15+ Home Bar Ideas to Add a Personal Touch to Your Bar

Did you know that 55% of Americans prefer enjoying their drinks at home rather than going to a bar? And one of the best ways to do so is by designing a bar at your home! Imagine relishing your favorite drink in the comfort of your home. What’s best is that you can even invite friends over to have a small party or gathering. So, how do you go about designing your home bar? 

Here are the best home bar ideas you can steal to decorate your home.

1. Stain It Dark

Dark Color home bar ideas

When it comes to home bars, you can never go wrong with a dark theme. The majority of the bars in pubs and restaurants have dark wooden furnishing to create a calm and cozy atmosphere. You can follow the same design for your home bar.

Suppose you have space constraints, convert your library into a bar. Stain the wooden furniture to create a dark shade and add a few warm lights to the space. You can also use a bookshelf to show off your collection of booze. Style the bar with dark stools and keep a cozy lounging chair in the center where you can enjoy reading books and drinks.

2. Add an Art Backdrop

Art Backdrop in home bar

Another great trick is to use an art backdrop to highlight your bar. This is one of the best home bar ideas to give a modern touch to your home. You just need to add some cool art pieces on the wall behind your bar.

A big framed painting will make your home bar look more oriented. Make sure you choose a painting with contrasting colors to perfectly complement the wall. You can also make the bar more beautiful by matching the glassware with the art.

It is best to use one large painting along with a few smaller art pieces. Remember to leave negative space in between, or else the entire bar will look cramped up. 

3. Style with a Barn Door

Add a barn door in your home bar

If you want to keep your home bar separate, try adding a barn door. It will help you to create partitions as well as bring country vibes to your bar. There are different types and styles of doors available to suit any type of dĂ©cor. 

Remember to choose the right barn door to match your home bar. Adding this type of door will make your bar more organized and will help you to enjoy privacy. You can also add a stylish lock in the door to make it your secret space. This is one of the best home bar ideas for people who want to create a private bar.

4. Keep It Simple with Black and White

Black and white home bar

Home bar ideas don’t have to be ultra-stylish or modern. You can also keep it simple by just using the black-and-white combination. One of the best ways to do this is by adding a white half cabinet on the wall and keeping a small black table beneath. 

You can keep your liquor bottles on the table, along with a few glasses. To decorate the bar further, you can use magazines or décor pieces on the table for entertainment. This idea is great for small homes where you don’t have enough space to create a big bar.

5. Bring Retro Vibes

Retro Vibes bar ideas

Retro bars are trending these days, and more and more people are adopting this style. You can try this idea for your home bar to create an aesthetic appeal. The best way to bring retro vibes is by adding a vintage shelf and table. You can also add wooden bar stools to match the theme.

Another thing you can do is add a chandelier to the ceiling. You can also decorate the shelf with unique liquor bottles and glass. Use dark wall colors to match the decor. This is one of the best basement bar ideas

6. Use Freestanding Cabinet

Freestanding cabinet in home bar

To create a British-style home bar, you can use a freestanding cabinet. This is one of the best home bar ideas if you don’t have much space. To design this type of bar, you just need to add a cabinet near a wall and install a fridge to keep your drinks. 

It will help to keep your drinks cold and in the best condition. Within the cabinet, you will get good space to keep all your bar accessories like glasses. Make sure you choose a compact cabinet with an appealing color. 

7. Make Room for Wine Storage

Make room for wine storage

If you love drinking wine, this is one of the most trending home bar ideas to try. You can create a small wine storage in your basement to make a car. Add shelves and furniture in the basement to create a cozy atmosphere. 

Apart from that, you can create a lounging area with a table and chairs to host a party and celebrate with your friends. Make sure the storage room is climate-controlled to keep your wine in the best condition. 

8. Put a TV on the Bar Wall

TV on wall bar

If you want to make your home bar an entertainment hub, simply install a flat-screen TV on the wall. It will help you to create a modern theme bar where you can watch TV as well as play games with your friends.

You can add comfortable lounging chairs as well as a small table to make the bar cozier. Moreover, you can also install a gaming console to play games on the go. A colorful wall will look good with the TV and enhance the overall appeal of the bar.

9. Keep It Fresh with Colors

colorful home bar ideas

One of the best home bar ideas is adding colors to create a vibrant appearance. Most of the bars have a dark theme, but you can try something unique by using different color combinations. Carefully use the colors to make your bar design stand out.

