50+ DIY Christmas Gift Ideas on Budget in 2024

Christmas is a time full of joy, but it can also get pretty pricey with all the gifts, decorations, and parties. If sticking to your budget feels tough, especially with the trendiest gifts just a click away, consider making your own presents. DIY gifts are thoughtfully imaginative and can be tailored for that special person in your life. We’re here to share some super easy (and great for last-minute!) DIY Christmas gift ideas for everyone on your list this year.

Get ready to unleash your craftiness this year with our ideas as your inspiration. And if you’re looking for more DIY Christmas stuff, check out our homemade gift-wrapping concepts and ideas for homemade Christmas cards.

1. Candy Cracker

Candy Cracker

Expressing festive cheer is a snap with this recipe. With proper storage, it retains its freshness for a whole week and requires just fifteen minutes of preparation time. All you need is a beautiful container to store it in, and you’ll be set to bring your Christmas DIY gift ideas to life!

2. Photo Ornament

Christmas photo ornament

Finding adorable pictures to share with loved ones is simple now that social media is everywhere. Imagine giving them a unique keepsake—a glass ornament with their favorite photo—as a present. It will be a treasure that they will always treasure!

3. Mini Wreaths

Mini Wreaths

A handcrafted wreath topper is the perfect finish when you gift someone an expensive bottle of olive oil or wine. The thoughtful DIY Christmas gift ideas may be used as a decoration in the future, making it a multipurpose present.

4. Homemade Gingerbread Syrup

Gingerbread Syrup

This deliciously seasonal syrup goes well with anything from coffee and tea to cocktails and, of course, pancakes! Whoever receives it will have plenty of time to savor it as it keeps well in the fridge for up to a month.

5. DIY Shower Steamers

DIY Christmas shower steamers

Giving shower steamers as presents is an easy way to alleviate holiday stress. Scented with aromatic oils, they are a thoughtful approach to alleviating stress.

6. DIY Lip Balm

DIY Lip Balm

Lip balm is an essential winter accessory. The thoughtfulness and care put into making something pleasant will make it more meaningful to the recipient.

7. Play Dough

Handmade play dough

Making handmade play dough is a great idea for a kid-friendly present. For added excitement, combine a variety of colors and include cookie cutters. Their imaginations will run wild with it!

8. Holiday Pie Plate

Holiday Pie Plate

This idea is adorable for a baker’s gift! They will love showing it out, and it will remind them of you every time. As a token of their appreciation, they may even part with a few sweets!

9. DIY Luggage Tags

DIY luggage tags

Need a gift for a buddy who loves to travel? These fashionable baggage tags are perfect! The DIY Christmas gift ideas on a budget are easy to whip up and will greatly facilitate travelers’ lives by making it much simpler for them to locate their baggage with ease.

10. Homemade Flannel Blanket

Homemade flannel blanket

This season, it’s all about making your loved ones feel really warm and snug! Pick up some sherpa-lined fabric at your local craft shop. In little under an hour, you can weave an entire blanket. They’re going to be astounded by your abilities!

11. DIY Ornament Craft Kit

DIY Ornament Kit

Indeed, this DIY Christmas gift ideas ornament package is perfect for both children and their parents. By providing a delightful activity, you are providing something that every parent will appreciate—something to occupy the tiny ones.

12. Homemade Vanilla Extract

Homemade vanilla extract

Who knew that using just two simple components could result in such a thoughtful present? They will love this thoughtful present idea regardless of how frequently they bake.

13. Hand-Painted Cups

Handpainted Cup

Send your best pal, who is always hosting parties, a cute pair of glass mugs decorated by hand. Give them the gift of choice with custom paint—they’ll love it whether you match their dĂ©cor or pick out their favorite hue.

14. Christmas Terrarium

Christmas Terrarium

It’s the cutest display ever, isn’t it? It will be a wonderful present for anyone in your life who likes rustic Christmas settings and may display it proudly on their mantle, side table, or anywhere else in their house.

15. Baking Apron

Baking Apron

Another great gifting option for the baker in your life—a gorgeous apron! With a Cricut, cutting it out is simple since it’s an iron-on decal.

16. Crochet Pizza Sweater

Pizza Crochet Sweater

This hand-crocheted sweater is perfect for the style-conscious pizza lover. Make it unique by adding their favorite pizza ingredients and customizing the colors!

17. Sugar Scrub Sand Art

Sugar Scrub Art

Gifts of bath goods are often well-received over the holidays. Jars of sugar scrub like these are beautiful to look at and are perfect for a soothing bath.

