55+ Best Mini Christmas Tree Ideas That You’ll Love

While Christmas decorating is a joy year-round, finding creative solutions to limited space may be a real challenge. We recommend mini Christmas trees if you have a modest house or just like the elegance of understated ornamentation. They are a space-saving way to spread festive happiness. Plus, a few well-placed trees can provide a touch of holiday cheer to any room, no matter how big or small. No matter what size your tree is, what matters most is the joy and wonder it gives to your home over the holiday season.

Discover some fantastic mini Christmas trees and some creative decorating ideas here. Discover little Christmas tree ideas that suit your home’s decor and vision. Whether you’re looking to brighten up your outdoor display, mantel, or staircase, these miniature trees are sure to do the trick. In addition, you may create some great homemade presents with some of them. Picking only one is the challenge—how are you going to make your decision?

1. Wooden Christmas Tree Forest

Wooden Christmas Tree Forest

Are there no branches available? No problem at all! To steal the show, these adorable wooden Christmas mini trees are decked up in bright, puffy paint decorations, glitter, and artificial snow.

2. Flora and Fauna Mini Christmas Tree

Flora and Fauna Mini Christmas Tree

Switch things up for the mini Christmas tree by not putting your favorite decorations on it. Stunning faux flowers and animals would be perfect for decorating it. The large butterflies? What a beautiful finishing touch!

3. Small Boho Christmas Tree

Small Boho Christmas Tree

Take a look at this little tree—it’s quite bohemian! Make a rattan basket the foundation, then embellish it with macramé, wooden beads, and tassels you make yourself.

4. Red, White, and Gold Foam Mini Christmas Tree

Red White and Gold Foam Mini Christmas Tree

It really is as simple as it appears to make this cute little item. If you visit your local craft shop, go for the Christmas wreath decor department for foam core and baubles. Add the finishing touch with a huge bow that you made yourself.

5. Honeycomb Christmas Tree

Honeycomb Christmas Tree

Featuring pops of pink, red, yellow, and black, this honeycomb tree will add some flair to a barren wall. You have complete creative control over its size; it may be as tall or short as you choose!

6. Cardboard Christmas Trees

Cardboard Christmas Trees

No one ever told us that cardboard could be so cute. Putting up these trees is easy, and they look elegant with the addition of fairy lights.

7. Shiny Honeycomb Christmas Tree

Shiny Honeycomb Christmas Tree

No effort is required to adorn this tree! You won’t need anything else to draw attention to the golden disco balls and the colorful honeycomb balls.

8. 3D Gingerbread Mini Christmas Trees

3D Gingerbread Mini Christmas Trees

As adorable as gingerbread homes are, nothing beats these handmade holiday trees made of gingerbread! For a finishing touch, top the frosting with snowflakes.

9. Rainbow Christmas Tree

Rainbow Christmas Tree

Despite its white appearance, the tree is a veritable rainbow of hues! The most eye-popping manner we’ve ever seen Christmas balls decorated is with blue, green, pink, and gold.

10. Nutcracker Mini Christmas Tree

Nutcracker Mini Christmas Tree

This tree is tailor-made for a child’s bedroom; it is created with their needs in mind. They’ll love adorning their very own tree with colorful felt ball garlands and safe-to-handle decorations.

11. Christmas Village Tree

Christmas Village Tree

This is insane: it combines a little tree with a Christmas town and an advent calendar! Impressive in terms of space efficiency, isn’t it? Those pastels, too? That fresh spin is really killing us.

12. Succulent Christmas Tree

Succulent Christmas Tree

Use succulents to make a living tree! The low-maintenance design allows you to create it in whatever size you like. This one won’t wilt, no matter how badly you are attending to plants.

13. Fresh Christmas Tree

Fresh Christmas Tree

You can help save money and the environment by making your own mini Christmas trees from tree lot trimmings. Display them on your mantel, on a window ledge, or anywhere else you have a little area.

14. Colorful Bottlebrush Tree

Colorful Bottlebrush Tree

Leave the evergreens at the door! View the breathtaking effect of multicolored bottlebrush trees connected by golden bases.

15. Cactus Christmas Tree

Cactus Christmas Tree

No one ever said a Christmas tree had to be realistic in appearance. Make a fake cactus out of PVC tubing and some fake foliage. Basically, you can build it in whatever size or color you want!

16. Wall Hanging Mini Christmas Tree

Wall Hanging Mini Christmas Tree

How about going vertical if the floor is overcrowded? With just one easy step, you may hang this tree and then decorate it as you choose!

17. Minimalist Christmas Tree

Minimalist Christmas Tree

Who decreed that the tree must remain in the family room or living room? Get a nightstand or dresser and put a tiny tree on it. As a further step, personalize it to reflect your personality!

