Are You Relocating? Here’s How Much to Tip Movers

Shifting to a new house is not an easy task! Moving from one place to another is quite stressful with so much to do. There are a myriad of tough questions in your mind with a lot of suspenseful uncertainties. Out of so much, a question that often strikes your mind is how much to tip movers?

How much should you tip movers is a sensible matter to think about. You don’t want to make the movers feel like you are not appreciating the work that they did for you. Your objective is not to look cheap in front of them but you don’t want to over-tip as well because when it comes to your hard-earned money, every dollar matters! So, how much do you tip movers is a question that you should be very serious about while you are shifting from one place to another. Your movers might like getting a bigger tip than usual but it won’t be something very favorable for you! Do you tip movers often? Then, you will already have an idea about these facts.

Well, tips are quite a perplexing thing to think about in the American culture. It’s because the amount that has to be paid as a tip depends on the type of industry, your location, and the quality of the service. Of course, you won’t find a particular formula to calculate how much you should tip, certain factors can be quite helpful for you while you determine the amount that you will pay as a tip to your movers.

We’ve crafted this blog for all you people who are planning to shift their house recently and want to ensure that your movers receive the right tip for their services. So, if you were stressing out thinking about how much you should tip to the moving crew so that you neither offend them nor you break your bank, you’ve landed at the right place.

Do You Want to Tip Movers?

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First thing first, let’s discuss if tipping movers is crucial or not. Is it necessary to still tip movers or it has become an old and unnecessary practice now?

Well, it can’t be considered as something essential but a good practice of course. Why? Because movers work so hard and spend long hours every single day lifting heavy items in and out of vehicles and your house. So, if they receive a tip for that, they gratefully accept it and a gesture like this also makes them feel that they are doing something important.

When you tip your movers, you recognize the hard work that they did for you and it also indicates that you are appreciating their labor. You need to remember here that movers belong to the service industry. So, it is expected that they will be tipped more and that’s why their base pay is often reduced.

The fact is that you need to always tip your movers unless you have received a very bad service. You might think that they are already getting paid to help you move but a small sum from you that expresses your gratitude toward their tiring work will be something that they will love.

So, what we can say finally is that yes, you should tip your moving crew to let them know that you value their work and the time that they have spent completing the entire relocation process.

Now, you know the fact that you should tip the movers but how much you need to pay still remains confusing to you. Isn’t it?

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So, What Amount Do You Tip Movers?

Two men unpacking a mattress in a room

It is that part of your entire shifting process which is full of anxiety! Deciding the right amount of money that you should pay as a tip to movers is quite a strenuous and tricky task. Will you tip each mover individually or are you going to give the tip in total to their supervisor? What seems to be an ideal scenario is tipping each mover individually. This will ensure that all of them will get the exact amount that you planned.

If you have liked the work of some movers more and intend to pay them a bit more than others, it is always smart to pay all of them in small envelopes with their tip inside and attach a small thank you note to all the envelopes that can show you appreciation. Doing this will not let you end up offending other movers to whom you have paid a little less as they will not see the amount that you have paid to their team members.

Things to Consider While Deciding the Tipping Amount to Movers

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How Complex is Your Move

There are certain important things about your move that you should consider while deciding how much you need to pay the movers. First, what is the size of your house and the contents that you are moving, how much distance you have to cover, how many professionals it will take to move and pack your things, how many stairs they have to climb, how many heavy and uniquely designed furniture your movers have to carry, and how many days will it take to make the entire shift. If the answers to these questions seem to be quite exigent to you, you need to plan to pay more to the movers.

What is the Quality of the Service

Did the movers you hired arrive on time? Were they thoughtful? Were they careful about your fragile items? At the end of the shifting process, if you think that you are happy with the answers to these questions, the movers deserve a good tip!

Final Cost for the Move

Were you asked to pay extra for the packing services along with moving services? Were the movers able to fit all your possessions and furniture in one vehicle or did they need an extra one? All these expenditures will be a part of the final cost that you will be paying for the packing and moving service and this amount will play a significant role in deciding how much tip you will pay to the movers. Your tip to the movers should be a percentage of your total bill that the moving company will share with you.

Final Note

Movers do highly strained and important work in your relocation process from one house to another. If their service is tip-worthy, you need to certainly pay enough tips to them and a cherry on the cake for them would be if you leave a positive online review about the moving company. It will help them create a better online presence for themselves. You should never ignore the power of your words, your smile, and your thoughtful thanks.

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