18. Leather Cord Roll

Leather Cord roll

This leather cord roll looks so amazing; they’ll never believe you made it yourself! And it’s a stylish way for them to keep all their cords neat and tidy.

19. Hot Chocolate Spoon Kit

Hot choclate spoon kit

Add some decadence to their mug of hot cocoa with these mouth-watering chocolate stirring spoons. To make it stand out, decorate it with festive sprinkles, crushed candy canes, small marshmallows, and whatever else your heart desires.

20. Glitter Tumbler

Glitter tumbler

This amazing glitter tumbler will keep their favorite beverages cool and fashionable. You can personalize it even more by adding a picture or other adorable embellishments!

21. Peppermint Bark

peppermint bark

With only three simple ingredients, you can whip up this delicious Christmas treat in no time. For an added bit of holiday cheer, stuff the bark into a cookie tin.

22. Hot Cocoa Mix in a Jar

Hot cocoa mix in a jar

This homemade hot cocoa mix will provide extra coziness to their holidays. All you need is powdered milk, cocoa powder, and a few tasty toppings to make a delicious treat. Finally, finish it off with a holiday ribbon and some imitation holly!

23. Fabric-Covered Wooden Spoons

Fabric covered wooden spoons

These lovely ornamental cooking tools are sure to be a hit with home chefs. Using just wooden fabric scraps, spoons, and Mod Podge, you can whip these up in no time!

24. Pinwheel Cookies

Christmas pinwheel cookies

Santa’s not the only one who loves a surprise plate of cookies. Take a look at those vibrant swirls—these pinwheel cookies are certain to put a smile on your face!

25. Peanut Butter Fudge

peanut butter fudge

No one dislikes fudge! As a handcrafted present, it’s both easy to prepare and thoughtful. To make it even more gift-worthy, cover it with melted chocolate and more almonds, and then put it in a tin.

26. Beeswax Candles

Beeswax Candles

Put a touch of glitz into their house with these magnificent golden candles. Attach a sprig of evergreen or herbs by wrapping them in twine for an additional touch.

27. Fire Starter Kit

Fire starter kit

Anyone on your gift list who enjoys being outside will appreciate this handy fire-starting kit. It’s reusable, fits in a jar, and is small enough to fit in a backpack!

28. Dink Keychains

Dink keychains

Create a plethora of these charming keychains to elevate this year’s stocking stuffers to the next level. The kids can help out with this inexpensive and simple activity!

29. Wooden Photo Frame

Wooden photo frame

You can use simple wooden slices to transform any ordinary picture frame into a one-of-a-kind creation. Put a photo of the two of you in the frame or a phrase written in elegant handwriting.

30. Lavender Soap

Lavender soap

Give the gift of self-care with this handmade bar of soap. Encased in burlap and adorned with a new sprig of lavender, it exudes a delightful rustic aroma and has a nice, understated appearance.

31. Wooden Polaroid Gift Set

Wooden Polaroid gift set

A set of wooden polaroids is a thoughtful present for your friends and family to display their cherished photographs. These are so functional that you can even use them as magnets for your fridge!

32. Leather Stamped Coasters

Leather Stamped Coasters

Create one-of-a-kind coasters out of multicolored yarn, old stamps, and scrap leather! These stunning creations are reminiscent of those you could see at an upscale artisan craft store.

33. Macramé Wall Hang

Macrame wall hang

Whether you hang it in the kitchen or the bedroom, it will be the focal point of the space! If you’re unfamiliar with macramĂ©, don’t worry; this beautiful pattern can be yours with only two basic knots.

34. Vinegar and Oil Gift Basket

Vinegar and oil basket

During the holiday season, homemade gift baskets are really delightful because of how individualized they are. A chic basket filled with homemade vinegar and oil bottles, rosemary, fresh bread, and a lovely tea towel would be a thoughtful present for the bread lover on your list.

35. Cup Sleeve

Cup Sleeves

On cold winter days, this classy but rustic present is perfect for warming up with a mug of coffee or hot chocolate. Its pine tree pattern makes it even more cheerful.

36. Hand-stamped Tote Bag

Hand stamped tote bag

Your recipient’s favorite gift will definitely be this adorable handbag with hand-stamped details! These bright lemons are only one option; feel free to experiment with other fruit designs as well.

37. Wood Bead Pacifier Clip

Wood bead pacifier clip

This modern and cute pacifier clip is sure to be a hit with the new parent. What does this project stand out for the most? You may make it with whatever stray craft beads you happen to have lying around.

