The 5 Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets of 2024!!

Summer is already here, and there is nothing better than cotton material to beat the heat. Whether it is about clothes or bedding, cotton is everyone’s favorite choice. But what is special about cotton? Actually, it is a breathable material and it feels comfortable on the skin. You might have already heard about various cotton bedsheets, but have you ever tried Egyptian cotton sheets? The Egyptian cotton (Gossypium Barbadense) is grown in the Nile Valley, and it is considered one of the best cotton varieties in the whole world.

It is harvested in Egypt but grown from the same plant as Pima cotton. The hot climate of the country helps produce a longer fiber that can be twirled into very fine threads. When the fiber is longer, the sheets are made with high thread counts. This simply means the sheets will be softer and smoother than the other cotton bed sheets. So if you’re planning to buy a new set of bed sheets, consider buying Egyptian cotton sheets.

Today we are going to tell you why Egyptian bed sheets are so popular? We have also listed the best Egyptian sheets so that you can buy directly from here! 

egyptian cotton sheets

Benefits of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

  • Egyptian cotton is softer, comfortable and lasts longer than any other kind of cotton sheets.
  • They are porous, which means it lets out the moisture and heat.
  • They are cool in summers and warm in winter, which means they are perfect for every season.
  • Because of their porous property, they don’t retain odors, so you don’t have to wash them frequently. 
  • Comes in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Best for those people who face difficulty in sleeping.
  • Egyptian cotton bed sheets have 800-1000 thread count, which is way more than a normal cotton sheet, and because of this, they are ultra-soft.

5 Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Reading up to here, now you know what are Egyptian sheets and also what are the benefits of it. So now it’s time for some shopping. Below is the list of top 5 Egyptian sheets that will provide extra luxuriousness and comfort in your bedroom. 

1. New York Mercado Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

New York Mercado Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Looking for Egyptian sheets but don’t want to spend a fortune on them? Try this combo set. This one is from the New York Mercado brand. They are elegant and practical. They are 600-thread count sheets, which are smooth as butter and silky as satin. 

Apart from this, there is also a 21-inch deep pocket sheet that fits any mattress. You can select whatever color you want because they come in seven beautiful shades: Burgundy, White, Sage, Ivory, Silver Grey, Elephant Grey, and Taupe. It comes in all sizes: single, twin, full, king, queen, and even in California King. 


  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Machine Washable
  • 600 Thread Count
  • Complete Set

2. ELuxurySupply 100% Egyptian Cotton sheet

ELuxurySupply 100% Egyptian Cotton sheet

Look at these gorgeous cotton sheets. They are the 1000 thread count Egyptian sheets from the eLuxurySupply brand. They are ultra-smooth and also have a single-ply sateen weave, which makes them so special. Choose between colors like sage, medium blue, and gold, and make your bedroom luxurious. 

One of the reviewers calls these a “Great set of sheets!” and said, “he washed them about five times so far, and they wash and dry wonderfully and feel great on the skin.”


  • 100% authentic Egyptian Cotton 
  • Sateen Weave
  • Machine Washable
  • 1000-thread count
  • Easy Maintenance 

3. Mellanni 100% Egyptian Cotton Striped Bed Sheet Set

Mellanni 100% Egyptian Cotton Striped Bed Sheet Set

Do you want sheets that are chemical-free and good for your kids? Then Mellanni 100% Egyptian Cotton Striped Bed Sheet Set will be perfect for you. Whether you want a sheet for your bedroom or guest room, this 450-thread count Egyptian cotton sheet set is perfect for everyday use. This is a six-piece set that also includes four pillowcases. 

Made from a unique sateen woven damask stripe, this set is affordable. There is also a deep pocket with all-around elastic, which is soft and comfortable. It comes in fun colors like fuchsia and ocean blue.


  • 100% Pure Egyptian Cotton
  • Super soft and smooth
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Affordable
  • Hypoallergenic 

4. Mayfair Linen Hotel Collection

Mayfair Linen Hotel Collection

The next Egyptian cotton sheet on our list is from the brand Mayfair Linen. You can buy these sheets without having a tiny bit of doubt in your heart because the brand is well known for manufacturing authentic Egyptian sheets. 

But sheets from a trusted brand doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of dollars. This bedsheet is inexpensive and comes with an 800 thread count set. Not only are they chemical-free, but also they are breathable and long-lasting. They also have the power to wick away moisture and sweat.


  • Luxurious and Comfortable
  • 100% Cotton Sheets
  • Comes with a deep Pocket
  • Made from high-quality Egyptian Cotton
  • 800 thread count

5. Queen’s House Cotton Bed Sheet Set

Queen's House Cotton Bed Sheet Set

Do you love printed bedsheets and are you looking for a one that is stunning and comfortable both? Then what do you think about this one? This is a pretty printed bedsheet from Queen’s House. In fact, the Queen’s house has a variety of prints and patterns to choose from. 

This is actually a set that includes a one-piece flat sheet, one-piece floral fully elasticized fitted sheet, two pillowcases. You can also order the matching duvet covers, pillowcases, and accessories. If you want to know how to achieve a mid-century bedroom click on the link to read our blogs.


  • Machine washable
  • 100 percent long-staple Egyptian cotton fibers
  • Percale weave
  • Available in Queen and King sizes
  • Comfortable and breathable feel
egyptian cotton sheets

Final Verdict

So these are all the Egyptian cotton sheets. Which one is your favorite? They are not only finer and softer than the other sheets, but they also save you from Hypoallergenic. The long-lasting Egyptian cotton will ensure you breathable and long-lasting sheets on which you can comfortably sleep. 

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