What Is Interior Design?  

The interior design world stretches far deeper than popular perception. Designers don’t just have a knack for the artistry of space and elegant furniture. They’re also technicians, safety experts, and anthropologists in their own right; they work hand-in-hand with engineers and architects to create design schemes that are practical, safe, and beautiful.

“Interior design is all about how we experience spaces,” explains the New York School of Interior Design, “It’s a powerful, essential part of our daily lives and affects how we live, work, play, and even heal.” At its core, the interior design adds to comfort, beauty, and functionality to the rooms and spaces we use every day.

Below, we’re delving deeper into interior design, how it works, and the talented minds behind the process.

Interior Design Frames the Way the World Lives

Interior design has everything to do with the way we use indoor spaces. Designers utilize fabrics, colors, shapes, and light to create a place that not only looks beautiful but feels comfortable and functions well, too. Even small details, such as the location of power outlets or the way light falls through the windows, are considered when designing a space.

Types of Interior Design

Types of Interior Design

When people think of interior design, private residences often come to mind. However, home interior design is only one aspect of the field. Designers can specialize in a variety of different focus areas, including:

  •     Bathroom Design
  •     Kitchen Design
  •     Exhibit Design
  •     Hotel Design
  •     Restaurant Design
  •     Corporate Design

From hotel rooms to museum lobbies, virtually all public spaces can benefit from a carefully curated aesthetic.

Who Can Be an Interior Designer?

Not just anyone can hang up a sign and offer interior design services to the world. In most states, Interior Designer is a hard-earned title that requires some level of accreditation, usually an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. In the U.S., the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) is considered the premier certifying organization. Those who wish to sit for the NCIDQ exam must possess a bachelor’s degree and have two years of experience working under a direct supervisor or mentor who is a certified Interior Designer. 

Design students study far more than color theory and aesthetics. They also learn about building and design codes to ensure that they know how to create spaces that function properly. For example, designers must be aware of health and safety issues, structural requirements, and fire codes. Plus, many become proficient at computer-aided drafting (CAD) programs that enable them to sketch their plans and collaborate with architects, engineers, and contractors to create safe, efficient interiors from the ground up. They combine the art of making a space beautiful with the science of getting the details right, and they’re constantly bridging the gaps between other professions to shape the way a room functions.

How Do You Know When You Need an Interior Designer?

A woman giving a presentation to a group of people

Even a short consultation with a qualified interior designer can help you sort out your own intentions for your space, giving you ideas to create the design scheme you can almost – but not quite – envision in your mind’s eye. Whether you’re building a new space from the ground up, renovating a room in your home, or just adding a few aesthetic updates, it’s always a good idea to get a designer’s thoughts before you move forward.

For larger-scale or higher-stakes projects, or for areas where you don’t have the time or energy to curate the details yourself, hiring an interior designer can make all the difference. Sometimes adding a touch of luxury means investing in a piece or two of high-end furniture; other times, it involves a strategic coat of paint. When in doubt, get a designer’s opinion, and enjoy their experienced insight. It’s worth every penny.

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