38. Beaded Plant Hanger

Beaded plant hanger

You can’t go wrong with this stunning beaded planter for your contemporary house. This present would be perfect on its own or accompanied by a beautiful plant.

39. Patterned Neckerchief

patterned neckercheif

This stunning neckerchief has a hand-painted design; can you believe it? The ease of this no-sew craft will have you whipping up many for your friends (and maybe even some for yourself!).

40. Small Concrete Planters

Small concrete planters

Because of how little maintenance they need, air plants are a great choice for green-thumb parents. For the cutest presentation, make little geometric concrete pots to hold these plants.

41. Butterfly-Stenciled Map Artwork

Butterfly Stenciled Artwork

An exquisite method of turning a map into a work of art! Apply a little coating of glue on the reverse side of the stencil. (To ensure it is not very sticky, try it out on a piece of paper; when peeled off, it shouldn’t rip the paper.) Press down on the stencil after positioning it in the middle of the map.

After that, fill in the butterfly’s core by delicately dabbing a foam pouncer with dark teal paint. Permit it to dehydrate. (For the bottom wings, repeat with a light teal color.) For the top wings, combine the two colors to make a third hue.

At last, take the stencil off and let the map dry overnight.

42. “Home” Map Artwork

Home Map work

Nothing beats being home! Decorate their cherished space with exquisite art. Put “home” into large, three-inch-tall block letters on your computer. After printing, place the paper with the guide on top of the light-colored map and staple it in place.

Separate the letters from the two sheets and discard the printed ones. Place the sticky foam dots on the dark-colored map and stick the map lettering onto it. The last step is to present it to the receiver in a framed form.

cookie cutter wreath

Perhaps you have a spare set of cookie cutters from Christmas that you could use. With a ring of red ribbon connecting them and some evergreen sprigs for garnish, you have the ideal holiday centerpiece!

44. Ampersand Sign DĂ©cor

Ampersand decor

Hey there, interior design! Even though this cute sign seems like it came from a store, you can really fashion it in your own kitchen.

45. Painted Kitchen Towels

Painted kitchen towels

Having a lovely pair of kitchen towels is a must for everyone, but those that are handmade are really unique. For that special handcrafted touch, this writer provides hilarious stencils.

46. Monogram Tote

Monogram Tote

You can’t go wrong with a new bag! They will feel special with a one-of-a-kind bag that they can use for anything from trips to the beach to running errands around town.

47. Family Photo Quilt

Family Photo Quilt

A quilt with loved ones’ faces on it is sure to be a treasured possession for children, parents, and grandparents. Keeping it in the family is like safeguarding a priceless heirloom.

48. Christmas Potpourri

Christmas Potpourri

Make your own potpourri to bring the traditional Christmas smell into your house. Add a personal touch to your homemade present by using this printable tag.

49. Strawberry Doll

Strawberry Doll

The prospect of cuddling up with a new soft friend would fill any little child with joy. Knowing that you created this strawberry princess just for them will make them treasure it even more.

50. Comfort Basket

Comfort Handmade Basket

Take a look at all these delicious treats—it’s hard to resist the temptation to open a handcrafted gift basket! A bottle of champagne, some candles, and a warm blanket make up this wintertime oasis.

51. Painted Dishes

Painted Dishes

Are you a painting enthusiast? This DIY project is just what you need! It’s a weekend activity for you and a magical gift for them!

52. Wine Bottle Sleeves

Wine bottle scarves

We bet you haven’t seen a wine bottle as adorable as this! Grab their favorite red wine and jazz it up with one of these “wine bottle sweaters” for the most charming final touch.

53. Pom-Pom Scarf

pom pom scarf

Is your friend someone who loves to shine? Gift them this vibrant, cheerful scarf with DIY pom-poms—it’ll blend perfectly with their wardrobe!

54. Unicorn Ornaments

Unicorn ornaments

As presents, handmade Christmas decorations are always well-received. These shimmery unicorns will be the envy of others.

55. Reindeer Beer

Reindeer beer

This is the cutest thing ever! Who knew beer bottles could be so adorable? (An alternative that is more suitable for children would be root beer or soda.)

56. Floral Patch Stocking

Floral Patch Stocking

Making this stocking is easy, despite how store-bought it seems. The only things you’ll need are iron-on patches of flowers and leaves and an iron. Yes, that is all that is required!


This year, save some cash and get crafty with our unique DIY gift ideas for everyone— her, him, neighbors, even the family pet, and coworkers. Do you have any simple DIY Christmas gift ideas you’d like to throw in? How are you planning to give homemade gifts to your loved ones this year?

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