9 Myths About Solar Cell Panels That You Must Stop Believing In

Solar panel systems provide a ray of hope to ensure we utilize renewable sources of energy in our day-to-day lives. After all, they are promising you endless energy from the sun. However, there’s also no denying that solar power systems have become the go-to green energy option for homes and commercial enterprises across the world. 

Do you still believe in these myths about solar cell panels and solar energy systems? Do you believe they are too expensive and not a viable choice for your home? Keep reading — we’ll dispel the most common myths surrounding solar systems and solar cell panels.  

Myth 1: Solar Cell Panels and Systems Are Very Expensive 

A man working on a solar panel on a roof

While this may once have been true — a very, very long time ago — solar panels have become increasingly cheaper and more cost-effective over time, especially since they were first invented. Add to this the wide range of government subsidies available to help you afford a solar system in your home. You’ll find that solar cell panels and systems can be afforded by nearly everyone with a little bit of planning, research, and budgeting.  

Myth 2: Solar Cell Panels Will Be Damaged by Being Outdoors 

A technician  working on a solar panel on a roof

With many energy systems designed to function inside the home, a commonly held belief is that solar cell panels can get damaged as they are set up outdoors. However, this is simply not true! 

Solar cell panels are, in fact, designed to handle rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. Solar cell panels are engineered to sit out in the sun and rain and generate energy from the sun for your needs.  

Myth 3: Solar Cell Panels Are High Maintenance and Expensive 

Two men working on a solar panel on a roof

Solar cell panels, as we said earlier, are designed to sit outdoors and produce energy. Consequently, they are robustly engineered and built to require very little maintenance. Brands like Luminous India, for instance, take special care to ensure that their solar cell panels are designed to withstand and handle local Indian weather across the country without causing any worry to their users. 

A little dusting once in a while to ensure no debris collects on your solar cell panels so they can keep working efficiently is all you need to do to keep your panels in shape. 

Myth 4: Solar Cell Panels Won’t Work in Bad Weather 

A man working on a solar panel roof
over a house

While cloudy and inclement weather may reduce the efficiency of your solar cell panels, they continue to work hard to produce energy even in bad weather. Solar cell panels can keep doing their work as long as there is even a little bit of sun. Of course, sunny weather is when they are at their most efficient; there is no denying this fact. 

Myth 5: Fossil Fuel Energy Is More Efficient and Reliable Than Solar Energy 

A man on a roof installing a solar panel

While this is a widely cited myth, the truth is with the astronomical advantages of solar technology in the last decades, solar cell panels have become increasingly efficient and cost-effective. Add to this the fluctuating prices of coal and other fossil fuel and energy crises being felt across the world, and solar cell panels are both more reliable and as efficient as — if not more than — fossil fuel energy. 

Myth 6: Solar Cell Panels Will Not Work in My Home

A house with a solar panel on the roof

Solar cell panels, such as by Luminous India, are carefully and robustly designed to work with a wide variety of architectural structures. In other words, they are designed to work and be installed in all types of homes. The most important factor here is the direction your solar cell panels will face and their access to sunlight. 

Myth 7: Solar Cell Panels Are Difficult to Install

A man on a roof installing a solar panel

Solar panels are not difficult to install, but if you by your own are going to install them, then it will definitely be difficult. However, professional solar panel installers can do the installation work in just a few days. For them, it is quite an easy process. 

Myth 8: Solar Panels Can Damage Your Roof

A man on a roof repairing a solar panel

Solar panels are installed on top of existing roofs, but they are designed to be lightweight and won’t damage the roof’s structure. In fact, they can even help protect the roof from the elements. 

Myth 9: Solar Panels Only Work During the Daytime

A house with a solar panel on the roof with small window

Many people have this major disbelief that solar panels only work during the daytime. It is true that they can generate more electricity during the daytime compared to night. But it is not that it will not work in the dark. It works at night by the use of energy stored in the batteries. 


Solar energy can seem mysterious. After all, it claims to generate energy from endless amounts of sunlight. However, there is no doubt that it is the next step in the world’s relationship with and use of energy. Thus, solar cell panels are an excellent investment for your energy needs in the long run.

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