18. Pom-Pom Christmas Tree

Pom Christmas Tree

Let’s make a colorful mess! Create a whimsical ornamental tree out of pom poms of varying sizes to brighten up any room, no matter how large or little. Pom poms are easy to create or buy, depending on your preference.

19. Canadian Pine Christmas Tree

Canadian Pine Christmas Tree

This is the ideal tree for those who like a dwarf specimen. It’s small enough to display on a table or mantel, and it’s open to your creative embellishments!

20. Pinecone Christmas Tree

Pinecone Christmas Tree

Accent your little Christmas tree with ribbons and pinecones in addition to ornaments for an air of majesty and coziness. Improving the tree’s rustic modern farmhouse appeal is as simple as placing it in a woven basket.

21. Glittered Cone Christmas Tree

Glittered Cone Christmas Tree

Bringing so much pleasure to the holidays from cones? Who would have guessed? You won’t believe how cute they are when presented in a glittering envelope.

22. Pre-Lit Potted Faux Christmas Tree

Pre Lit Potted Faux Christmas Tree

This synthetic Hudson pine may only be four feet tall, but it certainly knows how to turn heads. The cutest little pine cones and berries decorate the pre-lit ornament.

23. Glittered Rainbow Christmas Tree

Glittered Rainbow Christmas Tree

The traditional green, red, and gold Christmas cone tree colors aren’t necessary. If you want to give them a vivid and colorful appearance, try coating them with a spectrum of colors!

24. Felt Christmas Tree

Felt Christmas Tree

A felt Christmas tree ornament is another great option for trees that are suitable for toddlers. And the finest aspect? Everything is fuss-free and doesn’t need sewing.

25. Embroidered Felt Christmas Tree

Embroidered Felt Christmas Tree

Felt is another material that might be used for a little tree. You should keep in mind that these trees need stitching, so they can require a little more attention.

26. Yarn Christmas Tree

Yarn Christmas Tree

Try using yarn instead of glitter if you like the cone concept but don’t want to deal with it. Various Christmas colors are available for these trees, but if you like the traditional red and green, it’s easy to alter them.

27. Raffia Christmas Tree

Raffia Christmas Tree

Raffia ribbon is another option for decorating cone trees. First, braid the ribbon if you want to follow this project’s instructions.

28. Disco Ball Christmas Tree

Disco Ball Christmas Tree

In search of a little edgy glamour? For a whimsical take on the look, try gluing disco balls together.

29. Plywood Christmas Tree

Plywood Christmas Tree

Yet another concept influenced by the Nordic countries. A little more manual dexterity is required to get it off despite its minimalism.

30. Quiet Luxury Pink Christmas Tree

Quiet Luxury Pink Christmas Tree

Here’s the deal: Believe it or not, even a mini pink Christmas tree may subtly suggest “wealth.” But make sure the shine isn’t too much. We love this space-saving aesthetic, which has a stylish little tree in burnished rose gold with delicate pink and silver decorations. The finishing touch is a skirt that coordinates with the furnishings.

31. Paper Christmas Tree

Paper Christmas Tree

Another idea that might work well in a farmhouse setting is a paper tree. You can make it suit any room, no matter how huge it seems in the photo. Plus, it’s lightweight and portable because of its paper construction!

32. Christmas Tree of Branches

Christmas Tree of Branches

Inadequate room for a festive tree? Use little Christmas decorations to adorn a branch. You won’t believe how adorable it is!

33. Tinsel Christmas Tree

Tinsel Christmas Tree

When the holiday season arrives, tinsel, particularly in little forms and silhouettes, is sure to be a hit.

34. Terra-Cotta Tannenbaum

Terra Cotta Tannenbaum

Make a beautiful garden-themed centerpiece by stacking used flowerpots in decreasing size and adorning them with felt garland. Porches and potting sheds are the perfect places to display it!

35. Organic Christmas Tree

Organic Christmas Tree

The sparsely branched alpine balsam fir exudes an air of understated elegance. It has a hint of metallic heft thanks to its placement in an ancient copper pot. In addition, a dried orange garland, bird decorations, and pine cones provide a rustic feel.

36. Candy Cane Christmas Trees

Candy Cane Christmas Trees

A shelf or spot close to your gingerbread home or holiday town would be perfect for these trees.

To construct the forest: Place three candy cane sticks on a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake at 225°F for 3 to 6 minutes or until they soften. The best way to cover a cone-shaped Styrofoam mold is to start at the bottom and wrap the candy around it, cutting as necessary. Put red hots on starlight mints using hot glue, and then put them on the trees. 

Grease the insides of cookie cutters and line a baking sheet with parchment paper to make a mint topper shaped like a star. Line the baking sheet with the cutters and, using a single layer of mints as a base, fill any gaps that may appear. If necessary, break the mints to make them fit. Melt the mints in the oven for around 5 to 6 minutes at 350°F. After 5 minutes, take the cutters out. Secure the star to the tree’s crown using hot glue.

