How To Use Skirting Boards To Make Your Interiors Pop

While skirting boards might seem like a small feature within the grand scheme of your home, it’s no secret that they can be a priority when renovating or upgrading your style. While they have an important practical role to play, they can also become design features that create a cohesive unified look for not just rooms, but entire houses. With this in mind let’s take a look at how to use skirting boards to make your interiors pop.

Finding the Right Skirting Boards

Skirting boards can be used to completely change the look and feel of your interior spaces and enhance your overall design acumen, but it can be important to first define exactly what you are looking for. Here are some elements to keep in mind when doing just that:

Select the Right Design Profile

A hallway with a Skirting Boards floor and a radiator

The great news is that when it comes to skirting boards, there is a wide range of choices both online and on the high street, so it will be simple to find the right design profiles that can suit a host of styles; from traditional, to more modern needs. Take a look at (and use swatches) to define whether you’d like more popular choices like Ogee skirting and Pencil Round (or bullnose) skirting, as well as those with rounded or square-edged profiles, or ones with a little more style like Torus or Ovolo.

Match Your Skirting Boards to the Period of Your House 

An empty room with a Skirting Boards floor and a radiator

As many UK homes are older, it can be particularly important to match your skirting to the design elements and original features within your house. There will often be times when sections are missing and choosing the right skirting board manufacturer like Metres Direct can help you to seamlessly fit newer pieces in with little fuss or break in theme.

It can be worthwhile to keep in mind that Victorian and Georgian homes will typically feature taller ceilings and will therefore pair better with taller skirting board designs.

Find Your Style and Choose Your Skirting Boards to Match

A hallway with a chandelier and a Skirting Boards floor

Right now, modern interiors are trending in the design niche, so you may want to simplify your skirting boards for a more subtle, fresher look. If this is your preference, shorter boards with little detail will have maximum visual impact and make ceilings look higher.

If you are looking for something a little bolder, however, why not consider creating a contrast between your skirting boards and your walls? This option will be better for rooms with higher ceilings and larger wall spaces, as it will draw focus (smaller rooms may end up feeling more oppressive).

There has been a greater focus on colour within skirting board themes in recent years, as vibrantly painting entire rooms can be a little overwhelming. Don’t be shy and go for bright yellows, greens and oranges – and tie these colors into your room with artwork and other decorative pieces to make them make more sense. For a more unified look, you could always match your skirting boards with your walls, for a cohesive interior design feature that can make small rooms feel bigger.

Create a Bold Contrast

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Interior design trends in the last few years have seen a rise in using dark-coloured walls to add a new level of drama and sophistication to living spaces with navy hues, deep greens and even black taking the lead. As these can be heavy and oppressive, some rooms won’t suit matching woodwork, so creating a contrast with brilliant white skirting can make a huge difference.

Don’t Be Scared to Play with Colour

A large foyer with a white staircase and Skirting Boards floors

Adding colour doesn’t mean you have to go for bright hues or dark finishes to make a room pop. While off-white or clean white can provide a more timeless finish, neutral, complimentary tones can still look cohesive and classic. Think about bringing skirting into your current (or desired) design scheme by picking out a shade from your wallpaper pattern to create an impactful focal point or a colour element from an adjoining room to create flow.

What Is the Right Skirting Board Choice?

As you can see there are an array of ways to make your skirting boards a significant feature within your home, but your ultimate choice should be based on your own personal needs. It can be simple to go big and make a statement, as well as opt for classic, sleek designs – and the right skirting board manufacturer can even cut and shape pieces to size to ensure a perfect fit for your room if you have something a little different in mind.

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