45+ Best Office Christmas Decorations Ideas: From Desk to Door

As the holidays near, it’s clear that sprucing up office spaces with Christmas decorations can make a big difference. By adding some carefully chosen decorations, your workplace can feel livelier and more festive, a nice break from the usual routine. If you’re looking for great ways to decorate your workspace tastefully, our office Christmas decorations ideas can really help.

We’ve put together 50 clever office Christmas decorations for offices that not only save money but also bring the cozy holiday spirit into your workspace. These ideas are a chance to show off your creativity and bring your coworkers together for the holiday fun. When you try these ideas, your office will become a happier, more cheerful place, embracing the holiday vibe without overspending.

1. Use Candy Canes For Ceilings

Use Candy Canes For Ceilings

Hanging colorful candy canes is a simple and elegant Christmas decor for office. When strung from the ceiling, they provide a joyful touch and have a way of getting everyone in the workplace in the party mood.

2. Decorate your Office with Snowflakes

Decorate your office with Snowflakes

To create the atmosphere of a winter wonderland, cover the desks with paper snowflakes. To add some more finesse, you can also lay white carpeting down in the workplace halls. It is sure to put everyone in the Christmas spirit!

3. Beautify the Lobby with Decorative Objects

Beautify the Lobby with Decorative Objects

Decorate the foyer with brightly colored items, like Christmas decorations, bells, and baubles. Thanks to this brilliant concept, the office lobby will seem much more elegant and festive!

4. Turn Your Desks to Gingerbread House

Turn Your Desks to Gingerbread House

You can transform those workplace cubicles into adorable gingerbread homes with some cotton, cardboard, and red/brown paper wrapping. Adding Christmas lights can make it seem even cozier and more festive!

5. Use Christmas Boots Wall Decor Rather Than Stockings on the Walls

Use Christmas Boots Wall Decor Rather Than Stockings on the Walls

Do you plan to do any Christmas decorating for the office? Add a little magic with some toy skis or winter boots strung up on the office wall. Make them more festive by embellishing them with ribbons or paper cutouts in Christmas colors.

6. Get a Snowman

Get a Snowman

You don’t require real snow for this one! Use shiny paper and white cotton to make a snowman with eyes and a nose. Once it’s done, place it by the entrance of your office. It’ll definitely catch everyone’s eye!

7. Decorate your Office Door with a Christmassy Wreath

Decorate your Office Door with a Christmassy Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for houses; they’re great for your reception or entrance door area, too! Wrap the office door Christmas decorations with fairy lights to add a cheerful glow to your workplace this Christmas.

8. Add Stars to the Office Ceiling

Add Stars to the Office Ceiling

Stars are a beautiful way to adorn your Christmas party. A great way to liven up your office space is to hang them from the ceiling. It’s a cheap way to make your workplace seem more presentable.

9. Go for a Brick Look

Go for a Brick Look

Give each cubicle a brick appearance to make it seem more like a warm chimney. Afterward, add some festive stockings and a few ornaments. The whole workplace will be cheering for this brilliant plan!

10. Make Santas out of Paper

Make Santas out of Paper

Create a variety of tiny paper Santas. When placed on each workstation, they will look so cute and bring forth the holiday spirit!

11. Journey towards the North Pole

Journey towards the North Pole

Turn your desk into Santa’s train station! As part of your office decorating for Christmas, you can make a train cut-out out of colorful paper and cardboard boxes. The office will be in utter shock when they see this decorating concept!

12. Use Balloons for Fun

Use Balloons for Fun

Office Christmas decoration ideas with balloons are not only for birthdays! Hanging balloons in various places, such as cubicles, the reception desk, and the entryway, may generate a cheerful Christmas atmosphere at work. For a traditional look, go with red and white; for something more creative, try combining colors! 

13. Use a Festive Display Christmas Banner

Use a Festive Display Christmas Banner

Put up a “Merry Christmas” banner at your workplace to let people know about the holiday festivities. It will bring joy to everybody and cast a spell!

14. Convert your Office to a Snow-capped Mountain

Convert your Office to a Snow-capped Mountain

For these Christmas decoration ideas for office, stock up on cotton. To create the illusion of snow, sprinkle it over the floor or desks in the workplace. As an additional wintery touch, you may even adhere paper snowflakes to walls or tables!

15. Build a Beautiful Archway

Build a Beautiful Archway

Make a pink or green or any color of your choice archway for a stunning entrance with this incredibly creative office Christmas decorations idea. Add some Christmas balls, ribbons, and sweets to make it stand out. For a more entertaining option, think about using an inflatable archway. 

