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Most people who have changed their homes to someplace else have called the experience anything but ‘fun’. Moving is a hassle and no one can deny it. Especially the actual process of getting your things from Point A and transferring them to Point B is stressful. Usually, people make up their minds about their new jobs, searching for a good school or college for the kids, etc, but they keep choosing local movers Charlotte NC area as the last priority. This is where the mistake occurs.

If you do not find the right moving company, your relocation experience can become a nightmare. Daniel, a 30-year-old man living in Raleigh found it the hard way. He need help moving furniture and hired an unknown and not-so-popular mover for his expensive and dear furniture thinking that the cheap quotes would benefit him greatly. But the whole process went against his plans. “They ruined two of my antique table lamps, increased the quote mid-way, and refused to set up my heavy furniture”, says Daniel. “It was a difficult time for me, and the whole experience made me sour.”

Furniture Movers

Like Daniel, do not make the mistake of hiring just about anyone to save a few dollars. Instead invest in such Charlotte moving companies that have experience, a strong client base, and high-grade services. But it is easier said than done right? Not anymore. I have brought you some important pointers that you need to check thoroughly so that no mistakes happen while hiring furniture moving companies.

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Top Points to Keep in Mind While Hiring Furniture Movers

Top Points to Keep in Mind While Hiring Furniture Movers

Check the License

If your furniture movers have the right license, hire them without worry. Licenses are ‘the’ only factor that matters the most while moving furniture. A moving company has different licenses for local and interstate moving so ask for the ones that apply to your move. To move anything outside the state, your professional mover must have the license of the federal government.

Also, they must possess a U.S. Department of Transportation commonly known as the DOT number. There is another way to check the authenticity of your mover. Call the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and ask for the details about your chosen moving company. They will give you genuine and authentic information so you don’t have to think twice about hiring them.

For people who are moving locally, get in touch with your state moving association and find out about the license and other details about your chosen mover. Through both of these processes, you will be able to stay clear from ‘fraud’ and inexperienced furniture moving companies.

Training Experience

An inexperienced and unpopular furniture moving company will not have trained movers on board. This is the reason why so many people complain about broken and damaged furniture from the move. You cannot take the risk with untrained people. So while hiring furniture movers, check whether or not the people have received the right training for the job.

Professional moving companies hire and train their careers with the best operation teams for a long time before they let them handle any move. They make them learn about the best furniture moving practices around the world so that safety and efficiency are never compromised. These moving companies also keep a close eye on the background of every team member and test them for drugs before any movement happens. Rest assured your furniture is safe with such companies.

Best Furniture Movers

Get Recommendations

Usually, you will find someone in the neighborhood or someone close to you who has used the Charlotte moving company services to shift furniture. Take recommendations from them. And then make the list of the top liked companies. This way, you will be able to hire the best company without having to go through a lot of Google searching.

While selecting the company through recommendations, keep an eye out for red flags. If your close friends, family, or neighbors have mentioned anything remotely problematic, it’s best if you don’t take the risk of hiring them. If any damage occurs on the way, you cannot undo it. The best professional moving companies have the right tools, equipment, vehicle, and expertise to serve your needs. They don’t make any accidents occur. So if you find a company with negative reviews of minor or major accidents, strike them out from your list.

Customer Reviews

There is nothing like customer reviews. If you go to the review or testimonial section of the company, looking and checking out what the previous customers have said will help you hire the best company for your furniture. Look for errors in the services that the past customers have mentioned. If it’s something major, do not choose that company. Do this process for all companies and you will land the best one.

Among others, College Dudes Help U Move is a popular choice but you can choose any furniture moving company as your preference. Remember to keep my points in mind as these are the deciding factors for hiring any furniture mover anywhere in the world.

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