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It’s certainly time to consider giving your fireplace a facelift if it’s been overlooked and abandoned for a long time. Renovating your fireplace, on the other hand, does not have to be a large undertaking. It might be as easy as a fresh coat of paint on formerly painted or unpainted masonry. It might also be a basic building job in which the brick is covered with plasterboard, wood, or tiles. Fireplace remodel ideas involve everything from basic to extravagant makeovers.

Renovating fireplaces may be anything from a sleek and sophisticated feature of a space that merges into the backdrop to the main point of a room; it all hinges on your own preferences and decor style.

Throughout the year, a fireplace offers both soothing warmth and eye-catching exhibit features. If yours needs to be transformed, a few modern fireplaces remodel ideas may turn a drab hearth into the room’s focal point.

Most residences in colder areas had a huge fireplace a few decades ago. It was one of the house’s most prominent visual features. However, with all of the technology and power advancements, most people redo fireplaces to offer them a major facelift. Modern fireplace remodel entails completely upgrading the fireplaces with a more contemporary one.

Renovating Fireplace: Getting Started

fireplace remodel ideas

Before diving into the fireplace remodels ideas, let’s think through the considerations and procedures that need to be followed.

The first step is to examine the condition of the existing fireplace. Before beginning the old fireplace remodels, ensure that it is in good working condition.

The next step is to assess the mantel, trim, and inner walls of the fireplace. If you notice cracks, crevices, or loosened bricks, make sure to fix them first. Over time, there could be an accumulation of dust. Clean the dirt and sweep the chimney. In case the mantel needs reworking, redo the fireplace mantel to complete the look.

After inspection, cleaning, and repairing of the internal walls of the fireplace, it is all set to accommodate the fireplace remodel ideas of your choice. A corner fireplace remodel may transform your living room from ‘blah’ to ‘fantastic’! 

Get intrigued by these concepts that will convert your fireplace into the soul of the decor, whether you’re planning a full-fledged remodel or just searching for a quick weekend improvement.

Fireplace Remodel Cost

fireplace remodel ideas

As fireplace remodel ideas can vary from simply changing the color to a complete makeover, the typical fireplace remodel cost is between $200 and $4000. This, however, only applies to do-it-yourself renovations. If you choose expert installation, add roughly $250-600 to the previously indicated amount.

For a fireplace makeover on a budget, here are a few tips to remodel the outdated hearth. There are countless ways to accomplish this, but here are the simplest and most cost-effective ways to instantly update an outmoded fireplace.

  • Substitute your older gas fireplace with a modern model or go totally electric.
  • Your outdated fireplace surrounding, inlay, and mantel can all be replaced.
  • Paint and finish the area surrounding your fireplace.
  • Reconfigure the furniture or replace it with new pieces that best fit the new atmosphere.

10 Fireplace Remodel Ideas

Fireplaces are a must-have in every house, and these fireplaces remodel ideas will help you take yours to the next mile! They’re classic, which is excellent since they’re also quite long-lasting.  Your fireplace may be getting a bit left behind since Fireplace design trends keep changing and have shifted toward softer neutral colors, minimal styling, and rustic chic. 

Do you think it’s time to go for your old fireplace remodel?

Then you’re in luck since you’ve come across 10 fireplaces remodel ideas right here! Fortunately, this form of house renovation is less difficult and time-consuming than you would think.

Soothing Option: Brick Fireplace Remodel

fireplace remodel ideas

For classic, earthy fireplaces, brick is unquestionably an old-school material. The vibrancy of the brick’s reddish-brown hues is difficult to ignore.

However, it is subject to wear and tear, and when it happens, you may go for a brick fireplace remodel and throw out the bricks and start over. Another option is to upgrade your living area’s brick design. With those deep, brown tones, the combination of wood and brick is traditionally lovely, and with their aura of heritage, they may appear ever-stylish and appealing.