16. Make a Christmas Tree of your Own

Make a Christmas Tree of your Own

One of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit is to make a Christmas tree of your own. Personalize it with the decorations that mean the most to you. As an added touch, place the big tree close to the lobby area and craft smaller ones to place on each workstation.

17. Use Streamers for Decorations

Use Streamers for Decorations

Using streamers to spruce up your workplace is a simple and entertaining concept. Add some color to the cubicles with red and green streamers. To make the workplace seem more festive, you may attach them to walls or suspend them from the top.

18. Hang Santa Stockings

Hang Santa Stockings

Make Santa stockings of your own out of printed fabric and ribbons. Put a personal touch on them by adding a name to each stocking before hanging or pinning them to the desks of your employees. It’s a thoughtful and original way to celebrate the season!

19. Decorate with Shiny Ornaments

Decorate with Shiny Ornaments

Hanging decorations from the ceiling, such as Christmas wreaths, bells, bulbs, etc., is a simple way to decorate. Anyone may try their hand at these easy office Christmas decorations!

20. Let your Workplace Shine

Let your Workplace Shine

Draping fairy lights over the cubicles at work will have a dramatic impact on the mood. Play around with the lights to see what works best for you, or even use them to make a Christmas tree form. Bringing a little holiday brightness to your office is guaranteed to be a hit!

21. Rainbow Christmas Decor

Rainbow Christmas Decor

Swap out the typical white and red for some lively colors like pink, blue, yellow, and green to bring vibrancy to your office. Try using multi-color Christmas wreaths, patterned streamers with ribbons, bulbs, papers, and more. This idea will really pop, especially against dark-hued furniture and walls!

22. Use Post-it Notes for a DIY Wreath

Use Post it Notes for a DIY Wreath

Here’s a unique office Christmas decorations idea that not many people know about: build a Christmas wreath out of Post-it notes! Paste it on a wooden or glass door, even windows. To add a personal touch, ask your co-workers to etch Christmas greetings and messages on the notes. It’s a cool way to make the office festive!

23. Set out Gifts on Every Table

Set out Gifts on Every Table

Wrap up cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes with colorful gift paper. Put them on each desk, accompanying Santa caps and bows. It’s an easy idea that’ll bring joy and cheer to the office. Or, if you prefer, you can also purchase Christmas presents boxes!

24. Decorate Each and Every Corner

Decorate Each and Every Corner

Spread your best office Christmas decorations throughout the whole office, not just the reception area. Use pine cones, candy canes, baubles, and more to decorate. It’ll lift everyone’s mood and get them into the holiday spirit!

25. Opt for the Latest Ornaments

Opt for the Latest Ornaments

Add some modern fun to the workplace Christmas tree with these geometric ornaments made of shiny golden metal. Everyone at work is going to like this one-of-a-kind concept that will give the tree a touch of elegance and sophistication.

26. Go Floral

Go Floral

Flowers can really freshen up a place, even during Christmas! Spreading some cheer to your office with their decorative use is sure to lift spirits. Create a beautiful arrangement that embodies the spirit of the season by combining evergreens and fresh moss with flowers such as anemones and peonies.

27. Don’t Forget the Walls

Don’t Forget the Walls

The moment has come to adorn those walls at the workplace! For the decorations, you can use colorful threads and cutouts from Christmas paper. This is a fantastic plan to prepare your office for the party!

28. Craft a Christmas Tree Out of Gloves

Craft a Christmas Tree Out of Gloves

The time and work put into making a Christmas tree out of medical gloves will be well worth it. This is a great method to make a one-of-a-kind Christmas tree, and it’s perfect if you work in a healthcare facility.

29. Beautify your Small Twig Tree

Beautify your Small Twig Tree

Decorate a twig with miniature Christmas decorations after painting it for a low-cost project. Plus, what’s great? You may skip watering it! A simple and fuss-free approach to adding some holiday flair is to stick the twig in a jar and set it on your desk.

30. Use Windows to Lift up the Decor

Use Windows to Lift up the Decor

Put your imagination to work this holiday season by adorning the workplace windows. Lighted branches, decorations strung on ribbons, ornamental icicles, and a plethora of other creative possibilities await you!

31. Use Your Front Desk as a Mantle for Stockings

Use Your Front Desk as a Mantle for Stockings

A simple and eye-catching idea is to hang stockings over the reception area. Use patterned or striped stockings, glamorize them with ribbons, and get creative by filling them with candy to offer to employees. It’s a fun way to spread some holiday cheer!

32. Create your Own Assortment Decor

Create your Own Assortment Decor

On your desk, mix all your Christmas stuff together, like stars, Santa, baubles, candy canes, you name it, to create a cheerful Christmas mix. It’s an idea that’ll bring liveliness and joy to your workspace!