Try using two to three color combinations on walls and add paintings to make the walls more colorful. You can also add other elements like colorful bottles. However, make sure you keep it fresh by using bright and pastel colors. 

10. Add a Window

Windows in home bar

You can easily create a swim-up bar at home by adding a window seat. Convert your cabinet into a window by adding two opening doors to store your alcohol bottles and glasses. Keep the window in white color to add a contrast against the bottles. 

As for the back wall, you can add wallpaper in brick design to create an open bar look. Use a metallic bar stool in silver color to match the theme of the home bar. It will help you to create a cool home bar with a street-style appearance. 

11. Match Glassware with Cabinets

glassware with cabinets in home bar design

Another home bar idea you can try is matching glassware with cabinets. It will help you to create a glossy design to impress all your guests. You can choose a unique color cabinet and purchase similar glassware to match the theme. 

Add shelves above the cabinet to showcase all your glasses and bottles. You can also add good lighting to make the glassware look more beautiful. Green and blue glasses will look really good with a deep marine color cabinet.

12. Use Backlight 

backlights in home bar

If you want to make your home bar stand out, add backlights to create a beautiful effect. It will add a luxurious touch to your home and highlight your liquor bottle collection. 

Add floor-to-ceiling racks to stock your bottles and install lights behind each rack. It is best to use warm lights for an aesthetic appeal. Switch on the lights when you sit at the bar to enjoy drinks with your friends. 

13. Make a Private Corner

private corner for home bar

Making a private corner is one of the best small home bar ideas. If you don’t have much free space in your home, utilize a corner to create your bar. You can add a few shelves in the corner to keep your bottles and use one or two stools for seating. 

This way, you can create a private corner where you can enjoy your drinks after a day at work. You can also chill around with your buddies in the small bar. If you need more space, you can take the drinks and move on the sofa.

14. Design Bar in Niches

Design bar in niches

You can also design a home bar in a niche to create a private space. If you have free space in a wall, you can carve it to build a bar. While this design is slightly expensive, it will help you to save space.

You can add wooden dĂ©cor to make a frame and use lights on top to see your drinks in the dark. Add two chairs so that you can sit around the bar. To add a unique touch, you can store the glasses on the ceiling. This is one of the best home bar ideas for small spaces. 

15. Create a Cozy Lounge

Cozy Space in home bar ideas

If you love drinking at home in a cozy and comfortable way, create a bar with a lounge. This is one of the best home coffee bar ideas to add a personal touch. You need good space to set up this bar as you need to install a lounging sofa.

Install a counter in the corner with shelves to keep your glasses, mugs, and bottles. Add a modern touch by using wooden dĂ©cor and warm lights. Make sure you use a sofa or couch instead of chairs to make the home bar cozier. 

16. Show Off Your Collection

Add collection in your home bar

People love showing off their liquor collection, and there is nothing better than using a home bar to do so. You can add shelves on a wall to beautifully line up your alcohol collection.

Arrange the bottles nicely on the shelves and keep your glasses on the side. You can further enhance the bar by adding a counter and rug on the floor. This is one of the most beautiful bar ideas for home.

17. Convert a Closet

convert closet into home bar

If you are looking for home bar ideas on a budget, convert your closet into a bar. Use your old closet and tuck your bar behind the door. It will give you ample space to store your drinks and glasses. 

Add a beautiful color to the closet to make it look new. You can try different colors, from pale yellow to beautiful teal. To keep your drinks cold, you can install a small wine fridge in the closet. 

18. Use the Space Under the Stairs

bar under the stairs

Making a home bar can be difficult if you don’t have much space in your home. This is where you can use this home bar idea. If you have spare space under the stairs, you can convert it into a bar.

The space might be small, but it becomes a perfect spot for designing your home bar. Add a small cabinet in the area to store all your bar essentials. You can keep the bottles on one side and the glasses on the other side to create a clean look.


How do you style a bar area?

You can add furniture and decorative items to easily style the bar area in your home.

What is bar height for home?

The size of a commercial bar is 42 inches, but for a home, you can choose a lower height of 30 to 35 inches. 

What is the benefit of bar at home?

Making a home bar can help you save money as you will spend less time buying drinks at the bar


Home bar can be a great addition to your home and can even increase its resale value. You can follow the home bar ideas we have listed in this article to design your home. We have offered ideas for all types and sizes of homes. You can even add your own personal touch to the design by adding a few extra elements. 

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