How to Decorate For Christmas Centered Around a Specific Theme

Decorating your home, a room, or a party centered around a theme has been around for quite some time, especially around the holidays. 4th of July, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day all offer a multitude of decorating opportunities but there’s not one holiday that offers as many decorating options as Christmas.

Because Christmas has so many decorating themes to choose from, it only makes sense to narrow those options down. How many times have you been to someone’s house for the holidays or been to a holiday party and the decor looked like Christmas went in there and threw up all its decorations in one room? In other words, the holiday decor was tasteless and tacky.

But, to be fair, we can’t just go around calling people’s Christmas decorations “tacky”… Apparently, tacky depends on how you look at it. But there is an obvious sign when someone has clearly put thought and effort into their decorations and when they haven’t… let’s just say that.

Choosing a Christmas theme is the very thing that brings your overall look flow together from tree to room and from room to room. The theme and flow are what sets the precedence for all the small details you plan to add. Luckily, Christmas is still a few months away so you have quite a bit of time to decide on a theme or multiple themes you want to decorate your own home with.

Holiday Theme Ideas to Center Your Christmas Decor Around

Choosing your home’s Christmas theme is probably the hardest part but a great way to narrow things down is to decide what you like most about Christmas and what you want to display in your home and then build around that.

Are you a big fan of traditional decor or do you like the uniqueness of Christmas decor with a modern twist? Or maybe you have an ornament of sentimental value and you want to decorate based on that… Decor themes for Christmas come far and wide and from many different sources. When choosing your theme, think about colors, shapes, patterns, symbols, and even the feeling you want your decor to emit.

Christmas Theme By Color

christmas centered around theme


Sometimes people don’t necessarily have a symbol in mind like snowflakes or reindeer, they just know the color they want their tree to be and they’ll use that same color to decorate their entire house in as well. Decorating your home based on a color theme means you can decorate with practically any item, symbol, or pattern as long as it is the color or colors you want.

You may want to stick to the traditional colors of red and green; That means that you can have green snowflakes, red stars, red and green candy canes, poinsettias, etc, as decor for your tree and all throughout your home regardless of what the decor items are because they fall into the color scheme. Some might not like this theme and want things a little more uniform, but it actually is quite beautiful. All that red and green would look beautiful with handmade baskets made of wicker with red and green accents.

But then again, there are also gorgeous color themes done with silver and gold, white, purple, turquoise, and red, and gold. You can opt for one color or a mix of two and three colors; the choice is up to you. You really can’t go wrong in choosing your Christmas theme by color.

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Christmas Theme By Passion or Hobby

christmas centered around theme


Maybe you are someone who enjoys traveling or taking photos; Then again, maybe you’re someone who’s big into DIY and crafting… If those are your passions or hobbies, why not use that as your Christmas theme this year?

If you’re a crafter, you can save yourself some money and make your own handmade Christmas ornaments and even put some of your DIY projects on display as well. This could actually be the boost you need to turn your crafting and DIY skills into a profitable business!

Christmas Theme By Symbol, Shape, or Character

christmas centered around theme


christmas centered around theme


Christmas has its own catalog of signature shapes, symbols, and characters, and while it’s fun to decorate with stars, Santas, and angels, you can also just choose one and let that be the theme of your decor.

Maybe you fell in love with snowflakes and the intricacies of each one. You can use snowflakes as your home’s Christmas decor theme and incorporate the symbol with candle holders, coasters, table centerpieces, and ornaments. You, of course, don’t want to be too monochromatic with it, so incorporate accent patterns and colors to make your snowflake theme really stand out.

I hope this article helped you narrow your Christmas theme options down or at least gave you a push in the right direction. By implementing these tips, you’ll be able to narrow down what you like and combine it with your own creativity to create a Christmas theme in your home you’ll enjoy all season long.