Tips For Modern Outdoor Lighting

Summer season is the best time to spend evenings outside or have a small celebration in the backyard. To relax or to celebrate, outdoor lighting is an important aspect to look after. Of course, morning sun-baths are fun, but don’t let the fun end post-sunset. In the evenings, modern outdoor lighting can create a whole new mood. Though, you need to put in some efforts to set up the outdoor lighting. But it’s all worth it!

Setting up modern outdoor lighting is not just about putting a wall light or some string lights. So to plan a beautiful outdoor arrangement, you need to choose the right type of lighting for your space at the same time check the fixtures. The online world is loaded with inspiring ideas about setting up outdoor spaces. Here we have put together some tips for you to set up outdoor lighting for entertaining and fun evenings.

To start with, choose some basic types of outdoor lighting like the below:

Decorative Outdoor Lighting

 outdoor lighting

Decorative outdoor lightings can do wonders! They can drastically change the appearance of the backyard or garden. But implementing it is a task, however, designs are now so advanced yet modern that even an old porch lantern can make the ambiance better looking. To add some style to the exteriors, you can use outdoor pendants and wall sconces, eliminating the dull old lamps. Advanced outdoor lighting is not only great for summer evenings, but they also provide safety and security for your home. Another important decorative lighting one must add to the list is overhead lighting, which is also known as ceiling lights. They are usually a significant part of the interiors of the house, but today’s modern outdoor lighting provides ceiling lights in more decorative looks. Ceiling lights or even hanging lights can be a great addition to your backyard.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is one of the most technical outdoor lights, which needs more attention to organize and install in comparison to other outdoor lightings. To install landscape lighting, you might want to take the services of a professional as it can be a tedious task if you plan to do DIY. There are numerous types of landscape lighting like path lights, deck, step lights, and recessed ground lights.

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Path lights: Path lights are to lighten up the pathway. You need to take a call on which areas you want to put these lights. Its installation asks for enough patience and commitment. It is not necessary to install these lights on the pathway only. You can also place them near the pool, garden beds, or surrounding the house fence. Make a plan about the placement of the path lights. For example, following the driveways, leading to the backyard, or the main route to the front door. To install path lights, there are solar options and wired options that need to be connected to underground power sources.

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Ground lights: Recessed outdoor lighting offers a very modern and chic look, and it doesn’t need much hardware. You can place them in your courtyard, deck, or driveway. The fixture of the light will blend into the landscape, and only its effect will be prominent. To decorate more, you can use them on the perimeter of the house, plants, around trees and other objects on the ground level.

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Deck and Step Lights:  Deck and step lights are to be installed on the staircase around your home, and its installation needs a lot of planning and time. You can decide to make it a permanent fixture as the results will look great, improving the appearance of the house, visibility around, and safety as well. Be a little careful if you have pets. Stepping on these lights might damage the connection.

Outdoor Wall Lighting

Outdoor wall lightings can be installed on any wall where connection and wiring are available. These are some of the most preferred modern outdoor lightings out of all. You will come across plenty of options and varieties of wall lighting providing different light effects. Wall lightings can create a unique impact on the whole arrangement as per their type. You can take inspiration from images online and decide the effect of the light washing walls uplight or downlight depending on the structure of your home.

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If you do not wish to place lighting permanently, then one of the most convenient options is to use modern portable lighting. To decorate your yard with potable lights, you can use floor lamps, table lamps, and other decorative lights. Other advanced lightings you could use are wireless lights, which can light in weight, weather-resistant, and rechargeable. The best part is you can carry them anywhere and place them wherever you need.

Now let’s go through some points you need to consider while setting up your modern outdoor lighting:

Set Your Goals

Before making any purchase, you need to plan and establish how you are going to arrange the lights, where, and what kinds of lights you will need. Choose where you want to install the lights, be it a garden, driveway, poolside, etc. Calculate how many lights are to be installed in a particular area and then accordingly tally it with your budget. Picking LED light bulbs or using low-voltage lighting will help you decrease electric bills for a longer period.

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Check Fixtures and connections

Take measurements so that you don’t choose fixtures, which may be too big to install. You must know the size and location of the installation before purchasing anything. For example, if you plan to install an outdoor wall light, the size of the wall scone should be roughly 25% of the height of the door.

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Replace Old Lightings

If you are revamping your backyard, then you should replace old lights as there are chances that the old fixtures were outdated. Inconsistency of old lighting may affect the overall look of the revamped version.

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Use Portables

To keep the options open to replace the lighting whenever and wherever then, you must use portable outdoor lighting. Portable or wireless lights can be plugged anywhere and are rechargeable. They are one of the best alternatives to hardwiring fixtures. A variety of designs are available with different accessories.

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Consider Safety

It is essential to invest in lights focusing on safety as well. The security of the house is as important as making the place look beautiful. You must check if there are any dull spots on your property like some sideways or multiple entry points. Make sure all entrances of your house are well lit and add wall sconces or landscape lighting wherever you feel there is a dull spot. Various kinds of security lights are also available in the market like Motion Sensor lights, Dusk to Dawn lights, and a version of both together. Security lights provide a bright flood-like light perfect for keeping the entrances and sideways bright. You can also find decorative motion-sensor lights ideal for a busy area as they turn on automatically when needed.

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If you consider the above information while setting up your modern outdoor lighting system, then you can do it all like an expert. Outdoor lighting has numerous benefits. It does make the exterior look appealing but also creates a unified look along with plus points for safety and security. Endnote is if you need help with fixtures and wire connections, you must contact a professional to do the needful. If you know the basics and do your research, then you are good to design your outdoor space in your style.

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