An Easy Guide on How to Design a Minimalist Home

A minimalist home focuses on the essentials, and it brings a kept-together and clean ambiance. Going home to such a place after a long tiring day at work will surely make you feel relaxed. It’s never too late to transition your house into a minimalist one. It may not be easy if you have purchased and collected many items over the years, but you can do this one step at a time. 

Make an inventory of what you have at home. If there are things that you haven’t used for years, you need to let them go since you probably would not use them anymore. For instance, your closet may be full of clothes, but you only really wear a few.

So keep those that you know you would wear, and donate or sell the others. Also, we listed more tips on how to design a minimalist home. 

Use Multifunctional Pieces

Design a Minimalist Home with Use Multifunctional Pieces

To avoid having too many things, get multipurpose items. For instance, a  modern sofa bed can serve as a couch during the day and a bed at night. So, if you have guests who will sleep over, there’s no need to get an extra bed. A table that you can use for work and dining is another example. 

Go Neutral

Go Neutral in Design a Minimalist Home

Most of the colours you will see in minimalist homes are white and other neutral shades, as they bring calmness and make the place look more spacious.

If you want to add more life to it, use textures and patterns, but don’t make it too busy or bold. You may also add a pop of colour but keep it minimal. For instance, choose one colour for your throw pillows or blanket. 

Choose Quality Items

Design a Minimalist Home and Choose Quality Items

Since your items will only be minimal, focus on the quality, so you will have eye-catching pieces that will last for a long time. Being a minimalist doesn’t mean that you cannot decorate.

But again, choose your items wisely and do not overdo them. For your living room and bedroom, pleated lampshades made from silk with patterns and subtle colours are perfect additions. These luxurious pieces serve as decors and lighting too. 

Ensure Proper Lighting

Ensure Proper Lighting for Design a Minimalist Home

Good lighting is essential in a minimalist home. It makes the house look more spacious and welcoming. Consider having big windows to let as much natural light as you can. Choose lighting that can illuminate the space efficiently and serve as a decorative piece like wall sconces and pendant lights for your indoor lighting. 

Have Some Plants

Have Some Plants when Design a Minimalist Home

Another excellent way to add colour and design to a minimalist home is to put some indoor plants They can help eliminate stress, and they also purify the air. 

Avoid Buying in Bulk

Avoid Buying in Bulk for Design a Minimalist Home

It’s tempting to buy wholesale things since they are much cheaper. However, if you want to keep a minimalist home, practice self-control, or you may return to where you started.

Chances are you will only use some of the items and store the rest. It can be a problem if you have limited storage. Prevent impulse buying, too, as you could end up with more things you don’t need.

It defeats the purpose of being a minimalist. So, before heading out to shop, list only the essentials you need, and stick with them. It’s easy to be swayed by discounts and promos but veer away from them to avoid purchasing unnecessary products.

Some people believe they could save on these special offers, which is why they take advantage of them. But no matter how low the price is, if you don’t need the item, you do not save money because you had no intention to spend it in the first place. 

Clean as You Go

Design a Minimalist Home and Clean as You Go

Minimalism doesn’t stop at disposing of things you don’t need and keeping the basics. It’s a lifestyle, so you must change your habits to keep your home simple, cozy, and clutter-free.

Practice fixing or cleaning things as you go. For example, fix your bed as soon as you get up or put things back in their place after every use. You may need to make a conscious effort to do it at first, but once you develop a routine, it will just come natural over time.

Add Storage

Add Storage to Design a Minimalist Home


Storage is essential in a minimalist home as keeping it clean and organized is easier. Go for floating and vertical shelves, as they look clean. You can also have secret storage under the couch or bed. 

Once you achieve the minimalist look you want for your home, the challenge is to keep it that way. Avoid buying things you don’t need. Instead, find a way to repurpose or reuse items you already have. 

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