6 Design Tips for Your Home Office

Before 2020, a home office was one of those nice to have spaces in your home that were rarely used. However, in recent months, many home offices have greatly been spruced up out of necessity but more often, lacking in functionality. While a majority of people are looking forward to normal work life resuming, working from home has become part of daily life. So here we will discuss some amazing home office tips that you should follow.

When it comes to designing your home office, it goes beyond buying a desk and chair. If you spend the majority of your day there, it’s paramount to do a little planning to make the space as comfortable and inviting as possible. Here are some home office tips that will help you increase productivity;

1. Location Is Key

A home office comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be a spare bedroom, a quiet corner of your living room, or even your kitchen countertop. Spare rooms are the first go-to option as they allow one to shut the door at the end of a working day and go ‘home.’

The key to location is to think of an area that is practical and functional. Your work tools will also essentially depict the amount of space needed for an office. If the tools occupy a lot of space then make sure you search for a room or area that can accommodate this.

2. Select Quality Furniture

Select Quality Furnitu for rehome office

Choosing the right furniture pieces is essential for the office. Hay Design’s best furniture on Mohd’s online store is a great resource point for the best home office furniture. Hay is a Danish brand that offers a wide array of contemporary Scandinavian style design pieces.

This brand has been in existence since 2002 and is popular for furniture, lighting, and accessories for the modern home. The tables are sturdy and come in versatile language shapes while the chairs add a classic expression to modern seating.

3. Allow for Space

When designing the office layout, it’s important to allow enough space to work comfortably. Leave enough room for the furniture to seamlessly fit in and for you to move around when you need a breather. Sitting down too much isn’t good for the body and mind.

If you start to feel sluggish, often the mind feels sluggish too. Working at a standing desk can be a great idea to help give you focus, energize and prevent pains caused by uncomfortable chairs or hunching over a laptop. Additionally, enough room can allow one to do some simple home workouts in between work breaks.

4. Let There Be Light

Light completely changes the design of a space by playing with our perceptions to create unique sensations and experiences. Impeccable lighting makes all the difference when it comes to boosting mood and creativity. A well-lit office is essential to feel energetic and ready for the day.

Try to have as much natural light in the room to allow one to get some vitamin D, boost immune and help reduce the production of bacteria and organisms that can grow in the office. Strategically placing a mirror to a certain location can as well help to optimize the natural light.

5. Go Green

Nature is a magical thing. It has a way of creating a happier and healthier workspace. Viewing nature such as trees, flowers, or water can reduce stress and exhaustion. If your home office allows a view of your backyard, feel free to open the windows to let in the fresh air and allow the mind to wander in nature in-between breaks.

For rooms deprived of nature, try incorporating items or things that will bring the outside in such as an indoor herb garden or wall art that depicts the natural environment. Color especially, bright colors can do wonders to a home office and instantly make the space feel airy. Pastel colors are the in-colors for millennials as they are known to bring in the feeling of ‘calmness’ aiding in mental concentration.

6. Add a Personal Touch

Add a Personal Touch for home office


When designed properly, a home office allows many to work more efficiently and, above all, at the comfort of your home. It’s therefore important to add a personal touch to this space so that it doesn’t feel like your regular workspace. Have personal items such as family pictures or vacation collectibles on the tables to serve to motivate you or get you in the right mood for work.

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