9 Home Decor Ideas by Top Interior Designers

Your home is a place that reflects your inner self. Or at least, it should. People spend huge sums of money on home decoration. Today many turn to interior designers for help or inspiration. Their job is not only to work out a trendy aesthetical design but also to plan effective space usage

Here are 9 home decor ideas 2020 from the best interior designers. They will help you to find inspiration and redecorate your house or apartment.

1. Oversized Art

Home Decor Ideas

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Some people claim that home decor meaning is art. It’s partially true. Outstanding interior design is pure art. Therefore, embedding a magnifying painting is one of the most successful solutions. Just keep the rest of the space simple to put the focus on the diamond. If you don’t want to turn to paint, you can utilize printing: for example, an awning printing.

2. Ever-Trendy Black and White Home Decor

Home Decor Ideas

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Is there something more permanent than featuring black and white in the interior design? You will waste a lot of time to find it. Most likely, with no success in the end. Black-and-white design always looks trendy. If you want to spice it up a bit, add one or two elements of another color. Preferably, it must be bright and vibrant.

3. Contrast – Make a Statement with Colors

Home Decor Ideas

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Contrast isn’t limited to black and white only. You can choose any other colors and play with them. Depending on the style, the shades can be more or less vibrant. For example, if you look for elegance, gold will be an excellent choice for a light color. A dark one can be any from emerald, deep dark blue to plum or dark red (like a good wine).

4. Embed the Nature

Home Decor Ideas

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Nature enriches any interior. Although some people consider it as a summer home decor, plants are ideal for any season. They create a comfortable, calming down atmosphere to enjoy after a long working day. You can keep it minimal and buy one or two flower pots. However, if there is a big space with no use, consider creating a small in-house garden.

5. Metal Is the New Black in 2020

Home Decor Ideas

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The metallic trend has been gaining popularity throughout the last couple of years. It has become even more vivid in 2020. Metal matches well with other materials. This results in more beautiful and interesting interior design. You can buy a metal bed, a table, or chairs. Another way is to focus on small details like a mirror, vase, or shelf. 

6. Invest in the Entryway

Home Decor Ideas

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What is the first thing people see when they enter your house? Right, the entryway. That’s why it should amaze the visitors with an exquisite yet simple interior. The first impression always matters. Place some portraits or paintings, buy a beautiful console, install sophisticated lighting. All this contributes to developing an aesthetical look.

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7. Pay Attention to the Details

Home Decor Ideas

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Frames, mirrors, shelves, vases, garlands, glasses – all these are vital for aesthetics. Details are key. They are a final touch, a sweet frosting that makes the interior design complete. Never ignore the power of the details.

8. Go for a Statement Carpet

Home Decor Ideas

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Carpet can significantly change the atmosphere. There is no need to add unnecessary details to a minimalistic design. You can just buy a sophisticated matching carpet. Its beauty can lie in the pattern. If you look for a smaller rug, you can play with textures, not patterns. All in all, it’s one of the most successful home decor ideas.

9. Golden Details Fit Any Interior

Home Decor Ideas

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Golden details can make any interior look fancier. It can be golden lighting, vases, pillows, a coffee table, or anything else. The main rule is to keep it simple. Don’t overdo on gold. It must be like shiny frosting.

Gold matches almost any interior. Why so? There are many shades. You don’t have to choose a yellowish gold. You can go for a rose one instead.

We hope you have found inspiration by checking our home decor trends 2020. What would you like to embed in your interior design?

Home Decor Ideas

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