Is Compass Real Estate Good for New Agents?

If you’re a newly qualified real estate agent, you might be searching for the perfect place to make your mark. It’s not always easy getting started in the real estate industry and not every brokerage will offer you the high-quality mentorship that will make all the difference to your career. There are more and more brokerages popping up all the time, but that doesn’t necessarily make your decision an easier one.

Whether you feel like you’re spoilt for choice or are struggling to find the opportunities that suit your needs, this blog could have the answer you’re looking for. While you will still have to put in a whole lot of hard work, Compass can make the transition from trainee to full-fledged real estate agent a much smoother process.

So, is Compass good for new agents?

Compass is a great place for agents to get started. An online brokerage with an incredible affinity for technology, it’s one of the best ways to deliver the best service possible to clients in this modern-day and age. To really understand how Compass can help new agents and get a better idea of whether it’s right for you, take a look at some of the benefits listed below:

Integrated Training

Even if you are a newly qualified agent, a little bit of extra training and support goes a long way when it comes to launching a successful career. Compass is committed to mentoring each and every one of its agents to help them to reach their full potential. Unlike other agencies, Compass will help you to grow your own strengths and allow your unique personality to shine through. They won’t force you to fit a mold that doesn’t work for you.

If you have a particular direction you’d like to take with your career, reach out to Compass and find out whether this is something they can accommodate. They have a huge number of experienced agents who are bound to have the expertise you’re looking for.

Cutting-edge Technology

One of Compass’s biggest selling points is its intuitive platform that agents gain access to. Thanks to expertly developed software and tools, real estate agents will be able to efficiently monitor price changes on the property market and communicate with buyers. The software has a very smooth, user-friendly interface that makes organization a breeze. With an integrated app, Compass’s proprietary real estate software allows you to do your job when on the go, allowing you to blend online services with expert in-person support.



Compass rewards its agents for making sales through commission. This means that if you’re good at your job and manage to close lots of deals, you’ll be rewarded financially for your efforts. It gives agents a great incentive to work harder and improve their skills. So if you know you like to rise to challenges, then Compass could be the place for you. Bear in mind that commission rates will depend on what you negotiate as part of your contract. New agents might receive a lower rate but this can go up as you gain experience.



Compass offices are spread across many parts of the USA, which means that there’s a good chance of one being close to you. If there isn’t, you’ll certainly have many locations to choose from if you’re thinking about moving out of state. This could also be a bonus for agents who love to travel, as you may have the opportunity to move from one Compass location to the other in the future. It makes moving an easier process if you know you already have a job lined up on the other end.

Getting in Touch


Compass can be a great place for new agents, but is it right for you? Well, the best way to find out is to get in touch. Luckily, it’s really easy to contact Compass via their website. Not only are they committed to helping their clients find their place in the world, but their agents too. While it’s true that competition is fierce, if they feel like you’re right for the role, they’ll do everything in their power to make sure you find your home within their team. 

Sometimes finding your place can take a bit of trial and error, but the more brokerages you reach out to the better chance you have. If you’re hesitant to apply, speak to an existing agent or advisor to get some insight into what working at Compass is really like.

Rishi Goratela
Rishi Goratela
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