33. Use your Employees as a Medium of Decorations

Use your Employees as a Medium of Decorations

Here’s an adorable and one-of-a-kind idea! Take cutouts of employees’ faces, paste a Santa hat on them, and hang them above their respective cubicles. It’s a unique way to add a personal touch to the decorations!

34. Go All Natural with Pine Cone Décor

Go All Natural with Pine Cone Décor

Spray-paint pine cones white and use them as baubles on your office Christmas tree. They look stunning against the green branches!

35. Make a Photo Wreath of your Own

Make a Photo Wreath of your Own

Make a photo wreath of your own using pictures of your coworkers. Don’t worry about damaging the originals—copies work just fine. It’s a fantastic idea that’ll surprise all the employees!

36. Use Pom Poms for Décor

Use Pom Poms for Décor

Make a small rainbow Christmas tree using pom-poms, perfect for a tabletop or desk. The colorful tree will quickly brighten up any space and make it feel cheerful. Don’t forget to add a tiny bow on top for extra charm!

37. Make Bird Ornaments

Make Bird Ornaments

Make bird ornaments of your own using paints and paper. Cut out paper birds and add holes in them, then display them on the Christmas tree using colorful ribbons or strings. It’s a crafty way to decorate the tree!

38. Glow Up your Tree

Glow Up your Tree

Wrap the fairy lights to look like evergreens and pines for a warm glow. Scatter lanterns around the office to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

39. Make a Snowman Ornament Out of Tea Light

Make a Snowman Ornament Out of Tea Light

Here’s another cute and creative idea! Use a tea light, ribbons, and paper to make your very own miniature shiny ornament.

40. Customized Deer Cups

Customized Deer Cups

Make your Christmas coffee even more delightful by adding deer cutouts to your cups. It’s a funny way to spread smiles all over your office! Another option is to use deer straws in any cup for a festive touch.

41. Hang Small Wreaths

Hang Small Wreaths

Remember, ‘the more, the merrier’ definitely applies to mini wreaths! Hang them all over on walls, cubicles, or the office ceiling. It’s a brilliant idea that’ll make the atmosphere beautiful!

42. Make a Three-Dimensional Tree

Make a Three-Dimensional Tree

Making this tree is simple. All you need are basic ideas and raw materials like cardboard, fabric, craft paper, and adhesive spray. You can also fold and tuck them away til next Christmas. Put these trees in your cubicles and get into the Christmas spirit!

43. Chair Decorations

Chair Decorations

This holiday season, make your office chairs festive by using your favorite unwired ribbon. Tie a bow in the middle of each chair and add small berries, pine cones, and greenery to jazz up the bow!

44. Use Mittens as Advent Calendar

Use Mittens as Advent Calendar

Make an advent calendar by putting dates on mittens and hanging them on a thread. Use them to countdown the special day! Pour candies into the mittens and hang them at a discreet point in the office for a sweet surprise each day!

45. Make Paper Ornaments

Make Paper Ornaments

Make three-dimensional ornaments easily using patterned cardstock. And Make sure your paper ornaments match with the rest of the office decor. Add them to the trees or use them to decorate wrapped gifts; it’s a nice touch!

46. Let your Office Sparkle

Let your Office Sparkle

Grab empty mason jars and glue glitter inside them. Add tea lights in the jars for a sparkling glow. Put these fancy jars on your desks and bring joy!

47. Decorate with a Snow Wreath

Decorate with a Snow Wreath

Craft a grapevine wreath using glittered pine cones, berry signs, faux greenery, and flowers. Cover it with artificial snow for a wintry touch. Hang this lovely wreath on your office entrance door to give it a cheerful makeover!

48. Use a Disco Ball to Add Glamor

Use a Disco Ball to Add Glamor

Try this standout decor idea—it’s truly glamorous! Suspend a disco ball from the ceiling directly above the Christmas tree. The sparkle from the disco ball will beautifully complement the contemporary decor. To add extra flair, decorate the ball with ribbons for a more interesting look!

49. Follow a Color Scheme

Follow a Color Scheme

You don’t have to stick to the usual red and green for office decorations. Try a shimmery, icy theme as long as the colors match. It’ll make a lasting impression on workers!

50. Add Bells to the Christmas Tree

Add Bells to the Christmas Tree

Add festive and rustic jingle bells to decorate your Christmas tree. Go for brass bells for that charming rustic vibe. Tie them together with a string and secure them on top of the tree for a lovely touch!


When you decorate the office for Christmas, it doesn’t just make it look great—it brings everyone together in a festive spirit. You can turn cubicles into winter wonderlands or team up for decor projects. There are so many ways to make your office Christmas decorations joyful and create a warm atmosphere that everyone will remember!

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