Understand How Glazing Can Add Value to Your House!

If you’re thinking about selling your house, you might be considering how you can add value to it to get the best return possible. Double glazing is one easy way you can help bring the price of your home up without making too many changes. Essex glazing companies are able to fit double glazing for you no matter what type of home you have. Even if you live in a high rise and are on the top floor, they can still install it for you.

You may not realise it, but the price of your home can fluctuate a lot and there are plenty of different factors that affect it. Windows are a key component when your house is valued, so if you really want to boost the asking price of your home, keep reading and discover how glazing can add value to your house. 

Energy Efficiency 

How Glazing Can Add Value To Your House

One of the biggest benefits of double glazed windows is an improvement to your home’s energy efficiency. Double glazing prevents cold air from getting in and helps trap the warmth inside. This can also decrease your energy bill and improve your energy rating. Having a highly rated home can increase its value of it immensely, with some people seeing as much as a 10% rise in value.

With more people becoming conscious of their carbon footprint, having double glazing also helps you appeal to this demographic. Most new homeowners will be wanting to purchase a house that’s not only beautiful but one that won’t cost them a fortune to run. Having older windows means you run the risk of drafts and weakened heat retention, so upgrading them to more efficient double glazed ones can really boost your home’s value.    

Add an Advantage to Your Sale

How Glazing Can Add Value To Your House

Double glazing is also more desirable than single pane windows and can be more of a stylistic choice as well. Upgrading parts of your home is an easy way to increase its value, so don’t forget about your windows. Double glazing also helps to block out sound, so if you live near train tracks or an airport, having glazing can really be a good selling point to make prospective buyers aware of.

If you relied on old, single glazed windows, new buyers may be put off by the thought of having to pay to upgrade them once they’ve bought the house. But, if the windows are already brand new, then you can factor that cost into your asking price.    

Bring Style

How Glazing Can Add Value To Your House

Double glazing can completely transform your home too and take it from drab to fab in less than a day. Older single pane windows can bring down your home’s value just based on their appearance alone, so double glazing can be a worthwhile investment even if you think the old windows are fine.

Double glazed windows can also come in a range of different styles, so you can really ensure that your home is looking its best for viewings. If your home has a retro feel, you’ll be able to find a vintage style that suits it, or if your home is modern, there are plenty of chic window finishings available. Matching your windows to your home will really push the boat out on its appearance, making it much more desirable and therefore, higher in value. 

A Safe, Dry Home

How Glazing Can Add Value To Your House

Mould can be a big problem when trying to sell your home, and if you don’t have adequate windows protecting it from the outside elements, you may struggle to get your asking price when selling. Double glazing can really help to eliminate the chances of mould and damp occurring in your home as it stops any water from getting in.

A lot of double glazed windows are also fitted with proper ventilation as well, keeping condensation to a minimum. Too much condensation can build up and cause a ton of problems later on down the line, so double glazing can be a great way to not only add value, but it can also protect your home from common issues. By removing this potential issue for the new owners, you’re essentially saving them money in the future, so the value of your home goes up. 

Double glazing has a lot of technical benefits when it comes to having them fitted to your home. However, they can add significant value to your house too. If your windows are single pane or a fair few years old, then they could definitely do with replacing. You’ll improve the style and attraction of your home to any potential buyers, and you’ll be able to get a better return when you do sell. Glazing is a very worthwhile investment, so contact your local glazers today!

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