On the walls of bedrooms and nurseries, lighter colors of green are soothing and make a nice choice.

Top 3 Facts About Green- You Should Not Miss

  1. The color green is related to the heart chakra, which is one of the body’s energy centers and helps to control all functions.
  2. Although the color green is typically associated with good things, it may sometimes have negative connotations, as in the expression “green with envy.”
  3. Green has traditionally been associated with fertility and was formerly the preferred hue for bridal gowns in the 15th century.

What Colors Go With Green: These 30 Tips May Help You Out!

As green serves as the background for all other colors in nature and is available in a wide range of tones, it is easy to combine with other hues in a room. The following combinations with green may help you out – 

1. Green and Pink

colors that go with green: Green and Pink

When we talk about the colors that go with green, pink is one of them. Due to their complimentary nature, green and pink make a beautiful blend. Yet, both colors have the potential to be bold and bright; therefore, it’s crucial to mix up their tones to achieve harmony in a room.

2. Gray and Green

colors that go with green: Gray and Green

If you are thinking of what are the colors that go with green, or what are the colors that go with olive green, then gray may be your answer. The neutral tone of gray, adds an airiness to the room and also gives it an earthy, natural appeal.

3. Green and Yellow

colors that go with green: Green and Yellow

Yellow is among the brightest colors that go with sage green. It has a warm and inviting feel. Although dark green tones and saturated colors, such as mustard yellow, create a somber and cozy ambiance, light green and yellow provide a bright appearance. Let’s see colors that go with yellow.

4. Green with Other Greens

colors that go with green: Green with Other Greens

Among the colors that go with green, emerald, mint, chartreuse, khaki, and sage can play a crucial role as well. Combining green with other shades of green can be monochromatic but will be an elegant choice. 

5. Grass Green and Dusty Coral with Crisp White

Grass Green and Dusty Coral with Crisp White

Red and green contrast each other on the color wheel, making them a natural complement. For a contemporary take on the classic combination, the tones of green can be paired with accents in dusty pink and coral.

6. Green and White

Green and White

White is among the colors that go with green and make a classic combo. Softer tones of green will brighten up a room with all-white furnishings, while brighter green accents, like paintings and throw cushions, will stand out against a white background, like white walls. To keep white spaces serene without making them feel too harsh, include green houseplants in them.

7. Black and Green

Black and Green

For a zen environment, choose black among the colors that go with dark green. When you add beige or black with some faux or natural greenery, a space feels like a haven. 

8. Green and Brown

Green and Brown

One of the colors that go with green is brown. Since they are ubiquitous colors in our environment, green and brown conjure up images of the natural world. Hence, if you choose a brown and green color scheme, you will evoke a serene ambiance and an earthy feeling. Let’s see colors that go with brown.

9. Red and Green 

Red and Green 

When you approach the design to create a statement, you can choose colors like red and green. The actual pleasure in this combination, however, may sometimes be found in the more intriguing pairings of hues from each color family. You aren’t, however, required to use the most basic red and green colors together.

10. Jade and Gray with White

Jade and Gray with White

While thinking of what colors make green more alive, you might want to consider jade and gray with white. For a small living room, light gray walls with white trim in the background and a luxurious green velvet sofa can be the focal point of your room. 

11. Green and Purple

Green and Purple

Purple is among the colors that go with green. In spaces with neutral tones, try using the accent colors green and purple together. Use accent cushions in shades of green and purple along with a headboard made of white or cream for a soft, feminine bedroom.

12. Green and Blue

Green and Blue

Green and blue make an analogous pair that is hard to mismatch. To provide depth to a space, it is crucial to mix up its colors and tones. Navy and grass green make a classic color combination.

13. Beige, Brown, and Olive Green

Beige, Brown, and Olive Green

Several hues of green, from emerald to a deep olive or hunter green, go nicely with warm neutrals. No matter if you live in a brand-new high-rise condo in the city or a hut in the woods, they add a feeling of rustic beauty to any place.

14. Orange and Green

Orange and Green

Orange is again one of the colors that go with green. When combined, these two colors make you think of spring and provide a joyful ambiance. A vintage or Moroccan aesthetic may be created using burnt orange and faded green. Play around with patterns and textures while combining orange and green. 

15. Wood and Green

Wood and Green

Green plays pretty well with natural patterns and textures. And wood is among the colors that go with green when choosing natural shades. Choose from pale sage greens for a delicate, understated appearance, or add some light wood accents to a dark, brooding green.

16. Leaf Green and Poppy with Weathered Browns

Leaf Green and Poppy with Weathered Browns

A fresh ambiance is created by the cabinetry’s light, leafy green color, which reflects the vista outside the windows. While the poppy red provided by accessories and fresh flowers provides a colorful punch to the area, a worn farmhouse table and wood floors balance the palette with natural texture.

17. Neon Green and Orange with Shades of Turquoise

 Neon Green and Orange with Shades of Turquoise

Twin bed frames in a light-filled guest bedroom can be covered in a vibrant hue of neon green. The color serves as the foundation for a cheerful, seaside color scheme that combines bold orange with delicate teal tones.

