Different Types of Dumpster Rentals You Need to Know About

You may be using a dumpster rental company to pick up and recycle your garbage, but you’ve still not spent any time learning about the varied categories of dumpsters. You should know that you can find dumpsters in different sizes, with various loading capacity, and how they transport. If you are thinking of hiring a dumpster rental in Atlanta, then make sure that you keep reading to find out about the various types of dumpsters available in the industry.

Different Types of Dumpster Rentals

Commercial Dumpster

These are medium in size and their containers have a capacity up to the size of 8 yards. You can find two types of commercial dumpsters, which are rear loader and front loader. Although these dumpsters are of similar size, the process of loading and dumping differs. The front loaders have a slot on both sides of the bin in which the dump truck can insert its front spikes. It is loaded into the truck from the front side and provides the dumpster of sizes which vary from 2 yards to 8 yards. They are very convenient to use due to their slanting design which allows easy dumping of waste.

On the other hand, the rear loader is fitted with a slanted back and two extending poles. The contents in it are dumped using a winch and sled system. The truck manually clamps on to the rear loader, as contrasted to an overhead movement, and then tries to pull the dumpster up into the air for the waste to drop in. Because of the rear slant, disposal of waste into rear load dumpsters is somewhat more difficult. Usually, they can carry more garbage; however, their taller size will fit into narrow spaces.

Roll of Dumpsters

The roll off rental dumpster is of a larger capacity and they have the containers which are available up to the size of 40 yards. You will find that there are two main processes to load these dumpsters, out of which one is with a robotic arm that pulls the bin onto the truck’s bed and the other one has winch & a sled. These types of dumpsters are great for projects that involve landscaping, remodeling, or construction. The size of such bins helps you to fill a ton of garbage before you need to get it cleaned. With the help of this, you surely can work continuously on your project.

Different Types of Dumpster Rentals

Specialty Dumpster

These types of dumpsters have rubber tires and are pulled by attaching behind a truck. Their sizes can vary from 10 yards to 25 yards. Typically, speciality dumpsters are pulled behind a regular vehicle and have rubber tires. Usually, these dumpsters vary in size from 10 to 25 yards. Such dumpster types are great for small to medium-sized home improvement projects. These are also much stealthier than another dumpster rental in Atlanta that allows them to reach even the difficult places.


Compactors are completely sealed trash bins which enable you to use a metal blade to compress the waste. They come in sizes from 2 yards to 40 yards. These have loads of benefits when compared to the conventional trash cans such as:

  • Can help in saving money
  • Controls bad odor
  • Prevents the garbage from getting blown away
  • Reduce the number of collection

These were different types of dumpster rentals which you can choose from while you hire their services. M&M waste Dumpsters are here to help you out whenever you need the trash pickup services. From roll off rental to front loader; they can help you with anything as per your requirement. 


From sleek compactor to mighty roll-off, understanding your waste’s size and style opens a world of dumpster choices. Skip the guesswork, rent smarter, and conquer any Atlanta cleanup with the perfect bin.

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