10 Basic Yet Interesting Gardening Hacks

Today for all the gardeners out there we bring, 10 basic yet interesting gardening hacks. Taking up gardening will be troublesome at the beginning. That’s why today we are going to make those trouble interesting. So that you the gardener get more fun gardening. Let’s be real gardening is an interesting hobby, to begin with. But don’t worry you can always spice up your interesting thing to be more interesting.

Use Garden Tools as Ruler

There are lots of tools that a gardener can use in his/her garden regularly. A lawnmower is one of them, we are assuming you already have the best lawnmower for your garden. If not no problem.

But this part is not about lawnmowers. Forgive me for getting distracted.

Take a long tool whether it’s a hoe or gardening fork. And turn that stick into a measuring tool.

Land the tool flat on the ground take out your measuring tape, measure the handle, and make a permanent marking on the desired number. This way whenever you want to measure something while working you don’t need to look for measuring tape. You can just use that tool to measure.

Plant Levels

You can make your own plant levels from various stuff. Such as broken tiles, cutting a yogurt pot into pieces, and using them to mark the plant. Flat smooth stone can be also used for markings. Use a permanent marker to paint. If you want to reuse the same level, take out your sandpaper and rub the old marking well. It will remove the permanent marking and you can mark it again for a different plant. We are suggesting you, be creative here.

From Pots to Frost Jacket:

From Pots to Frost Jacket:

Suddenly there is a news forecast about frost and you are all out of cloches. Then you can use your old clay pots flip them upside down and cover your precious plants. This way it will keep the plant warm from the inside and keep away frost. But don’t forget to remove the cape in the morning. As your plants need the sun to grow up.

Pest Control

If you garden organically, there is a huge chance when the aphid season hits your garden will be full of them. Most people tackle this issue with their hands. That’s correct they squish those pesky bugs with their hand. It may seem inappropriate or troublesome to many people. You can blast them off with jet water. But it is a long process and you will waste tons of water.

Alternatively, you can use tapes. Take out your tape and cut it into sizes with the sticky side on the top place that tape underneath the leaves that the aphid attacked. The tape will catch all the aphids and you can kill them later on.

Or leave nasturtiums in the garden as aphid loves them. It will attract aphids away from your main crops.

Pest Control

Conserve Water

If you live in a hot place, you will run into issues regarding water. In hot places, plants like cucumbers and tomatoes tend to dry out quickly without water. You can use old plastic bottles to conserve water. Or you can purchase large plastic bowls to keep more water. If you don’t have a water pump near your garden use your water wisely.

Gardening Hacks Conserve Water

Reuse Greywater

Like us humans, plants don’t need filtered water. You can reduce your water and electricity bills by conserving the greywater from your household and then later use that water on your garden. This way not only you are saving water you are also helping the environment.

Soak Large Seeds for Better Germination

Large seeds like peas have thicker shells. It is hard for the shell to crack open right after planting it down. So the process of germination becomes longer. You can cut down the germination time by a huge margin if you soak your seeds beforehand.

Soak them overnight in lukewarm water. It will soften the shell and make the germination process quicker.

Soak Large Seeds for Better Germination

DIY Biodegradable Pots

A lot of plants like peas can’t grow outside. As they don’t like their roots to be disturbed. But planting them in a pot can rot their roots. You can easily bypass that problem. Make your own biodegradable pots from cardboard tubes. You can fill the tube with plant soils and plant your seed as usual. The cardboard tube will rot and make a place for the plant root to expand.

Don’t forget to keep all the tubes in a straight standing line. You don’t want them to fall. If they do your seed and plant soil will fall outside of the tube.

DIY Biodegradable Pots

Vertical Gardening

If you are working with a crammed space or running out of space start increasing your garden vertically. This way you can make as many layers as you need. Like a greenhouse. It is a really effective method of gardening. You can give it a try.

Vertical Gardening

Garden Planner Software

You can use garden planner software to keep track of the seeds you planted and when you weeded them. It will make your working schedule a lot easier. If you use software or keep notes of every detail you can easily get rid of the trouble of replanting seeds on the same pot.

As we mentioned earlier, gardening is not an easy task. But it is an enjoyable one. All you need to do is to make it enjoyable.

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