18. Green and Gold

 Green and Gold

Gold is one of the colors that go with green. Both traditional and contemporary interiors may benefit from the classic combination of green and gold. Green tufted furniture looks stunning next to furniture with gold accents. 

19. Sea Blue and Kelly Green

Sea Blue and Kelly Green

Want something different? Try pairing sea blue with kelly green. Sea blue and kelly green make a pleasing color combination. When you want a little eye candy that isn’t too startling, this pair is ideal.

20. Cream and Spring Green

Cream and Spring Green

When combined with soft neutrals like creamy whites, green has so many great qualities. It captures the organic tonal aspects of bringing the outdoors in and imparts a sense of freshness that is reminiscent of spring.

21. Blush Pink with Green

Blush Pink with Green

It’s a great idea to add blush pink to a space that is mostly green to give it a feminine touch and a splash of color. After all, most, if not all, pink colorations go well with green. In addition, introducing blush pink makes spaces with dark green furnishings appear lighter.

22. Coral and Green

 Coral and Green

Coral can be among the colors that go with green for a classic combination. This eye-catching and extremely aesthetic color combination is ideal. Especially, for people who love the freshness of these summer tones combined but don’t necessarily want to incorporate pink into their home design,

23. Lavender with Green

Lavender with Green

If you want to have some relaxing colors that go with green, then opt for lavender. Green with lavender creates a soothing aura, especially when combined with muted greens or grays. 

24. Green and Copper

Green and Copper

The ideal metal shade to complement green is copper. Copper and dark green go well together and give a space a warm, classy feel. When used to emphasize antique furniture, the hues of copper and green take you to another era.

25. Sage Green and Creamy White with Natural Wood

Sage Green and Creamy White with Natural Wood

Sage green in a subdued hue serves as a neutral in a kitchen with a rustic theme. Simple open shelves and a floor that is painted white provide contrast to the color of the bottom cabinets.

26. Emerald Green and Summer Sky

Emerald Green and Summer Sky

Analogous colors are always a great choice for a color scheme. You can try mixing jewel green with lighter green and blues like sky, sapphire, and cerulean. Add some graphic patterns to restrain the restful ambiance. Let’s see colors that go with emerald green.

27. Spring Green and Peony with White

Spring Green and Peony with White

A chic dining area adopts the preppy look of chic beachgoers by channeling Palm Beach. The furnishings are minimal and understated, like a summer shift dress. So you can also try the amalgam of green and peony. 

28. Mint Green and Indigo

Mint Green and Indigo

The pale green walls’ cool undertones complement the coverlet’s blue flower pattern and the metallic bed’s wintry tones. A knit blanket and a plaid rug add shades of green that are a little bit warmer.

29. Forest Green and Slate with Copper

Forest Green and Slate with Copper

Handcrafted cabinets with glossy Frasier fir green paint from floor to ceiling give off a classy, rustic vibe. The almost-black slate sinks and worktops and leaded glass paneled doors enhance the blue undertones of this beloved evergreen.

30. Pistachio and Wine Red

Pistachio and Wine Red

If you want to add a pinch of personality, then wine red shades may be the colors that go with the green room. Brass hardware, window coverings, the under-sink skirt, and cabinetry in a worn pistachio green color blend perfectly together.

Get A Cool And Natural Look With Colors That Go With Green! 

Green is a relaxing hue in general, whether you choose vibrant accent pieces or deeper greens. The phrase “the future is green” has gained popularity recently and is accurate for the feeling it conveys. 

So, buckle up and decide the green for yourself as well. We hope that our article on green-friendly colors will serve as inspiration for you and aid in creating a living space that your family will enjoy.


1. Which Colors Don’t Do Well with Green?

Certain colors might be difficult to combine with green.  When used inappropriately, orange and purple may be used to produce a color scheme that works best for Halloween decorations, whereas red and green may find it difficult to avoid seeming like Christmas decorations.

2. What Does Green Symbolizes in Home Decor?  

Green is a color that evokes sentiments of safety, harmony, growth, and success since it is associated with nature and happiness. Also, it is a relaxing color that gives individuals a sense of security and comfort. 

3. Can Green Prove to Be a Nice Color for the Interiors?

Depending on the undertones, greens can generate a calm, tranquil atmosphere and have a warm or cool feeling. Greens may blend with other colors to create teals, citrus tones, or limes. They can also be deep and dark or bright and energetic.

4. How Can Green Benefit Interiors?

The health, stress levels, and general quality of life of those who live or work in green structures have increased significantly as a result of interior design features such as better lighting sources, thermal conditions, ergonomic features, and even upgraded air quality.

5. Can All Green Shades Go Together?

“Any color found in nature can recall a beautiful outdoor space, everything looks good with green! That’s right, every single color in the rainbow can go with green when styled well.” says designer Phoebe Howard.

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