37. Multicolored Ceramic Christmas Tree

Multicolored Ceramic Christmas Tree

This mini Christmas tree with lights reminiscent of a bygone age is sure to put you in a nostalgic mood. It uses LED lights of various colors to illuminate.

38. Pink Glass Mini Christmas Trees

Pink Glass Mini Christmas Trees

Not enough room for a large tree? Not a problem! To bring that color palette into every room in your house, try these little glass tabletop trees.

39. Small Topiary Mini Christmas Trees

Small Topiary Mini Christmas Trees

In a modest country farmhouse kitchen, these rosemary topiaries would look right at home. These little trees are attractive, fragrant, and practical; all it takes is a fast snip to harvest fresh herbs from them. They are bound together with a simple red ribbon.

40. German Feather Mini Christmas Tree

German Feather Mini Christmas Tree

This old German feather tree, with its vintage decorations, is the ideal complement to the assembled dwellings. Kraft paper and red ribbon are their go-to wrapping materials since they’re easy.

41. Small White Christmas Tree

Small White Christmas Tree

Stunning snowflakes, decorations in delicate colors, putz home accents, a charming ice skate top, and a pristine mini white Christmas tree create a breathtaking display. A hatbox gives it that glamorous, jet-set look.

42. Small Book Page Christmas Tree

Small Book Page Christmas Tree

You can use anything to create a Christmas tree; this is just another example of that! The blogger in question fashioned the “branches” of this miniature Tannenbaum out of pages cut from vintage books.

43. Sweater Scrap Mini Christmas Trees

Sweater Scrap Mini Christmas Trees

Astoundingly, you can upcycle old Christmas sweaters into little trees!

44. Small Oil Funnel Christmas Trees

Small Oil Funnel Christmas Trees

You can make a tree out of almost anything with the help of this do-it-yourself project! To make them seem more polished, stack old funnels of varying sizes (we think the more rusty, the better!), then tie a string of wooden beads around each one.

45. Crocheted Christmas Trees

Crocheted Christmas Trees

This little tree craft is perfect for crochet enthusiasts or those who wish to hone their skills. Please download the pattern so that you may begin.

46. Centerpiece Christmas Trees

Centerpiece Christmas Trees

Place candles and berries around mini Christmas trees to make your own centerpiece for Christmas.

47. DIY Confetti Mini Christmas Trees

DIY Confetti Mini Christmas Trees

Making this brightly colored project will be so much fun for your kids!

48. Charlie Brown-Style Christmas Tree

Charlie Brown Style Christmas Tree

A little tree in the manner of Charlie Brown brightens up a sitting space in this inviting house. A delicate plaid ribbon completes the understated arrangement.

49. Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

Customize these plastic towers of spoons with a coat of colorful spray paint!

50. Galvanized Bucket Mini Christmas Trees

Galvanized Bucket Mini Christmas Trees

Have your little ones create charming holiday phrases on blackboard labels; then, read and enjoy them all through the month of December!

51. Small Kitchen Countertop Tree

Small Kitchen Countertop Tree

Hanging a Christmas tree in your kitchen is a great way to get in the holiday mood to bake. In this whimsical design, a toaster and a cheese grater come together!

52. Glitter and Gold

Glitter and Gold

A string of lights, a golden tree skirt, and glittery decorations make this little tree sparkle like a giant one!

53. Peace on Earth Christmas Tree

Peace on Earth Christmas Tree

For this little tree, craft a flock of snowy doves by cutting out shapes from white cardstock and affixing them with ribbons. Gift tags fashioned like doves or even clip-on doves are another option!

54. Blue & Green Christmas Tree

Blue & Green Christmas Tree

These homeowners have gone for a minimalist look in the living room by decorating their tree with simple glass ornaments in shades of blue, green, and gold. The underside presents have matching hues.

55. Pink and White Mini Christmas Tree

Pink and White Mini Christmas Tree

A white and pink alternative to the more common green might be just what you’re looking for. Sleek and ideal for compact areas. The colors go well with each other, and it’s simple to put together. 

56. Lit LED White Pine Tree

Lit LED White Pine Tree

For a more understated festive vibe, this pine tree is perfect. Its beautiful form and built-in clear LED lights make it the perfect accessory for any occasion. 

57. Wall Mini Christmas Tree With Lights

Wall Mini Christmas Tree With Lights

There may not be a more creative Christmas tree than this one! Quickly transform any space by attaching the tree shape to the wall and accessorizing it with the included decorations. An appropriately crimson “Merry Christmas” banner serves as the cherry on top. And the best part? It comes with lights!


It could be challenging to decorate a small room for the holidays. However, keep in mind that even a tiny Christmas tree may have a significant effect. This Christmas season, be creative in finding ways to decorate that complement your area. You can bring a little bit of holiday cheer even in a little space with these clever mini Christmas tree ideas.

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