How Noisy Offices and Areas Affect Our Mental Health

The development of technology and the unstoppable progress of humanity have brought many benefits to us. Modern inventions, channels of communication, handy gadgets – all these raise the quality of our lives to the highest level.

But there is the other side of the coin. Fast and stressful living, materializing things, and neglecting health are the inevitable consequences of the everyday struggle to secure a better future for ourselves and our loved ones. 

Noisy Offices and Areas


Stress and various other unpleasant effects around us can cause a lot of damage to our mental health. Expert neurologists claim that an average person endures stress thousands of times during each day in one form or another. On this page, check common physical symptoms of stress.

Being exposed to stress can leave intensive scars in our brains if it’s not handled appropriately and in time. As various researches have shown, many things during our daily routines can cause small amounts of stress. If it continues to pile up, it may lead to specific troubles with our mental health.

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Noise as Pollutant

Tension and stress are all around us, even when we are not aware of it. For example, construction machines, traffic noise, honks, and loud music can sometimes get on nerves, but literally. The madness of the noisy world that surrounds us drains our energy and has adverse effects on general well-being.

Loudness is one kind of stress that can seriously damage our brain. Among many other factors, noisy areas and workplaces where we spend most of our time during the day will cause extreme mental health changes gradually. These things won’t happen overnight, but slowly, day by day and week by week until the damage is severe.

Effects of Prolonged Exposure

Noise pollution is one of the primary causes of declining quality of life in large cities, where all kinds of sounds are present 24/7/365. This problem, as an underestimated hazard, can cause hearing loss, cardiovascular problems, memory difficulties, anxiety, and depression.

Cardiovascular problems arise as a response of the body to noise. Sounds of different frequencies and strengths trigger cortisol production. The body begins to secrete stress hormones in excessive amounts, leading to damage to blood vessels and nerve synapses.

Exposure to noise causes stress and sleeping issues, which are the most significant triggers of high blood pressure. Even as we sleep, our brain registers loud sounds, and the body responds with an accelerated heart rate and high blood pressure. Lack of sleep also leads us to feel exhausted, grumpy, and depressed.

Our Mental Health Is What Matters the Most

People nowadays lead very fast-paced lives, and because of that, they don’t pay enough attention to their health. Being mentally well is as important as feeling good in the physical sense. We need to keep our mental well-being at bay, nurture it, and give it a fresh start from time to time so we could keep ourselves sane.

Stressing our body and brain is something we can’t avoid every time. We must do everything necessary to keep our anxiety and stress levels low. People must realize that noise prevention will help them significantly, and everyone must do whatever they can to avoid prolonged exposure to loud sounds.

Some research showed that some level of tension could actually be good for us, which can be found on the following source:

Some of the primary stress-causing factors are places where we live and work. The stress level may be variable and undetectable, but it’s constant. As we spend most of our time in these places, we somehow got used to all sounds there. But our body and mind suffer.

What’s the Best Solution for Fighting Noise?
Noisy Offices and Areas


The daily dose of noise we have in our lives is bearable. When we hear a loud sound that irritates us, we just go away. But when we are in a situation that we can’t simply leave the noisy area, we should find a way to cope with the exposure to this kind of stress.

Some people prefer to meditate to relieve themselves of the mental burden. Spending some time alone in silence can do wonders for our mental health. On the other hand, others will choose physical training. Mental ‘workout’ like filling the crossword, playing chess and similar calming activities will ease our mind from everything else. 

While in silence, our brains ‘rest.’ Without intense stimulation, the headquarter of our nervous system can restore cognitive ability, improve focus, and decision-making process. In other words, when we ‘reset’ our mind and clear it from the effects of noise, we can function much better and more efficiently.

Other Solutions Are Available

Besides the mentioned ways of relaxing our minds, we need to allow ourselves to find other concrete solutions. If we’re having noise issues coming from the outside, we should also consider soundproofing our workspace. As seen on, various ways of making sound insulation can help in guarding ourselves against outside noises. 

Soundproof systems will help us shield ourselves from all the outside noise. The soundproofing of living and working areas has shown a significant level of success. This insulation doesn’t require many skills, time, and money, but it can make a considerable difference.

As a concrete manner of coping noise, some people use sound-isolating earplugs and similar personal sound-isolating products. Earplugs may be of help in noisy offices, as they decrease outside distractions and help us focus on our work. 

Reducing the surrounding noise can help employees to have excellent concentration and productivity levels. There are many regulations saying that people should work in areas that don’t endanger their health. So many employees are eager to soundproofed working areas to keep their employees safe and satisfied.

All of us function in different ways, and every one of us has a distinctive method of relaxation. No matter what it is, if it helps our mental health, we should go for it. But we also have to deal with noise problems at its core. Keeping our minds safe is of the utmost importance today, so we should work on decreasing noise pollution.

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