The Best Tips and Ideas for Patio Renovation

A well-designed patio is an excellent investment for a home.

They can add up to 10% to home value and offer an ROI of over 80%! That’s much higher than many other home projects. That said, many homes may need a patio to revamp to see that total return on investment. If you moved into a home with an older patio that needs repair or a basic patio that could use some flair, then renovation is an excellent option to consider. But before whipping out the paint or attaching any wire rope for your next cable railing project, there are a few things to know about renovating a patio.

Keep reading for advice and tips on patio renovation.

Evaluate How You Use the Space

Evaluate How You Use the Space

The first step to planning a practical patio remodel is considering how you use the space. Doing so will help you plan the best ideas for improving and making it functional.

Not everyone uses their yard or patio the same way! For example, you may primarily use the space for outdoor dining with your family during nice weather. In that case, built-in seating and room for a large table may be ideal. But on the other hand, someone who uses the space for reading and relaxing may prefer shaded spots and somewhere to hang a hammock.

Pin Down Your Budget

Pin Down Your Budget

We all have that dream remodel we’d tackle if the funds were there. Unfortunately, the reality is that we don’t all have the financial ability to chase that dream renovation! Instead of planning all the features you want, first, outline your budget. This saves you a ton of hassle and headaches later out.

You can determine which features and aspects to improve based on your budget. For example, if your patio has huge cracks or dents in the floor, that would take priority over adding some new features or furniture. Based on your budget, you can assess how much the floor would take to repair, and then see what you have left for additions.

Concrete Is Costly

Concrete Is Costly

Many patios are made of concrete; an expensive material that costs a lot to replace. For example, the average patio is around 288 square feet and costs about $2,800 ($10 per square foot).

For this reason, completely repouring your patio is typically not ideal. It will cost a lot of money to demo existing concrete and pour new. However, professional concrete may still be the best option if you remove a deck or porch and have unpaved ground. In that case, note that a plain design is the least expensive, and there are ways to enhance it later for a budget.

Outsource Vs. DIY

Outsource Vs. DIY

After you know what you want to do to your patio, you can effectively determine who should do it.

It may be tempting to plan a total DIY renovation. However, if new concrete is part of your patio renovation, it’s best left to the professionals. The DIY YouTube tutorials make concrete pouring seem plausible, but a lot can go wrong when you attempt to do this on your own without the proper equipment.

Some other elements to consider outsourcing include:

  • Electric wiring (adding lights or outlets)
  • Excavating the area
  • Adding a full fireplace
  • Other built-ins
  • Pergola and gazebos
  • Installing sliding patio or bifold doors

Still, there’s a lot you can do on your own, depending on your skill level. Some examples are:

  • Painting concrete
  • Installing pavers or a walkway
  • Adding a border
  • Placing a fire pit (freestanding)
  • Planting
  • Furniture and accessories
  • Installing a hanging chair or hammock

Bigger Isn’t Better

Bigger Isn’t Better

If you have a small patio, it can be tempting to expand it. However, there may be better ideas than expansion due to the sky-high cost of concrete. Not only that, but it’s not always necessary to make a small patio bigger.

There are plenty of ways to enhance a small patio and improve the functionality of the space.

Some ideas for improving a small patio include:

  • Add a trellis for privacy
  • Place seating around the perimeter rather than in the center
  • Shade the area
  • Add a partial border

Consider the Lighting

Consider the Lighting

Patios are not only for daytime use. They can be great spots for outdoor entertaining or relaxing. Well, if they have adequate lighting, at least!

The small outdoor lights on your home’s exterior may not be enough to light the area amply. So, when planning your patio renovation, consider the lighting. How can you light the space in a way that makes it usable?

The answer could be replacing the exterior lights, adding solar lights around the edge, hanging string lights, or any combination of solutions.

Be Mindful of the Weather

Be Mindful of the Weather for Patio Renovation

The time of year you renovate your patio can significantly impact the process. That is especially true if your renovation includes excavation, concrete pouring, painting, or planting.

While we can’t control the weather 100%, paying attention to the season and forecast will help. Winter is a very tough time for any outdoor renovation, and patios are no exception.

The best time for renovating a patio is the late spring or early summer (April-June). The warmer months are ideal for planting many different flowers, shrubs, and other plants. It also tends to have favorable weather and plenty of warm days that aren’t too hot. Furthermore, finishing up your patio in this timeframe allows you to enjoy it all summer!

Plan Your Patio Renovation!

There’s a lot to consider when renovating your patio, so planning is the key to a successful project. Remember that a patio update can be as simple as new furniture and plants, or as involved as new concrete/ flooring. Take your time to plan what you want to do to your space and how to make it functional for your home and family. From there, determine your budget and decide what’s best to outsource and what you want to DIY.

While there’s an ideal time to execute an outdoor update, there’s no wrong time to start planning

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