6 Tips For Your Kitchen Design

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in our homes, and a nice and well-designed kitchen design can, among other things, increase both home value and comfort. 

Many people consider the kitchen as their family gathering point – this is where we meet for the first time in the morning for breakfast and then meet again for dinner after a busy day. This is where we tell each other what our days have been like, or where we have our holiday dinner.

Food and cuisine are often associated with emotions, which is precisely why we are so happy to refurbish and make this room our own. In this article, we will show you kitchen inspiration as well as give you some tips and advice on how to make your kitchen more convenient.

1. Kitchen Island 

Kitchen IslandĀ 

A kitchen island becomes like an extension of your kitchen without ā€œeatingā€ too much of the space in the room. The island can be used as a place to cut and cook food on one side and turned into a “bar” on the other side. 

The bar will be a perfect place to have breakfast or a quick snack while on the go. It can also be a social place for your friends or kids to sit as you prepare a full night for them.

Ask a kitchen designer or go to IKEA to find a kitchen island that will suit your kitchen. 

2. Take Advantage of The Space

Take Advantage of The Space

Expand the kitchen by using the walls. You may have more space than you think! A kitchen designer can help you find solutions that will best fit your room, and some can also custom-design the furniture to fit right in.

3. Make The Kitchen Your Own

Make The Kitchen Your Own

Make the kitchen your own! Let your personality shine through your kitchen design. Use colors that represent you and your personality and have some fun while refurbishing.

This will make you feel more at home and increase the comfort of your own home.

4. Storage


If you have some extra space, consider installing a dry storage cabinet. This will give you a better overview of everything you have, and this overview may even save you money when you go out on your weekly shopping rounds.

Another cool design tip is to put all your dry goods in a glass. This will make it look tidier as well as giving the room a cool retro look. You can often find such glasses at flee markets. If you are concerned about expiration dates, you can mark the glasses with, for example, a post-it note underneath.

5. Countertops


Choose countertops that both look nice and that lasts for a while. Keep in mind that the kitchen should be the cleanest room in the house, as the danger of infection in food can be great. Therefore, you should make sure the countertops are easy to clean and to maintain.

6. Fireplace 


A fireplace could make any space more inviting. If you have enough room for it, try to place a fireplace in the kitchen or in the social area. Donā€™t have a chimney? Thatā€™s ok – with todayā€™s technology, an electric fireplace could look just as real. It also makes it easier to move around and place it where itā€™s more convenient.

Good luck with designing your kitchen!

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