Warm and Rustic: Stone Fireplace Makeover

fireplace remodel ideas

If you desire to achieve a more balanced effect in the living room with a softer, natural accent, employ more neutral-colored local stones instead of the dramatic, dark red brickwork. Raising the fireplace’s hearth is an easy technique to undertake a chimney makeover. It creates extra depth and patterns in the room by adding huge cut stones.

Wall-mounted Fireplace without Mantel

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We normally visualize a classic fireplace with a typical chimney and mantel when we hear of fireplaces. However, if you want to go for a more modern style, you may remove the mantel entirely.

You can go for a more modern approach with a wall-mounted electric fireplace. These can obviate the requirement for a chimney and keep the walls clean and elegant. These fireplaces remodel ideas can make the area look larger and less crowded.

Towards Sustainability: Electric Fireplace

Electrical fireplaces are becoming incredibly common now that ecological sensitivity is on everyone’s thoughts. They negate the need for wood, do not require burning or a chimney, and are of great quality to ensure that your fireplace looks very natural.

Since it is sleek and slender, this sort of linear fireplace looks wonderful in a contemporary living room, highlighting the area’s elegant, clean lines.

Contemporary Aesthetics: Fireplace in the Middle

fireplace remodel ideas

Another recent style for corner fireplace remodel is to situate it in the center of the space as a primary focus in a column, rather than nestled against one of the room’s walls. If you wish to create a room divider for an open-concept house, this is a great option.

The fireplace acts as a partial wall in the space while also providing a pleasant aesthetic to other areas of the house.

Functional and Beautiful: Fireplace with Storage

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It’s typical to use pure white to adorn around a fireplace, which both softens and brightens the space. If you construct storage shelves on either end, your mantel will be clutter-free and the emphasis will be on the fireplace.

These fireplaces’ remodel ideas offer great functionality and clean aesthetics to the whole room.

Soft and Comforting: Farmhouse Fireplace Remodel Ideas

fireplace remodel ideas

You may completely transform the appearance of brick by giving it a smooth, creamy color. Farmhouse design looks especially lovely with lighter-colored brick. The texture and contour of the brick are captured in a color scheme that complements the typical tarnished white aesthetic of farmhouse decor. 

Contrast is essential to avoid a drab appearance. The dark-finished oak mantel is an excellent choice for breaking up the lighter color scheme while remaining consistent with the overall motif. Traditional fireplace accessories, such as cast-iron tools, also go well with this kind of design.

Redo Fireplace Mantel: Pretty and Unique

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Any fireplace is a lovely setting for interior design. If you own a light-hued brick fireplace, it’s almost as if you’ve been given a blank canvas to express your particular style. 

Use the hearth and mantel to mark the passing of the seasons. It’s an easy method to keep your interior decor fresh without breaking the bank. 

Placing a fresh framed photograph, candles, plants, or something unusual like a rustic ladder on the mantel can make the space appear fresh and new.

Gorgeous and Striking: Fireplace Tile Surrounds

fireplace remodel ideas

Adding a tile outline around the fireplace is one of the greatest fireplace remodel ideas to make it stand out. The tiles in this case can be in an intriguing black and white geometric design that wonderfully complements the white backdrop of the fireplace.

It’s a fantastic aesthetic that keeps things basic and understated while injecting individuality and charm.

Adding Charm: Round Fireplace Remodel Ideas

fireplace remodel ideas

Typically, spherical fireplaces are seen outside in a backyard setting, but this modern fireplace remodels idea works just as well indoors. The black chimney contrasts with the white round marble, making a statement in the area.

It’s ideal for use as a room divider or as a social spot in the middle of a living room. It’ll be distinctive and attention-seeking wherever you plan to install it.

Remodeling Ideas to Pull Off

fireplace remodel ideas

Beginning with fireplace remodel ideas is a lengthy process, so make sure you are following all of the instructions carefully. Once it’s clear, you can begin the remodeling project, whether it’s a minor touch-up or a comprehensive makeover.

Allow these fireplaces remodel ideas to motivate you, then personalize them with your creativity and styling. If you have a good idea of what design concept you want to go with, fireplace renovation can be a lot of fun.